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  1. I'm sure the Carp Gods will reward you for being such a good Dad , Finchey ( 😇 ) .
  2. Hello Everyone I have a Korum Supa Lite Fast Mat , but recently I have caught a couple of Carp edging towards the 20lb mark , and as it's possible that the waters I fish may produce a 30lber . So do I upgrade to a Fast Mat XL , or something else ? . Ta 😃
  3. It may have been Nick that said something like " fish only need enough water to cover their backs ? " .
  4. Hi Newmarket I wonder if the 30 who don't fish are waiting for those 10-14lb Carp to grow into 20s , and then memberships may become hard to come by . 🤔
  5. I used to just go floater fishing armed just with a bag , rod , mat and landing net ; only taking a seat and ledger rod if the weather looked as though nothing could be tempted on the surface . However getting older with a manual job sometimes I just want to plonk myself down in a swim , and set up shop . So am I enjoying my fishing more these days 🤔 .
  6. Thank you for your beautiful post , Barry . I find that as I get older I'm getting grumpier , and too quick to jump to the wrong conclusions 😔 . I would like to think even I would have worked out what was happening , and now your timely post has given me a kick up the bum to put my brain in gear . 😃
  7. Have you been to the Doctors ,because I know it sounds daft , but I'm sure I've heard of someone having a bit of coral growing in their ear ? . West Ham were robbed ! . 🤬
  8. Excellent stuff , the both of you . I wonder which gives you the most satisfaction , TJ enjoying himself , or you catching a " monster " ? . 😃
  9. Scuba Diving in Egypt , get you ! ; who would have thought a roughty , tufty , old Iron would rise to such dizzying heights . 😁
  10. That Carp looks in pristine condition , and you don't look too bad yourself ,Elmo . 😁
  11. Strewth , when you shop , you shop , Beetroot ! . If this was all in 1 shop I hope they gave you a decent discount , or at least made you their Bestie ? . 😁
  12. Hello B33Troot What an epic first post ! . I'm looking forward to following your journey , and who knows I may even be able to answer a question or two if / when you have them . 😃
  13. So do both your lads look like you Ouch , or is it just me ? . 😃
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