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Back to pastures old


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I thought I would start a blog of my next adventure, I first fished at this syndicate approx 20 years ago for a year, I think this is where I should've gone last year but I am excited to be heading back, I should be having a night on there Saturday if the old Coronavirus doesn't throw a spanner in the works, been a mental week hasn't it, the shops are bare everyone seems as anxious as I normally am on a daily basis, so I am really looking forward to just being able to chill out after a tough week, 

The target has to be to catch consistently and catch a 30lber this year, there seems to be a few in there so should be a realistic target, I am going in confident this year ready to smash those targets 👍

Will update as i when I go 

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FB_IMG_1585642396708.thumb.jpg.bd3cd716e5c6beea9ba5b871877f2d91.jpgIMG_20200322_055351.thumb.jpg.dcac4915889fba0b4fc1f7d65f1d65da.jpgIMG_20200321_195208_539.thumb.jpg.014fdbcfa2e031d095cdebff02606996.jpgJust thought I would add a couple more pics from my last trip, now everytime I see that last pic and a lot of my rod shots I get so annoyed with the wonkyness 🙄 I think I may have to get an auger of some description, I keep hearing Iain Macmillan saying "you won't catch sh1*  if your rods aren't level" 😁

Even the tension poles look a bit wonky 😭

It never used to worry me but it is definately becoming an issue that needs addressing  😬

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9 minutes ago, yonny said:

Level rods is more important than location imo.


Thing is you have to look at them a lot while your fishing, and it just eats away until you get annoyed that it's not level, I actually got annoyed just as darkness was descending, I had started recasting them all and it just lolloped to the right so I had to sort it out and rechuck them all as I felt I may have moved them a bit, then in the morning when I got the take they moved again 😫 

Is a spirit level going too far or is this an item that can be used but just not talked about 😅


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2 hours ago, framey said:

It is 

it’s very good but could do with being possibly 2” longer sometimes

but then if it was 2” longer we’d want another 2 on top of that 

the piledriver is lighter than the 2 jag  excavator sticks I used to carry

That's what a few reviews said, but I ordered one anyway should be fine for me I think I'm only using short sticks 

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Well It would appear, fishing is now back on the menu from Monday at 6am for me, I plan to be packed and ready Sunday night ready for an early start Monday, I think lots of people will also have the same idea so the lakes may be fairly busy, i might try and fish one of the other lakes Monday just to stay away from the crowds this week, and I think this may help me get a better swim on a less popular lake rather than fitting in around others, it's a lake I've never even walked round and have no idea about, but I am keen to see how my approach stacks up on a new water, I've cleaned and greased my reels,and have fresh line, created my pva bag mix just needs more liquid boosting, got loads of rigs tied, just need to make a load of bags, sort my kit out, etc

It's quite a well stocked lake I think, so I am going to approach it in a match style and try and build up the swim with regular baiting and recasts, I have 24 hours so I want to try and make something happen with it, if I can get them feeding then I will try and keep them feeding, 

I'm going to fish bold, fish hard and love every flipping second even I make a compete hash of it😁

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Some good bait prep done this morning, ready for Monday morning 

11 Pva bag rigs baited and bagged, ready to be hurled into the pond 

Bucket full of chops, 

Coolbox full of stinky, oily, spicy seeds, 

If I run out of bait it will have been a session to remember, I am debuting the tfg air bomb though so a few casts may go astray 😁  



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I  am just glad I can drive to the swim ☺️

5kg + Bucket full of chops and 12mm lers

2 buckets full of stinky, oily, spicy seeds, probably 4kg dry so probably a lot more wet, it was quite wet still so I thought I would add some pellets to soak up some of the juice, they expanded and popped the lid, oily liquid all over the garage floor Oops 😂 wd40 used to clean it up 👍

Pva bag mix big bucket

4kg 18mm boilies +1kg of 12mm 

Pva bags and hookbaits in one bucket 

My water bucket with liquids in 😁

and seriously I questioned whether I would have enough for a 24 hour session  😂😂😂😂😂

I think I need some bigger buckets 🤣



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