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  2. Well rather you than me , jh92 😱 , to me that's just a huge sheet of water ; BUT you are smashing it , staying positive , and enjoying yourself . Long may it continue . 😃
  3. You know , the are hundreds of photos of these social extension things all over the internet….and not one of them shows a groundsheet . tells a story possibly ?
  4. I thought the only difference was the amount of legs on the bed can’t see why it wouldn’t fit there is a Nash team member on here @Nigewoodcock
  5. I have an ss3 frame and wondering if the ss2 sleep system will fit it any help will do I have the I have the kn150716 one of this helps
  6. thank mate good advice i am the first to give into bye bigger better and landing net and better unhooking mate are on my list before moving over to the bigger lake
  7. Try it by hand and see it it still splits ? I have a couple of presses for pop ups but they are usually made around a corkball so you don’t use too much heavy paste
  8. This is what keeps happening. Even adding a bit of hwmpnoil to the roller to prevent sticking still ends up like this.
  9. Yep I had the same problem with a kilo mix did half of it with six large eggs five medium eggs worked better in the other half of the base mix.
  10. hi Kev, first of all thankyou for coming back to me on this. so the issue is that its like that tacky sticky wet paste feel, like wet moist wet play dough that sticks to everything, not a smooth pliable paste. you honestly think its the size of the wet egg content?
  11. Just the size of the egg matters in this case - as we are talking about getting the mix bang on - so just having a smaller egg than usual could be enough to effect your binding properties, the margins are fine IMO
  12. Hi mate, I've not rolled bait for years but reading your first line it struck me that if they split within the bait maker ( or on the rolling table as I used back in the day), they were too dry. Obviously I'm guessing but I think you may have the problem the wrong way round?
  13. Very nice fish mate, good angling. 😁👍
  14. Hi guys, Hoping for some help. I have been making a mix to create cork granule pop ups however, for the life of me i cannot get the mix to dry enough to be used in the CCmoore cork ball roller. when making the 16mm baits they dont form and just split within the bait maker, as though its too wet. i am only using 10ml of liquid into a 1 egg mix and using the specific hard hook bait mix from ccmoore. please see recipe below: 40g of flavoured powder 45G of hard hook bait mix 15g of cork dust 10ml of liquid 1 egg paste mix sealed into a bag for 30 mins Am i doing something wrong? All help is greatly appreciated.
  15. Welcome to carp.com. Firstly what you are doing is working, so don't complicate things, just stick with it. You are catching good fish up to a good size. What you may find is that venues with bigger fish are not compatible with days only, so with family you might have to stick with what you have. However, if the club has lakes with bigger fish take your working methods over there and try them. In terms of fishing tackle you could be spending silly money on gear you don't need, buzzers, new rods, new reels. What you do need is decent sized landing net, unhooking mat etc. You will get so many answers on what is decent gear, Shimano, Daiwa, Wychwood, Sonik, Nash, Fox, Delkim, the list is endless. The best bet is to go into a tackle shop near you, preferably one who knows your venues, and see what he recommends.
  16. Carpbell3

    Dogs and fishing

    Fred roughed up a collie last night broke free from it's owner who has no business owning a dog, Fred stayed at my side and give it a good seeing off every time it flew in, bloke was expecting me to prevent Fred from defending us both oh no the collie won't be doing that again. Fred is such a nice dog he got behind it and grabbed a leg, every time it came in Fred decked it then backed off. well chuffed with himself loves a fight that dog, not a bad one just a dog scuffle. Bloke even went to grab Fred, I was like no mate don't handle my dog get your own, obv scared of it must of been bite before thing is a hyped up colie looking to work.
  17. Long lean little common Little linear, lovely looking fish I think 👌 Also cracked off my spomb. Only one I had, gutted 😂
  18. Mere Lane Fishery springs to mind straight away, Rosemary Wood, Cudmore on some of the lakes you can get the vehicle quite close but not right behind, Baden Hall have huts, that's all can think of this early.....
  19. Last week
  20. Doing stupid long hours in work so treated myself to a infill panel for the Tempest £66
  21. Looks like you don’t need any luck 👍
  22. Does anyone know if there is any ground sheets that fit the social cap areas. Cheers
  23. thank you mate i am enjoying the shift having not even realised I was doing it but will still carry on with silvers etc but I am looking forward also to including targeting Carp so lot to learn Graham
  24. I’m looking for a fishery in the North West that will accomodate night fishing from a campervan rather than a bivvy. Medical issues mean bivvy fishing just isn’t possible.. Any recommendations?
  25. i have to admit i have mainly been a maggot drowner for most of my angling life and only started targetting carp since last Oct after catching one on a feeder rig by accident. it wasn't the biggest but it was a [censored] to land and caught it on a feeder rig by chance. i only fish day ticket as commitments keep me from the sessions most serious carpers do and i have since caught a fair few, my scales reached to a mighty 3lb so have never properly weighed my catches but a lad fishing near me helped land one once and weighed it so my PB is apparently 11lb 7oz i have had great fun and found a new lease of pleasure in fishing again learning new rigs and trying to move away from my course approach to fishing, have built up a decent bit of kit a little bit at a time here and there and find this forum to be a treasure trove of knowledge and experience. i started with some ready made set ups until i learnt to tie my own rigs and have never looked back from there, my first purchases were things for carp care such as a decent cradle and treatments and then progressed to a mid budget rod but still use some of my barbel gear like the baitrunners and nets. i hope you enjoy a change of species as much as i have had and this forum is full of all the things you may need advice with and i still target my specimen silvers when i go with my daughter to a local lake as i put one rod out for the carp and one rod on te float to have a competition with her on most caught. good luck and i look forward to your catch reports
  26. hi all have been fishing for a while and have enjoyed the normal mixed bag of coarse fishing the latest club waters have several lakes that include Carp the smaller lake has Carp up to 10lb and have enjoyed using cage feeder and fishing for Carp and suddenly i realised i have been fishing for these carp however i have stayed away from the lakes with bigger fish the biggest fish i have caught is 9.5 lb and would like to start fishing for bigger fish and so I want to understand how to do it properly and have the right setup with family commitments this will be day fishing only and would like to keep things as simple as possible if there is such a thing and looking at carp specific tackle i have to hold my hands up and say i get lost at where to start to be honest so looking forward to pick your brains and see if i can get on the right track Graham
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