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  3. The only times my Alarms go off is while I am setting the bobbin, got to get some value out of them 😂
  4. Just heading out now to do a food shop mate... vans pretty much packed . Looking forward to meeting you in the morning & a walk around the lake . With the shape of it , should make for an interesting draw & swim choice I reckon . 👍
  5. 20k of boilies, £40 worth of rubber & plastic, £40 worth of grub, £30 worth of beer. All packed and ready for the social this weekend. Shame some couldn't make it. Maybe next year????
  6. I tend to have the heads turned right down to silent and only have the remote on low the ace i3 had a mute function press a button on the side and it goes silent for 30 seconds then resets to on again.
  7. it’s all the same regurgitated stuff how many ways can you tie a ronnie try this super duper slip” E “ rig how to set up a chod here’s a review that isn’t a review because we don’t want to upset the advertisers. even podcasts now all have the same stories from the same guests at least the baitworks ones you tend to get old school anglers who you don’t normally get in the mags etc
  8. Rods out for an overnighter on the park lake, it’s been fishing poorly recentlyafter missing a run on the last 2 sessions because of the little bobbins jamming in the buzzer roller, I’ve got a set of teeny tiny swingers, keeping the bobbin nicely away from the roller!
  9. That is a fair result. We have fished here for 12 years now. Fresh water has always been a problem , we started taking a camping shower to use in the shower. Last year I had to deal with a total blockage of the septic tank ( not nice ) we had the sucker lorru out..and Nik has been a nightmare to contact since day one. I now contact Daniel directly. Going right back to 2010 Nik has been a nightmare for contact.....
  10. Which lake did you manage fish ? I have numbers for both Nik and Daniel at Maya
  11. No! I can turn my bite alarms off. Cast out, put the rods on the buzzer, set indicators, turn bite alarms on. If I'm faffing with a fish, and it touches or catches another line, no matter what, I can't reach or have the spare hand to hit mute or turn it off.
  12. My limit now is Carpology articles that pop up on my Facebook feed. I don't get interested in podcasts, there is no 'structure'. I still prefer the written or printed artform of a paper magazine and for me CarpWorld is or was the best with no competition. I do still get my printed Pikelines magazine from Pike Anglers Club, and have written a few articles for them, which have been published. Also the PAC Facebook page is probably the best angling FB page about. No room for big egos, everyone is equal and everyone tries to help, like we try on here
  13. Sadly it's true, a few fish have been found of various species with plastic baits blocking the gut, pike, bass, carp. I will try to find the post mortem results, but it is fact and not fiction.
  14. Hi folks do you think stealth mode / mute mode is important for a bite alarm set?
  15. Yesterday
  16. Carp chronicles can be brilliant or headbanging I find. I listened to some of the great debait last night, fried my brain right up and was way too deep for me. I like the baitworks one and the korda one depending who's on it, Nash same it always depends on the guests I think.
  17. Apparently not as much as i should have 😂 my plan to go tonight quickly fell by the wayside as I still ached significantly today.
  18. Did you stretch before , and after exercising , Elmo ? ; a little cool down , and stretch after working out will hopefully help reduce those aching muscles . 😃
  19. Last magazine I bought carpology Jan 2020 last blog would have been joe Morgan’s carp angle around the same time podcast however all the time carp fishing baitworks podcast Nash korda carp chronicles when he can be bothered to do one and if it’s not”too heavy”
  20. Not sure on numbers of members but it is always taking on new anglers, eight lakes spread over five sites mainly in Herefordshire think it's called Arrowchurch or something like that one price gets you on all lakes, they are a bit spread out though, so if you turn up at one lake and can't get on the next lake is a bit of a drive.
  21. Totally agree. When carp ingest something alien to them they just spit/blow it back out, even when it sucks in a mouthful of bait with sticks/small stones etc it blows the rubbish out and ingests the food. As for the bailiff, obviously making up a story to back up the reasoning behind banning the fake corn, he went very overboard with it but some will believe the utter nonsense 🤣.
  22. What carp blogs or magazines do you often read?
  23. Funnily enough one if the popular rules that annoys me is the rubber tubing one, I use rubber tube on my inline leads but not on a helicopter set up. The latest scam is a 10 thousand man syndicat spread over several lakes some of those lakes have four to five pegs.. good look with that ticket I would sooner do a few weeks on a good day ticket water.
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  25. Weather looks a lot better than yesterday. It'll probably change again tomorrow
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