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  1. Best take the recycling bin with you then 😂
  2. Just take a wheelie bin mate could double as a Bait bucket or ice bath 😂
  3. They must have weighed about half a kilo with lead 😱, I take it you weren't casting far?
  4. WOW that's a clonker well done 😍
  5. Ngt they popped up on amazon and I just thought they would be useful 😜
  6. Good ole fashioned match the hatch actually, I went with a white choc orange, match the hatch and a yellow tutti as my opening gambit, so far this year I've caught on matching and choc orange.
  7. Thinking anglers barrow cover Speero rig tray Trakker water carrier Magnetic bivvy hooks.
  8. I doubt that somehow korda kaizens have come out with a 4lb tc rod, could cast one hell of a stringer with that 😱
  9. Throwing stick target practice?
  10. If you want to make them shorter have a look at the korda chod crimps.
  11. I'm on borrowed time but I'm only just having breakfast and it is nearly my birthday so a couple more hours at least I think 😂
  12. Decided to try and fish one of the new lakes on the complex this year, first time out had a walk round and found the motherload of the fish all tucked away and chilling had to barrow through a swamp and lots of flooded pathways but when my rod ripped off this morning I knew it was worth it, what I realised pretty quickly though was it felt pretty heavy, when I saw it I knew it was quite heavy, I chucked my other rod in the reeds and made sure I wasn't going to lose it by playing it as delicately as I could, I needn't have worried it was nailed on the ever faithful spinner rig, as I sit here contemplating what just happened I've realised I still haven't had a proper cuppa yet today so kettle on and chill time. 31lb not bad for a first night on a new lake 😊
  13. Some of my tackle is still muddy from that adventure 😳
  14. Just doused this on my boilies, splash of brut and I'll be right on the dance floor later.
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