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  1. S'a lobworm... size 10 hook j'a fink...? 😛🤣
  2. Bought some worms... don't get many to a tub though....
  3. Welcome to the forum fellah...😎👍
  4. There's a frost on me car at the mo... good luck lads...👍😎
  5. Love using pins... for pretty much all my close range fishing
  6. Sorry to hear of your health probs Nick... backs are fragile things on the quiet... mine is knackered with collapsed discs in my lower back giving probs... Pilates and Yoga have helped but being immobile is murder on yer back... keeping moving is best... get well soon ...👍😎
  7. I have a pair of the 4000 Aero X baitrunners nice reels, well made, not a great fan of the double handles though, for a Shimano the clutches are quite smooth, I know its not the exact model, but I'd imagine the basic Aero X platform is fairly standard
  8. I use the lead free leaders, I make em up at home so I can swap em over quickly.. they have a small loop in the leader at the mono end and the lead slides nicely over end, so are quite safe... l got em off the bay... think there were 10 for £12 posted... I use light leads of 1.5oz max with small bags as I don't want to overstress my cane rods on the chuck... as a system I find they work well... just gotta buy more 1.5 and 1oz leads to make up a batch of bags per session...
  9. I just love the way a bivvy goes up perfectly in the garden, but on the bank its all skew-wiff with wrinkles everywhere and slack front and tight backed, (or vice versa)
  10. 5 packs of hooks, 4 tubs of shot, small tub of 10 lobs... £30...😳😳😳😳😳
  11. Oh well... a blank, but at least I got out...👍😎
  12. Out at a club lake today... water low and clear... put out some hemp chick peas corn and chops... see what happens...
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