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  1. Yesterday
  2. Only ever done that once.....under the stars 🌟 It's a strange feeling (I think)
  3. I did 2nights this week, no bivvy again. Straight from work Wednesday night.
  4. Hi guys, Just seen this and thought some of you may be interested,
  5. out yesterday for a short day session and called it quits after a few hours, caught 2 but unhooked both in the net in the water as nothing would cool the cradle down so thought why bother as i don't need a photo or weight. will be leaving the rest of my fishing till late sept as more comfortable for me and the fish and really yesterday was just an excuse for me to get out of the house and go bankside so played about with a few new rigs and faffed with solid bags for a change πŸ˜…
  6. They go through so many phases though the rods would be obsolete in a few weeks, they loved peppa pig once, went to peppa pig World and everything (pre Boris announcement) they hate her now same with frozen, tangled, most things they were Into a few months ago πŸ˜‚
  7. A mate of mine got his young lad into fishing by letting him put stickers on a spare rod he had this is going back awhile Power Rangers was the fad at the time fast forward to now and the son is taking my mate fishing lol
  8. Last week
  9. Yeah fishing wasn't ever top priority really, it was nice to just spend some time with the littlun having fun, and showing her some of the good things of fishing, she enjoyed the food and being a bit slobby,the misty morning and particularly enjoyed reminiscing about my falling in incedent today, when I was telling some of the parents at brownie camp pick up, And the rudd fishing was exceptional sport, I might start taking the whip with me now, the maggots always put me off because I thought I needed them and never had them, but with hookable pellets I got a strong rudd game and a big rudd must be swimming about in there somewhere 😎 Still having nightmares about that tench though, was really offensive looking, which was a shame because it was the blackest tench I've ever caught
  10. Thought I would do a lil update on the kids reels I plumped for in the end, For the money they are pretty good so far, ngt profiler 60, seem pretty smooth, line went on quite nicely, drag seems usable, and actually I think they look pretty smart, I ended up pairing them with 6ft NGT profiler rods, they also seem pretty good for the money, carbon, light and will probably be quite fun to use, And with a total price tag of Β£85 what's not to like for a pair of rods and reels for the kids to use and abuse, and maybe me too πŸ€”
  11. I’m going on the boat Saturday hopefully the sea fish will be a little more cooperative than the lake pigs lol
  12. That's what I did last weekend....was out for 24hr, turned up at about 1pm, was 29oC, put my baitbin then fished from about 6pm, had 5 fish through the evening/night then morning was way too warm and was home for 11am the Sunday.
  13. I’m out tonight. May well be pointless but I’m hoping that they’ll have an early morning feed. Luckily the swim I have been baiting is pretty well shaded from 3pm onwards.
  14. You caught some lovely memories there Elmo, nice write up πŸ‘
  15. I've turned down the green light for a 48 hr this weekend. Keeping it in reserve for the autumn. 35+ at the weekend, it's a hard enough water, no chance of a fish imo, I'll be in the pool.
