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  2. Amateur, should have nicked his sweets as well. Something about taking candy from a baby springs to mind...
  3. I’m probably going against the grain here, but each to their own! I am not a fan of delks, I had a set for a good while, and I brought 4 of them, 1 of which needed replacing under warranty very quickly as it packed up in the rain, so I ended up with 5, as the original was also returned (nice touch) of those 5, the replacement plus two others packed up in the rain, I fixed it in the end myself by spraying them all with WD40 and wiping off the excess then leaving them to dry, which did stop the problem for a while, also I’m a simple soul, all the sensitivity, tone, volume etc was just too much adjustment for me, I could never get the tone “just right” very silly complaint I know, but that’s just me. The delks went to my son, who loved them, and fair enough, they are good alarms, he’s moved onto fox mini microns, I still carry the delks as a back up set of alarms just in case… but I’ve always been a huge Steve neville fan, so I would always go back to them… mind you, of the 8 I’ve owned, one packed up after the battery would drain within 10mins of being switched on - it needs to get repaired, two of the “original” alarms cracked at the base - so it’s horses for courses really, the others are all going strong - yes battery replacement is a pain, and they have 3 settings, quiet, loud and off! But I love them and the sound of a screaming neville is awesome. their not without their issues, I’ve missed a run when the line dropped behind the roller, and I’ve had lightweight bobbins jam against the roller and stop it spinning which effectively silences the alarm - changing to mini swingers solved this issue. the only fox alarms I’ve liked are the mini microns, I’m not a fan of the other fox alarms - I don’t like the shape, simple as that, I had micron m and mx alarms in the past and they did the job just fine. I’m a fox fan though, my rods, reels, and most of my terminal tackle are all fox gear. I’ve used nash siren alarms, and still do in my travelling kit, but they have a fiddly on off switch, I’m picky like that. quite simply, we all have our favourites, gear we use and trust to do the job, if you like it and it works for you, that’s all that matters in the end
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    Going to try for a red eye tomorrow morning 🤞 be refreshing to get the light gear out
  5. Iv only owned the old original fox microns and ATTS which Iv been very happy with both small alarms…and as a ex girlfriend once said awww small is ok 😏 …on the subject of size beats me how anyone can use a alarm the size of a shoe box on their setup 😂…only joking lads
  6. Nicked off a kids bike outside the sweet shop 😎
  7. That chain looks like you nicked it off a Harley Davidson 😳
  8. Gonna put all mine on now in order, from when I started 🙄🙄🙄🙄 That should be very 1 I've owned...so far.
  9. Was using solar bobbins for years but I found them quite heavy, recently switched to fox stealth bobbins, they are much lighter. They are alright but don't look very carpy 🤣
  10. Personally I love them, had a set for years but swapped about a year ago to Gardner att silent alarms that only work with a receiver. I don't like them, don't like the rollers, the batteries are a pain in the ass to source from a shop, you have to order them online, you also have to unscrew 4 screws to get the back off to replace the battery. The receiver, well I didn't know how to turn off the vibrate setting and would nearly give me a hear attack when I'd get a run in the night 🤣 I've also missed the roller before and had the line sitting on top of it which didn't spin on the take, luckily I heard the clutch/drag lol. I believe I had a pair of fox warrior alarms as my first set which are still kept in the shed as a set if I take a friend with me. Still going strong just the led has stopped working on one of them so just need to make sure you are striking the right rod 🫣🤣 In my honest opinion delkims suit me best and will be going back to them when funds are available 👍
  11. Using swingers myself and they work perfectly with my BiteKeeper Pro bite alarms, which have a port for the swingers!
  12. A spod tends to be 'heavier' on the retrieve than a Spomb because you are reeling in water and the spod is often under water where the Spomb skips or penguin walks on top most of the time. I am using a Shimano Aerlex on my Spod rod, and a Shimano Beastmaster 7000 on my marker/spod rod. Both stand up to the abuse. The thinner braids may be a problem with crack-offs as well, it took a few attempts for me to find a decent one; Angry Fish 0.36mm 50lb 4 is what I use, for the marker/spod rod and pike fishing. Over 3years the colour has faded, dye worn off, but the braid is still strong.
  13. I found that braid a bit rubbish tbh seemed to snap way too easily. I also tried thicker braid and it destroyed the sonik spod reel, it couldn't handle reeling it back in
  14. Yesterday
  15. Mate I'd fish every spare day for that 40 if I could. What a fish. U lucky bar steward!
  16. My version would be a lot faster as I use big pit reels 🤔
  17. Almost most of the stock are all handpicked apart from a couple of originals, in early 2018 the water had 4 stockings of Dinton strain Carp, Commons, fully scaled and linears.
  18. I have always used the lightest bobbin I could get away with, using the ESP white bobbins with Steve Neville buzzers, however recently I’ve noticed that on several runs, I’ve had the bobbin jam in the roller on the buzzer which silences the alarm as the roller couldn’t spin, so I swapped them out for a set of new direction mini swingers, with an adjustable weight, they do the job nicely, as the arm stops the bobbin reaching the roller
  19. I'm a bit obsessive too, I haven't posted my latest set up yet 😳any excuse lol Matrix hockey sticks, MCF bike chains and my beloved Defiant MPS heads Probably not the most functional set I've had but they meet my own vein bobbin fetish requirements at the moment.
  20. Looks sound, I'm using 30lb whiplash to a 60lb braided leader made from pike braid I had in the garage. Usually it would have been 50lb Armacord 👍
  21. He's mainly sloppy spodded with pellets so far...
  22. I was spombing large size spomb and hemp out fine with boilies.
  23. A mate got it also, the Sonik Spod reels are loaded with Green 30lb Spider Wire. He's used it a few times so far and is happy (so far)
  24. I got the sonik spod reel this year with braid, I have snapped off three times spombing a small water, still got the spomb.The line really don't like hitting the clip, needs slowing down just before the clip. Thinking I will spool some 50lb braid to replace what snapped, should do it without having to bother with a leader.
  25. I've redone my spod setup, put the Braid on spare spool with the unused at the top now, added 50lb shockleader....but I've also ordered some 60lb Daiwa J Braid, it was on offer..... Now I'm using 30lb Korda Basix to 50lb Korda Arma Kord, 4 turn B2B grinner.
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