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  1. Iv used it in my bag and stick mix about half a teaspoon in each…haven’t a Scooby Doo how much for a 5k Spod mix tho.
  2. Forget the vids….buy a travel rod 😉
  3. I had a set of stainless steel buzz bars and bank sticks very chunky and heavy cost me a fortune but couldn’t tighten them really down so I swapped the rubber o rings for the leather ones which cured the problem…. But I sold them on there were just to heavy
  4. How does a Cormorant smell with no head ?…. Not very good..
  5. Odd ! I should say so .. 😉 here’s a pic of my gorgeous blue underlit att only got one the other two are the older models
  6. I used to use a garden fork always hard digging with the stones and mug but good results, I broke a fare amount of forks till I got hold of a all metal fork, my knuckle was always sore on my left hand nearest the prongs and in the winter Brrrr 🥶
  7. I always forget to tell my mate my lead bag is in his rucksack then when we get to our faraway swim suddenly I would remember…this has happened several times 😇
  8. Soooo have you found your Gizmo yet ??
  9. Looks like a big F1 🤔
  10. I always wanted to try a bait pump but my patch for digging was made up of stone and mud …could you use one with that sort of seabed ?
  11. That’s just crazy what a waste, I enjoy going back over the old posts especially the pics and to lose the info … as Newmarket says it’s a shame
  12. I rode over the dock to check out the Carp in their spawning areas to numerous to count them, still a bit of gentle foreplay going on…wish they get a move on 🙄
  13. Yup I stand corrected 😳…I would have to upgrade to a padlock instead of the sticky tape that’s on the lid tho
  14. Well that was a short 24hr trip … the Carp decided to get a bit amorous so had to pull off the dock 😂
  15. I used to dig Rag and Lugworm in my teens for the sea anglers who fished the local foreshore for the big opens near me and would fish in the dock for small Pouting for Conger baits used to keep them alive in a bucket, I always cut the tail so they couldn’t weigh them in. Cant remember what I charged them tho …it was 50 odd years ago 😳
  16. Could unhook it when the net is in the water with the fish
  17. How much did the Lug cost ?
  18. Just had a 6lb Bream 😞
  19. The chariot is ready for a silly o’clock start tomorrow morning, tbf all I had to get ready was food and water. Minimum 24 hours maybe longer
  20. Corrr look at the size on that 😳…. What have you been feeding him .. Rudd ? 🤔
  21. I hope you don’t mind me saying Elmo but I’m concerned about your back door not the condition of it, but saying that it could do with a bit of TLC…just saying 😉 It’s the bottom panel of the door. I strengthened the other side of the panel of my door with half inch MDF after repairing a friend’s door similar to yous she had a break in what they did was kick in the panel as it’s quarter inch plywood..Fast forward a year and I noticed someone had a go at my door in the same spot but luckily the mdf saved the day.
  22. When I used my Tempest for the 1st time I forgot to peg it out didn’t realise till I packed up, the axs looks similar. 👍
  23. The more I look at the pic the crazier it seems Maybe the pic must trumps a kingfisher on a rod 🤔
  24. When i was fishing I asked a guy who a syndicate member of the lake nx door how was it fishing and he said they had a a tragedy on the lake the day before a angler had a fit fell into the lake and drowned, he was 27 years old and left a wife and two young children. So sad.
  25. And if you do go back they will be bigger 👍
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