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  1. B B

    October Catch Reports

    I favour the Weather & Radar app Best of luck with the fishing 🤞
  2. B B


    Sooo would this be better ?
  3. B B


    Vanglers . 😂 … I do about 2 socials a year and we are a pretty quiet bunch have a good laugh no more that 5 of us, Have a meal together at a set time they favour a few ciders I’m happiest swallowing a large dead man’s finger….but always itching to get back to the fishing.
  4. Doing stupid long hours in work so treated myself to a infill panel for the Tempest £66
  5. Looks like you don’t need any luck 👍
  6. Just got my Avid bag delivered the one with the heated pads Mmmm…I’m thinking I could warm a pie in the bag 🤔
  7. B B

    September Catch Reports

    So true….I need to go fishing but got Sooo much work on at the mo but just can’t find the time. 😔
  8. B B

    September Catch Reports

    I like the pic… you can tell the fish came to the left rod, and looks like you have to wade out to net the fish as it looks a shallow margin ? The net, unhooking mat and weigh sling tells a story and the clean looking carp confirms it 👍
  9. B B

    September Catch Reports

    You do cram a lot of fishing in your fishing…great write up and a nice fish 👍
  10. Avid heated sleeping bag.Avid reckon its 50% more compact and lighter than other 5 season bags which is the main reason I got it. £110 on sale from Total fishing tackle. Got the standard size cus I’m petite
  11. Best of luck 👍….if you can’t sleep count the Sheep 🐑🐑🐑Zzzzz
  12. B B

    September Catch Reports

    That will do nicely, congratulations clean looking fish to 👍
  13. Theirs a coincidence my Uncle John, my favourite who helped me in my fishing in my younger days passed away recently we had the funeral Friday he had a good send off I’m still recovering, his boys had a tab behind the bar last time I could focus on the till it was £900 + … it seems as I get older I go to more funerals 🤔
  14. If you have no luck finding one try Army Andy at The Tackle Box just give them a bell.
  15. It wouldn’t print a name for a young cat 😂
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