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  1. You are lucky Highy. I've probably got some other S7 hookbaits if you need them 🀣
  2. I've seen all sorts about how much rock salt to put in some people think you can't overdo it some people have done tank tests and don't think it has any attractive qualities at all, personally i would just put a bit in, I am going to add lots of garlic powder to my particles to give them my signature twang, it will also stop the carp being eaten by vampires 🀣
  3. The link doesn't work for me Nick is it still a work in progress or should it be working ?
  4. underlit ones too clear led but have switched to a green roller to match the old bobbins, I've just added some Gardner spacers and leather o rings, can't decide if I like the spacers or not tbh they make it all a tad neater I guess but I can't help feeling they look a bit odd πŸ˜‚
  5. I always forget I've left my catapult in a bucket until I find it rotting,and i quite often find Pva tape offcuts, scissors and rows of boilie stops too.
  6. Thanks in the end I went with atts alarms and attx receiver, I have since upgraded to the deluxe receiver as the non deluxe one was OK but the double first bleep it was giving me used to scare the pants off me, deluxe one seems good so far happy with the Gardner alarms though they do all I want and couldn't be any simpler to use, and the batteries last forever
  7. I'm still traumatised from when I the bream love in at St Ives back in 2019, must be the equivalent of accidently walking in on your grandparents πŸ˜‚
  8. After an 8 month hiatus from catching fish I was more than pleased to get the net under this pair last weekend. Caught off two different spots which was satisfying the bottom one fought like a big fish too, really slow and ploddy and stayed deep, if I had lost it I would've sworn it was a monster.
  9. I was just about to close my boot after emptying the car when I noticed a man about to throw this away. Needless to say I asked if It worked and could I have it and it's now in the back of my car, that's a pretty big coincidence isn't it? And I was made up with that stroke of luck
  10. Went to a brilliant local animal feed place today 40kgs for Β£22 after that I went to the tip Tbc....
  11. Well I've had an expensive week Syndicate ticket And I've just done some Gardner fan boy purchasing Attx deluxe receiver all green leds to match, the last one I ordered never arrived and had issues with the ebayer I ordered from. Gardner leather lock washers and some buzz bar spacers to make my set up all neat and smart, 15lb Gt80+ (nearly went GTHD but I'm sticking with it as it sinks so well) Gardner baseball cap I also ordered some Oakley prescription Polaroids and they should be arriving soon. I think I am going to be selling some bits soon lol
  12. At least it wasn't a rudd. It won't be long till it is happening where I am I don't think.
  13. Yeah the same as me lol I once found this hump in a swim on the Deeper where it was about 2ft shallower,I thought that would be perfect to set a trap, I've never found it with a lead and I can't find it with the Deeper anymore either. I will try and upload some screenshots to highlight what I mean when I can
  14. I've got some 18mm mdf in stock that I can trim down at workπŸ‘, turns out I have security anyway, blooming massive it is
  15. Good idea it does need some work really will get on it πŸ‘
  16. Hopefully I won't do that lol I may only use a few though, I am glad I kept the magnetic storm poles now too off my brolly that will make it even quicker to put up, it's a little taller than the tempest too at 137mm tall which will be good for my back. That plastic spreader block on the axs doesn't seem that solid tbh, could break quite easily I think but like most things if it can be broken I am sure I am the man to break it πŸ˜‚
  17. Went up really easily, not sure I will get accessories as its mainly going to be used spring summer and autumn, I have my bunker for winter with wrap, although the wrap does sound better than a front
  18. I've just decided I am going to rejoin next year, have paid and have decided to just fish better with spawning coming up will give me some time to remap some of less familiar/popular swims and create some spots in the weed ready for more night mode stealth ops πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‚
  19. This finally arrived this morning had a bit of hassle getting it with a few issues from the ebay seller but after a couple of weeks I got it a rand spanking new sonik axs shelter for Β£95, well impressed with the erection time and even without pegs or storm poles it seems pretty sturdy
  20. I got all emotional when I left😳, I've asked for a couple more days to think about it but I think I am giving it one more year the fish are growing nicely too, when I left it was empty and all I could hear was the birds and the knobby geese, but it reminded me why I like being there so much, what I decided was that I have been fishing like a noddy for the last 2 years, I'm giving up tech not the lake I think 🀣 Everything that usually goes wrong is because of tech yesterday i checked my spots with a lead, and cast all fine, the only times things went wrong were when i used the boat,also the accuracy annoys me, I got all my line caught in the prop. I got carried away with the 3kg payload and the deeper seems to be a bit tory and makes up lies too. And I am going to try this using less bait business although I may use the boat for prebaiting and spot clearing because it's easier than spombing large amounts πŸ˜‚
  21. If it helps i don't think I've got it that right lol. I managed to foul hook a mid 20 mirror last night sadly (got it in, treated it and went away fine) but it was Emptying out my bait on the mat so it must have been troughing, my main spot that's seen a lot of bait seems devoid of fish at present managed to sneak this one out the margins though using only a couple of handfuls 😎 only a bubba but quite a nice bubba. It feels pretty weird this being my last morning on here, I've had some glorious highs and some quite big lows tbh, it is far from complete but that's OK, I can always come back another year, for now I need a change. It's not the end Rodney just Bonjour.
  22. They taunted me all afternoon, I may have overdone the baiting, but I guess the Rudd will have done some damage, hopefully we can nick one overnight or in the morning though.
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