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  1. Not a purchase as such but a not coffee but tea caddy, just thought it was a little smarter than the old plastic tub and we weren't using it at home cos we don't drink coffee that much,
  2. Have you got a Bob Fleming near you? I got a bloke clearing his throat every few minutes near me πŸ˜‚ Good luck matey hope you win
  3. Yes I know they are skew wiff πŸ˜‚ I don't know where today has gone I've only just finished getting them out, i think I'm having one of those days, all on spots with a drop though its been hard work and my x spodding was all over the shop on the right hand rod, gave up and pulted out the bait for the other 2 πŸ˜‚ Saw a fish leap where my middle rod has since gone and a bit of fizzing, so I'm not completely guessing, happy days
  4. Doesn't that scare the fish away, you might as well take a mallet πŸ˜‚
  5. Phwoooar that looks nice and carpy, good luck
  6. Yes but not with a table sides for cooking on πŸ˜‚
  7. No they didn't say a price for it, but like most carp tackle, probably billions too much
  8. Yes but it turns into a kitchen, now that is a good bucket πŸ‘
  9. Back with a bang well done mate, bet you are glad you went now
  10. Nick has never let me down yet, and the bio range is great tbh, smells amazing and works really well, if you want a quick bite it seems one they can't resist, I use that or Shropshire Gold mainly both are great baits in my opinion
  11. I hate those feelings when it all starts feeling wrong from the off, still nice fish caught hopefully next time you will clump them and it will go well,
  12. Have you tried retro baits? Not that far from you is it? And he posts for free if you spend Β£80
  13. Probably best to avoid it then, a horlicks on its own isn't a bad alternative though,
  14. Must be nice having a government that wants to help its people a bit πŸ˜‰
  15. Has anybody mentioned bailicks yet? The greatest winter warmer that only I seem to rave about πŸ˜‚
  16. Lol the old B word nobody wants to mention, they have been stripping the country bare ever since, blaming covid, Russians, oligarchs, and Jeremy Corbyn, everyone but themselves Is it just the French goverment that have also knocked 30 cents off a litre of fuel? Or is that an EU thing too?
  17. For me it's the corruption in the tories that is so bare faced, that ignoring it is dangerous, look at liz truss she has been in the job a week already looking to borrow a further 150bn to subsidise the energy companies, who are already making vast profits for the shareholders each quarter, but not enough to reduce their profits with a windfall tax, now personally this is where Labour doesn't now go far enough now, and the only real solution should be renationalising our utilities, because bringing them back into public ownership would basically mean all profits would be reinvested rather than grifted into an offshore tax haven like they are now, there certainly wouldn't have been a cost of living crisis and the tax payers wouldn't be gifting some fat cats 150bn to essentially continue to overcharge us, But that's what you voted for, tories = corruption, sleaze, self interest and capitalism, its capitalism that causes wars, dumps sewage into your waterways, causes poverty, and keeps your wages low, it's capitalism that buys all the houses and rents them back to you at extortionate rates, and it's capitalism that is going to destroy the planet, Why do capitalists spend so long telling you socialism doesn't work? It's pretty simple the few want all the money and don't want you to stop giving them cheap labour, basically they enjoy having you as a slave and find many ways to make you poorer, basically they are parasites and they have an abundance of everything and you give your life to work and end up about as rich as when you started
  18. Wow that's an amazing shot, I want one myself now, I also now want a good kite shot lol, I've got a monopod I might start taking that for a walk with me and see if I can't get some nice pics, My best owl moment was in my old volvo 440 (I came way to close to deer also but that's another story) , I was driving along late one night and this big white barn owl just flew right in front of me for ages before landing in a bare tree, I would quite often see it in that tree after that, That place sounds amazing you will have to tell me where it isπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
  19. They are just amazing though something special about seeing a bird of prey I think, a bloke was walking his dog coming towards me I think it was him that got too close, but he barely even noticed it til I told him then when he saw it he thanked me for showing it too him, I was like wow that's amazing, look look, I do see quite a few buzzards now hovering over the fields, more so when they had just harvested but nice to see, I also see glimpses of kingfishers and green woodpeckers at the lake I visit, but they never seem to come close enough to get a photo, you just see blue flashes going from tree to tree, I'm not sure how people get kingfisher rod shots, they never seem to want to be close,
  20. Looks lovely, I was out walking the dogs yesterday and was lucky enough to see a red kite quite close up, naturally by the time I was ready to take a photo on the phone it was too far away but wow was so impressive being close enough to see it in detail
  21. She is worth her weight in gold that one, do look after her
  22. More cobblers, I probably said exactly what I said today, and that rather than diffuse it he would add more fuel to the fire, perhaps if the west weren't so Interested in the Ukraine and had kept there grubby little paws out it wouldn't have happened, it was just such a good untapped resource they couldn't resist, if you believe it's just about a tyrant then you are only seeing one side of the narrative,
  23. Now prove all those statements as factual, and not daily mail flannel guff, and for the record what is so wrong with trying to encourage peace talks rather than supplying more bombs ? Is it because there is no profit in that? I didn't really notice bozo doing anything much other than fuelling the fire, who are these wars for? And who ultimately loses each time?
  24. Much like Blair new Labour aren't real Labour, real Labour bought you things like the NHS, they worked with unions to get you thinks like decent working conditions and 40 hour weeks, free education and weekends and all that stuff people take for granted these days,preferring to just blame lefties, left to the tories we would all be working 12+hours a day 7 days a week for the crumbs off the Lords table
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