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  2. Looking on going for 3 night session this Friday trying to find out if the weather gonna be OK my weather app isn't great but is saying [censored]ing down Saturday Sunday I don't wanna get wet 😫
  3. Thanks I will give it a go 👍🤣 It's been quiet since we got here, lost one this morning but nothing since. they are showing but don't seem to be on the feed so I've put a zig out with some black foam👍
  4. That's a ripper, always worth going where most fear to tread, well done yonny
  5. I do recall a friend of mine used to take his boxer dog with him to Rib Valley
  6. Happy days! Lovely looking fish. Well earned by the sound of it.
  7. Managed to get out for an overnighter on Friday. A little syndi water I joined last year. I managed a night in September and lost one in the weed which was a bit rubbish. Not had the chance to fish it again until Friday so I was buzzing to be back. Anyway..... it was quite busy when I turned up. Managed to find the carp pretty quickly, shoaled up in front of a swim that was taken 👎. Closest I could get was a swim down the way which was v tricky to get to. Loads of mud and puddles 6 inches deep meant that not many were prepared to fish it. On go the waders and I manage to get my barrow there eventually. The swim itself was underwater so it wasn't the most comfortable session. Found a spot for the brolly back behind some trees which was muddy but doable. The swim was weedy as anything but managed to find a couple of little spots. Choddy but clear enough for a pop-up. The rods went out nicely and I put 2 spods over each rod. Not much happened in the day but I saw enough signs to think the night would give me a chance. Popped a couple more spods over each spot ready for the evening ahead and settled down for the night. Sometime in the night I started to get liners on the right hand spot so was pretty confident of a bite. Couple of hours later off it went and a nice little mirror ended up in the net just before first light. A lovely little fully scaled thing. Thirty mins later the liners started on the left hand rod so I was expecting another but it just didn't materialise. Disappointing but hey, I'd just caught my first from the water so can't complain. Showed the kipper pic to the syndi group and no-one recognised it. One chap said he might have had it on opening night in the 2015 season (!) so it looks like it's a rare'n. Not a biggun but a very, very pretty fish. Not sure when I can get back now which is a shame as I really like the place despite all the mud!
  8. framey

    Krimp iQ2

    Diameter of 20lb iq2 is 0.47 diameter of 14lb is 0.4 xs crimps are 0.5 so either would work but I would go 20
  9. Last week
  10. I'd have a look at what fox have, just a shame they dropped the Torque range real quality rod at a fair price.
  11. Seen a couple of recent posts about krimping iq2 with the xs Krimps. Does anyone know which breaking strain of iq2 is recommended to krimp? thanks
  12. Orr heat up a knife then place it on the hole slide it over gently…. As an afterthought if your using your saw again and manage to lop off a arm or leg you could use the above technique to cauterise the cut enabling you to carry on with your trip, I got the idea from watching a old flim which I believe stared Tony Curtis called, now I could be wrong here but im going to say The vikings he unfortunately had his hand arm chopped off and a quick fix in them days was to set fire to the cut to stem the blood I can thoroughly recommend the film 👍 Best of luck with saw and trip.
  13. Bit of bad luck there..but could have been worse might have nicked something very important 🤭 You could melt a bit of plastic with a lighter and drip a drop or two over the hole 🤔
  14. Can’t give you a bank side bodge but my boat cover had 4 holes it it and I used tear aid fix kit from millets to repair it as a temporary fix until I buy a new cover these patches are always under water when it rains and until I go down to the boat for any reason and then I throw the water off the other thing that may work is tenacious tape
  15. Hmm lol so last time I fished here the water was high and you had to have your tips high to clear the bushes etc. So brought a little fold up saw with me to chop them down a little. Wades out and starts cutting them down under water, only gone and nicked my waders with the saw 🤣 It's put a small hole in the left leg. Question is, will a puncture repair kit patch it? It's pretty much a pin prick but the water is getting in and giving me a wet sock 🤣 Any suggestions on a bank side bodge would be great 🤣
  16. Nash you can pick up readily Cotswold need to be made for you that’s where your problems may start …
  17. these have no mention of no dogs on the fishery farlows thorpe Lea henlow bridge lakes fairlands stanborough rib valley
  18. Sonar doesn’t tell you if anything has eaten the bait which I think the way I read it is what the op wants to find out. i would have thought the Waterwolf or the fish spy would have been the better option. i think the other problem is they only work properly in clearer water.
  19. Seen it done but it is hit and miss without a live feed back to a display that brings in range issues, I think for the costs and the fact the picture quality is going vary on water conditions it is not worth it better going with sonar.
  20. The costs so far are around 3000 pounds that is just court costs, solicitors fees would be similar, the barrister consultation was 900, I got that at cost. As I'm taking a bank to court on CC law for a amount less than 10,000 a legal firm won't touch it as the other side has three different legal firms working on it with the intention of running costs up above what the claim is worth and it is a very detailed bit of law, cheeky head lawyer for the defence said the court should kick the case as I'm not legally trained and wouldn't be able to prosecute the case, yeah... I now have my hearing date in a upper court and I'm proper winging it, lol.
  21. The courts really don't like people taking cases to a court without a solicitor they hate LIPs the case I'm taking has been kicked out four times and I put it back in four times, finally got a hearing date, all based on consumer credit law. What they don't like is if I win my case I will be one of the very few that took a bank to court and won meaning future case law for similar matters will have my case as a referral a LIP
  22. These are going to be used on quite demanding venues across Europe so I'm after something a bit heavy than my usual setup.
  23. Try these... same action as a 3.5lb Scope and Cotswold Pace... I honestly don't know why you need a 3.5lb rod... I catch nigh 30lb fish on a rod with 1.5lbs tc and it'll still chuck a bait 70 yards🤷‍♂️ Good luck though...
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