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  1. Talking about any health issues is not being a bore. I've never historically had a problem with getting an in person appointment with my doctor, not that I've really bothered them much in the past. I now need an in-person appointment to discuss a couple of issues and am being told I need to call on a specific day/time to book an in-person appointment, but can book a same day telephone consultation. Why? Why can't I just see someone? What happened to service? What does NHS stand for?
  2. Were they bosfish at the end?
  3. Hi guys, Has anyone here fished in the Netherlands before? What are the rules/license requirements. I've seen information on the VISpas. This seems to cover most publicly accessible stretches of water like rivers and large public lakes. From what I read, as I am fishing a private lake, I don't think I need it. Is this correct? Thanks.
  4. Hi guys, I'm looking at Nash Dwarf rods for when I'm really tight for space in the car. I already have 2 x Nash hgun 9ft 2.75lb rods. I've always found them to feel like broom sticks compared to my Greys Prodigy Plus 12ft 2.75lb rods. Ideally I'll like something with a similar feel to my Greys but at 9ft or 10ft and the price if a dwarf to fit across the boot of the Mrs car. I've just tried a current 10ft 2.75lb dwarf and it felt incredibly stiff still. Are the scopes any better?
  5. This is really sad news. A stalwart of childrens and comic film & TV. He was a fantastic all round entertainer. As a young child I remember hearing his song Right Said Fred, narrating the Wombles, as I got older seeing him in films and then later on back on TV in Dr. Who and Catching the Impossible and discovering Passion for Angling. Then my kids saw him in Old Jack's Boat as they grew up. I managed to meet him once at the Carp Society show in Sandown and got his signature on the Catching the Impossible DVD box set and the book. He came across as a genuinely nice, quiet and gentle person who was highly appreciative of his fans and who would make time for anyone who wanted to just say hi. Rest in peace Bernard. You will be missed and remembered by generations far into the future.
  6. Can you send some of that our way (down south) please...
  7. The only thing I can think of want and seeing around when I was a kid was the phonic bite alarms. I had a float rod and occasionally dad would let me borrow a ledger rod but we used monkey climbers. Bite alarms seemed a bit like a sci-fi future item....
  8. I just saw this on Amazon. https://www.amazon.co.uk/BZS-Fishing-Weights-Selection-Smooth/dp/B09KY6T9GH/ref=pd_bxgy_sccl_1/259-1730419-7268639?pd_rd_w=p0WOU&content-id=amzn1.sym.79b812bf-5c8b-4c0c-851c-784423adaff5&pf_rd_p=79b812bf-5c8b-4c0c-851c-784423adaff5&pf_rd_r=9B8SGJ28FGTEY55AAEQQ&pd_rd_wg=6N7UT&pd_rd_r=143d035a-dde4-4935-a197-a47a078239db&pd_rd_i=B09KY8DHVH&th=1&psc=1 So, these use Zinc as an alternative to lead. Has anyone tried them and would these have any issue. I suspect these are the future as I think lead is slowly being banned around the world.
  9. I've just seen this. Should I be horrified? I know it's probably not the worst thing in the world, but.... https://www.amazon.co.uk/KLYNGTSK-European-Fishing-Accessories-Plastic/dp/B091F3XSTG/ref=sr_1_82?crid=1VVYNEYGSO6GV&keywords=fishing+bobbins&qid=1656682702&sprefix=fishing+bobbins%2Caps%2C85&sr=8-82 Firstly, the way they show this being tied is back to front, secondly, there's no mention of how the swivel locks into place. Maybe I should stop looking.
  10. It's probably a perception thing and to 'keep out the Noddy/non-serious carp anglers'. As with everything in life, there's snobs. I'm surprised anyone takes up fishing with the way some people go on. What with phrases like 'all the gear and no idea' and other ways they try to look down on noobs or those that can't afford to have the latest bite alarm/rod/reel/bankware/chair/bivvy.........
  11. Some venues have a rule stating 'bivvies only, no tents'. Depending on where you're fishing it my help to blend in with the background, but if the venue doesn't prohibit tents or specific colours, why not. If others on a public venue get the hump, surely that's their problem, not yours. If they really get upset about it, next time take along a disco ball and start that up in your tent at midnight and make it look like a rave!
  12. What's most worrying and the problem with your statement is that it gives them too much credit. I don't think they're clever enough.
  13. Very interesting video that & Elmo/Carpbell, I'd love to sit down on the bank with both of you for a cuppa and chew the fat. I think we are from either ends of the political spectrum, but I would hope we could have a decent chat about the things wrong in this world, starting with the current crop of Tories, their complete lack of direction and their erosion of everyone's rights and liberties.
  14. I've just watched how to tie that viper rig. Whilst I like the idea of the hook being able to spin as freely as that, my biggest concern is that the hook is not tied to the line. When you get a fish on, the hook will at some point, either gradually or suddenly slide up the line and start pulling on the back of the knot against the bait spike. If this happens suddenly, the longitudinal force required to stop the hook against the bait spike could easily be multiple times the average force at which point either the line or knot could break. Additionally, knots are tied such that you are not supposed to be pulling against the back of the knot, you should be putting the force on the line going into the knot from the other side. Their strength would be massively weakened by pulling the hook up to the knot on the bait spike and then pulling the hook on the back of the knot. Personally, (k)not one for me.
  15. Newmarket, I am honestly of the opinion that you are documenting all your experiences on here as preparation for writing a book. Something with a title along the lines of 'The Accidental Angler'. I think you would do the title more justice than Charles Rangeley-Wilson. I just hope for your sake you and knowing your luck that you have the write ups saved somewhere else.
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