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  1. Great result smashing it up at the moment, long may it continue
  2. I shall acquire some from work but thanks for the reminder 👍
  3. You won't regret the x spod much better than a spomb
  4. Blanked never stop learning, I did a pack down time trial, 36 mins from mess to car,this can be beaten too with better organising and thinning of accessories etc, when I got home I immediately then went on to mention about my work overnighter plan as it is going to be busy at weekends , didn't go too badly I don't think i need to be fishing regularly to make it count this year, Sunday night prebait drop in tuesday sounds like a winner to me 😂🥇
  5. Its not been bad still feels a tad chilly The hob nobs haven't survived I ate them 😂 Belgian bun for breakfast now, then a steady pack down, Fishing wise don't think I fished like a total cretin, found a couple of nice smooth spots, got 2 on solid bags and one on a ronnie, baiting wasn't terrible I was fishing distance @16 wraps 😳😂 all freshened up at first light but still no carps, if I blank its been nice to be here, and I learnt stuff,
  6. Yep 😂 It was one of those silly handle pots and the handle just stopped holding it and over she went Luckily I was a bit flustered after the school run when i went to the Co op and bought too much so i had Paninis instead Coconut macaroon hobnobs ain't bad either Nah you never know what's been there before me lol
  7. Yep that's my dinner on the muddy floor, got to catch now surely?
  8. Does anyone else only ever remember they need to fix their bivvy the next time they use it? I've lost a couple of screws that hold the poles in, but with some clever pegging I think i got away with it good job it isn't windy 🤔
  9. Look how organised I pretend to be 😂 I took that then sorted the rods out for the night tied up a couple of fresh bags, one of the members walked round for a chat and it looked like a right mess as usual 😂
  10. Thanks, I was going with heavily glugged cloudy boilie crumb, Hemp and sweetcorn mix , if I still have time I might nip to the shop I want to secure a good swim though so getting there ASAP is my priority first
  11. Well done mate, great result, I'm going tomorrow so hopefully they will be on the move there too, they will probably move away from my swim though 😂
  12. Hopefully you can just think of the good times, if you think you need to talk about things though just talk to someone it is better to get it out your system. Hopefully we can sort something out I'm sure others would be interested too if we got a venue and got the ball rolling a bit found a nice venue and that I did see an embryo one that could be booked exclusively which looked alright
  13. I'm really sorry for your loss mate, hope you are bearing up OK, if you need a rant or anything drop us a message I think I would quite enjoy a social if we can sort one, I'm happy to drive a bit too
  14. https://media.tenor.com/mAMHVi4BCUYAAAAM/judges-10.gif
  15. My food bag come today I am gonna be soooooooo organised this year, this is the top part with all my cooking stuff, cutlery and that, I've also got a proper tea tin cos I've gone posh,the bottom part is deeper than that will easily hold a tonne of food and drinkies 😂 I am actually going Friday too boom so I will do some pics of my bivvy being a bit tidier than normal 😳
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