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  1. Ooooh its comfy allright, and toasty, and heavy...😛
  2. I hate to think what my Nash Indulgence Wideboy, bag and pillow weighs...😳😱
  3. Not coffee... it'll make you pee more as its an emetic, tea or chocolate is good, but soup is more warming for longer... take a flask of soup, loads of food flasks about so a chunky soup with bread and butter is a warming meal, pots of porridge are also good warmers with a slow energy release... you can buy the pots in tescos ets... get the ones you just add water to, boil up the kettle pour in the water leave for a minute and stir... good warming brekky (or dinner if you prefer)
  4. Tips for keeping warm... Eliminate gaps... gaps cause draughts, tuck joggers into socks, wear long sleeved tee shirts pulled down to the wrists, wear a scarf or neck warmer, and a good hat... the Trapper style is very good at keeping your head warm, and Neoprene gloves will keep hands warm, if you don't like gloves buy a Muff, and put a hand warmer in... brill at keeping hands toasty
  5. New bite alarm..... runs on maggots in stead of batteries... tweets when you get a bite...
  6. Try Future Fishing in Newark, ask for reel servicing dept... they sorted my Wychwood QD5500 caps for me
  7. Welcome to the forum... carping is a never ending quest for summat bigger... Take care it doesn't consume you...👍😎
  8. The language barrier was an issue but the beer was superb... as was the fishing...😎👍
  9. Deepest Nottingham..😉😎👍
  10. Ho yas... bent my cane Sharpe carp rod double and thats no floppy bit of grass I tells thee..👍
  11. Not a carp but a new PB at 10lb 2 oz... and yes.. it was caught on a cane rod and an Abu77 Cardinal
  12. I use metal bait screws on popups as it adds to the weight to counterbalance the rig, means you use less putty, if any at all...
  13. A pair of Lightweight Korum Neoteric waterproof trousers... Been too hot to wear a bib and brace or my usual Wychwood suit ( I also fish for other species) and I don't want to wear shorts (I burn easy) or want my joggers to stink or get wet
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