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  2. If you don't set your clutch properly then you will lose your rod. As finchey said the initial run is insane.
  3. Nice hound mate. I had my pb Friday night at 11lb 06oz and as you say the power difference with a double figure hound is something else compared to a single and the singles are like torpedoes.
  4. I used to want my particles as fresh as possible, preferably still warm as I was catapulting them in. Then I fished a water with hemp I'd prepared Friday, by Sunday it seemed to get better and better as it got sticky and slimy. Pigeon conditioner is another one that as it smells a bit fermented is better. Even so, I had some that went beyond that, that I thought was off, with mould appearing on the top, so I poured it in the margins for the swans, and within a few minutes carp were on it. I simply don't take particles home, either poured on the bank to keep the swans and geese happy or prebaited. If I don't go, I end up with a bucket of bait in the freezer. In fact I've just pulled a bucket of hemp out today for use tomorrow. I've got some ice cream containers full of particles that I'll leave in until the morning for the day after.
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  6. Yes mate the initial run they go like a train and if you get an 8lb plus the fight is amazing. Great fun my favourite sea fish I love fishing for these fish.
  7. It’s been known to scrape the mould off and still been ok think n butyric acid rancid milk and baby puke but I don’t think it’s that bad lol I had a 17l tub of pigeon conditioner brewing for about 6 weeks before. But that was a few years ago. I was still happy to use it but it’s all down to how you feel about it and if you can Stomach the smell saving grace is people tend to stay away and don’t get it over you if spodding..
  8. I think most particles can spoil after a while mate and can put the fish off 🤔 I prefer to use fresh, up to a few days old. I also drain/freeze it in zip lock bags, store the juices in a bottle in the freezer and when thawing out add it back to the particle with some extras. I normally use condensed milk and evaporated milk. Makes a nice cloud 👍 My particle mix at the moment is hemp, standard and jumbo tigers, whole maize and flaked maize. Jumbo tiger with a piece of pop up maize as the hook bait 👍
  9. That's wicked mate, do they fight well?
  10. Wish I knew that before I rinsed them. It's mad how bad it smells to us but not to the fish. How long would you say they keep as long as they're in a cool place without any preservatives(don't have alot of freezer space. The misses won't listen n keeps putting food in there 😂). I've read you can keep it until you physically can't stomach the smell Also if there's some left at the end of a session is it best to leave them as they are or cover them in water until next session or just add preservatives once boiled
  11. My local has spawned twice this year already and its driving me nuts, both times it kicked off early hours when I was booked on 🤷‍♂️🤣
  12. The sickly smell is when they work their best..👍👍
  13. @salokcinnodrog can I pick your brains again please 🙏🏼. How long can I keep the cooked particles with no preservatives. There so many differences of opinion online. I planned to go last Monday. They had the 24hrs soak and 30mins boil. After my failed attempt to get on the bank I added a bit more pond water to the cooked particles(not added anything to preserve like salt) so they were covered. I've opened them today to see if they're okay in preparation for tomorrow and the smell abit like sick(soon cleared my kitchen 😂). I know it's the fermentation process but don't know at what point they're bad I've drained n rinsed it with pond water n it doesn't smell too bad. Do you think I'm still good to use it or should I boil up the seed I got soaking
  14. normally they just laze about in the weed to recover. One of the problems with pre booking of swims IMO you can’t necessarily get where the fish are unless the owner will let you move and that depends if anyone else is on at the same time. anyway, good luck, and I really hope the fish are in your area and you catch ‘em. Hopefully all the spawning will be done and dusted by then.
  15. Perfect mate, was dreading making the move because I have wanted fish this lake and pod for a long time. cheers mate.
  16. The location/depth of the fish will be determined largely by the conditions on the day mate. If I had to choose I personally would stick to the shallower areas. High chance of decent warm sunny conditions in July. I can't recall seeing fish moving consistently to deeper areas after spawning in 25 years of carp angling. They go where they're comfortable and where the food is imo.
  17. Hi, I’m fishing on the 19th of July and all in all it’s costing me £500 for a weekend away fishing, that’s not including bait 🤦‍♂️ anyway I want to make the most of the fishing and the pod I’m currently booked on hold a lot of weed from bottom to surface in areas. The fish started to spawn around the 20th of June, obviously around my peg 😂 with fish going to deeper water after spawning I’m just curious to know is it worth me moving to the deeper water or will the 2 week period from them fishing and me getting there be enough time for them to come back into the weedy area? thanks in advance.
  18. How mar do you need to cast ? ss2600 or gs4000 ninja 4000 I prefer the gs the SS just feels clunky and old compared not sure what the shimano versions are. Also use fox fx9 and they feel balanced on a set of 9 foot
  19. Never had a problem using one or your arms between spreader block and arms push them out so they are straighter and with the other hand pop one landing net arm out leaving the other in sounds more difficult than it actually is I’ve got some really pony spreader blocks and never snapped one YET
  20. Grandson decided he wanted to go crabbing off the boat instead 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ had 17 lol this weekend just me and the wife so fingers crossed out again..
  21. A few hounds caught last night and a tope pup. This was the best hound and my best this year.
  22. If you can't get any crab then whole king prawn are just as good in my opinion. Had 10 hounds in 3 hours on the south coast Friday night all in prawn.
  23. I'm not a fan of Sonik tackle full stop! Too many problems with rod rings, and lastly the weld on a chair that I don't think made 3years. I have been through landing nets over 30years, and there are a couple of manufacturers who stand out for landing nets that last: Gardner Tackle, I think the current standard is the GTN. Rod Hutchinson Sceptre Landing Net 42inch. The first fish i landed in it was a 30lb common, and its usually the first of my two I set up. Easy to set up, and to take apart Fox Warrior 42, brilliant, still in use, although had a number of new meshes fitted. It always seems to be easier to pop open on one arm to get get it out of the spreader. I did have a Nash Outlaw landing net, yep, me praising a Nash item. Why oh why do manufacturers replace a good item with often inferior newer versions?
  24. I'm still using my Aqua rod sling that I got 20years ago. I hope the new stuff is as durable as it was back then, although the plastic lining is starting to crack and flake.
  25. Fresh line for the "big rods" - 12 footers. 18lb GT-HD. And some 12lb technium for the floater rod. All ready for Sapphire lake exclusive social on Sunday. 48 hours with the fellas from carotips for £60. May be a space left if anyone's interested 🎣😁
  26. Trying to decide on a reel for a set of 10ft 3lb Kaizen Green rods. Any ideas???
  27. Not for nothing, but I just broke my second Sonik VaderX Landing Net in the exact same spot (the Y cross bar) trying to put it together/take it apart I really hate them🤬
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