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  2. Not loudly when it's something useful.😉
  3. Also on the steaming front, really like the steam cooking you can see a coating of soluble ingredients on the bait it is brought out when cooking but doesn't get lost in boiling water kind of forms around the bait when dry. Already got a blueprint forming for a homemade steamer using a wallpaper stripper like one of those big stand up ones you can slide racks into... Still a very vague blueprint at the mo.
  4. Any advice would be welcome the first kilo rolled nice and half the second kilo of mix rolled ok, I left the other half in the fridge overnight and I only just got it to roll was a bit dry for the table thinking a bit less bird feed and a touch more 50 50 base mix should help it roll smoother maybe more egg I used 10 medium eggs an extra egg white or two maybe?
  5. Full ingredients list 200 grams haith's CLO 200 Nectar blend 200 tiger nut flour 100 beef liver 100 peanut protein 30 robin orange 30 cel yeast 30 nucleus yeast 50 krill 50 GLM 10 gram flour Will be cutting the Nectar blend to 100 grams and adding a mix of 100 grams of 50 50 base mix. Liquids 20 ml CSL and 30 ml buttercel nut GLM 10 eggs will be doing 10 eggs and 1 egg white in the next mix.
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/162485817667 Hope Nick doesn't shout at me for external links!
  7. Yesterday
  8. Nah. Use with confidence buddy.
  9. Yes please, Leon. Put me and my son Alan on the list. Not too fussed where or when. We're both self-employed so a few weeks notice of date would be useful. Ian.
  10. Let me know when you've had a chance to try them out framey.😁👍
  11. I have used the shields but none of these newer styles
  12. Edit: Reposted pics from the other day for some reason latest fish here
  13. I'm still using my original gemini bait shields from many years ago, how do the splash downs compare to the shields?
  14. Great result smashing it up at the moment, long may it continue
  15. Rip Paul, listened to some of his interviews on YouTube. legend
  16. Safe to say I’ve uncovered a cold weather hang out, when lapping the lake and almost falling in when standing on the withered bullrushes I’ve realised there must be a good 2 to 3 metres of covered secluded water underneath them. Definitely a safe warm spot the carp are gavering up in…. Two more falling to the maggot and corn loose feed combo, with a trimmed down yellow pop up and maggot topper as the hook bait.
  17. I’ve just heard the news that Mr F has passed away, such sad news. Don’t know the details but RIP Paul “Mr F” Forward, proper legend
  18. Should I be daring and brand them Campbells Meatboiles🤑
  19. I could never get into work overnighters found evening sessions on summer nights much better, I was even working at the council housing department so the days weren't what you would call work still too much though packing up at dawn.
  20. As above. (unofficial to Carp. Com) There's a few people interested. Autumn time, so we can be flexible. Venue TBC. Names & availability please guys
  21. All made from carp bait ingredients no bad stuff the peanut is a protein powder smells well nice like how I imagine one of those sweet vendors stalls in Asia to smell went very subtle on the flavor 1ml of plum and two ml of the TM1. Glad I went light on the krill strong stuff holds together nice you can see the flecks of krill meat in the bait when gunning out. Got what looks like a fast breakdown time for the soluble ingredients, pumps out the bait when in water.
  22. That orange is a nice colour I was worried they might be dayglo orange they are a sandy brown might swap out 100 grams of the tigernut flour for soy it's a very sticky stiff mix no way could you run a mix like that through a production line takes too much manual hands on.
  23. We’ve added over 1400lb of new stock for the coming season , whether it’s the new ghosty mirror or the ghosty common , or one of the numerous new 30’s that now inhabit the lake , we’ve got it everything you need for an awesome action packed week , book now for one of the few remaining weeks for 2023. Book now for as little as £50 per angler deposit and balance amount due 8 weeks before your arrival. Don't miss out on what promises to be a fantastic season. BROOKESMERE 07747328754 / 07940417730 Www.brookesmere.com Distance from Calais, 4 hours, Other ports are all around 1.45 hours The Village of Le Ribay is only 2 miles down the road. You can find a petrol station, bakery, butcher, grocery shop, magazine/tobacco shop, pizza takeaway, pharmacy, bank and pub/bar. Big supermarket is only 15 min drive off the N162 main road plus tackle shop. Le Horps Price of £800 a week for 2023, Saturday 2pm to Saturday 10am bookings. We offer a £50 deposit per angler with payment of balance due 8 weeks prior to arrival. Species in the lake, Carp, Grass Carp, Cats, Mandarin Cat, Pike, Info the stock is about 100+ Carp Wells cats, Mandarin catfish 40lb+, Large Pike, Average weight Fish is 32lb, Stock added in November and January 1400lb new fish. Maximum 4 anglers MORE INFORMATION DRIVE & SURVIVE PLUS LODGE LAKE EXCLUSIVE infobrookesmere@gmail.com 07747328754 / 07940417730
  24. Got these heavy duty polythene bags off the bay. I have been using zip and seal sandwich bags for my camera but they were a bit flimsy and after a couple of openings, the opening flap tended to rip. These seem really sturdy and the Velcro really seals it. I've used the other 2 for my power-pack and LED light so they aren't wasted.
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