  16. Got Out with the littlest one tonight, got the new bivvy fox eos tt not bad it's pretty massive though, The weed is floor to ceiling all over ithe gaff I've only got two rods out, it's been a long tiring day, got one on my usual banker spot still went down with a thud, line lay has suffered a bit thanks to the weed between , but me and the girl did some raking and just cleared a margin spot for the other rod, worth a go That's last nights update this is today's Had a screamer in the night, ran out in just my pants forgetting my headtorch and glasses, little un fast asleep, thought I must have been jesus or something when I managed to net it after a tough old battle couldn't see a lot 😳, a nice 20lb+ mirror foul hooked in the side, propolised and put back, that was a shame because it was a nice looking one but hey ho, I'm only cheating myself otherwise, this morning after being forced to cook bacon at 6 30am, I switched to a wafter on the freshly raked spot, within minutes it was away, only to discover it was the mankiest looking tench I've ever seen, one sunken missing eye and white scummy bits on it treated and returned it, then we got the okuma vibe out and caught some lovely little rudd and a short while after that had grown wearisome, my other rod went into meltdown on a tight clutch before the alarm had even began I had picked it up, but alas it had weeded me up, tried for a bit then put it down as it wasn't moving, and thought I'll use the big boat this time lol, got it in the water one foot in and it was away, and before I know it I am in the drink with my kid laughing at me 🀣 after a few goes I secure the boat and manage to get out the water and back in it, by this time its letting water in or it was dripping off me, but I get out to the pads eventually and managed to get my rig back minus a fish, by that time it was decided we were going to stay and do another night, Ive got no spare pants after an oversight trying to get everything ready, so on with the other shorts, tidy up the bombsite and we're off to morrisons with a mcd chaser, it was morrisons when it started to feel hot, then the air con of mcds felt nice, we went posh and ate in, came out and it was roasting, got back thought about having a nap, but it was getting hotter by the minute and with the prospect of the sun facing us for the next few hours, I was pleased when she said, "I think we should go home. She let me rest for a whole minute before I had to pack up everything, no more action and we are home, We had a lovely time though some good laughs and it was great to spend the night out with the littlun, she more or less behaved too, which was nice πŸ˜‚
  17. I've got more leaving coming up in September....August Bank Holiday I'm off to Cudmore for a 48hr, Saturday Morning set off, be back about Monday tea time. Hopefully cool down for then.
  18. Shame you couldn't cancel the holidays for late in the year, I certainly wasn't expecting these temps when I booked months ago
  19. I've had all this week off work, weekend tidied up the gardens and Bar, Monday until today, I've fone absolutely nothing with my days off so far..... Fishing has been a no go due to weather, Dog is bushacked, my lad is a bit of a ginger (strawberry blonde) so will burn easily....then when evening comes I'm too muggy.
  20. Yes its too hot for fishing. But I'm booked on Trent View tomorrow so gotta make the most of it πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
  21. Well done to your club πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘
  22. @yonny I would love to agree with you, but sometimes you have to remove the idiot factor, if this means roping off the snags or banning the lead clip and having rig checks... Personally I don't like lead clips, but that is me. They jam up with weed, which itself can stop the tail rubber coming off. Despite having to use helicopter setups at times, I don't like them either, much preferring to use run rings or inline leads. @yonny Here's my point exactly, I've just retrieved this from the lake, the lead clip rubber was jammed on by weed. I can only think birdlife has removed the real bait. Around 450mm of tungsten tubing, 4oz Fox lead, Korda hybrid lead clip, curved shank size 4(?) Ronnie/Spinner rig on coated braid. You (generally not personally) can effectively only use leadclips especially with tubing on weed free lakes, otherwise go back to run rings.
  23. My club lakes is on constantly now, the water was Pea Green a while ago, but last week it was gin clear, I'd keep it on until the heat dies down and is a cooler weather.
  24. Let’s hope the clubs get the aeration on sooner rather than later
  25. Again, this week and weekend are looking way too hot to fish, next time I'm out is either 20th/21st for a 24hr on club lake....or the week after 27th for a 48hr on Cudmore Fishery, next week looks like a dramatic change in the weather, 🌧 all week apparently.
  26. Thing is years ago I was a Carp Society member, and previous to that NASA, National Association of Specialist Anglers. Of the 2 I found NASA was better value for money, not for waters, as NASA never ran any, but in terms of information. When CS bought Horseshoe with the scheme there was no way I could afford it, nor travel across the country to fish, except as a holiday, which other waters catered to with day tickets. I could join clubs in the area for less, in fact at one time I paid Β£20 for a season ticket on Horcott so I could camp over for Fairford Air Show and fish and have a holiday. Ashmead is the same, and it has become an elitist water because of that. You could argue that any syndicate is the same, but Β£500 syndicate membership (my lake) is cheaper than Β£500 in day tickets every week over the year. My Β£500 goes towards fish stocks, an annual weed cutter boat hire and owners etc. Of course not all syndicate prices are the same, some will be higher.
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