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  1. Thanks mate - so much to do so little time lol 👍
  2. I'm back mate - see catch report 👍
  3. Got down the syndi late weds again couldn't get in the swim I wanted but he was going the next day so I plotted up on the other side with a mind to moving in once he'd gone. I chucked 2 singles out and crashed out. Midnight the usual fish crashing out just outside the main snags in my bay, they were off on the feed somewhere! No more activity near me from then onwards and nothing in front of the swim I'm wanting, a change of plan. By mid morning I'm packed away and have my bucket in a swim down the other end. I walk the dog along the river looking for perch spots for my drop shotting and find some nice chubb. Walking past another lake one launches out in the middle and I go for a look from a central point, lots of fizzing going on close around this point so the plan changes there and then, I go get the car and barrow round to save the swim. After a quick lead around I chose underarm range for all 3 and catapulted 1.5k of boilies around the area. After lunch a few hours perching on the river but frustration as I only found one and he spat the hook 3 times! Also a nibble from one of two good chubb but I was too slow aaagh! Back to the lake and I get the rods out for early evening and soon after one crashes right over the right rod - I think I'm hauling tonight and have early dinner - in bed for 9 expecting action. 12pm the left rod signals, I run out and strike at a liner, great, de-weed the line and cast it back out. Dawn comes and goes, very little going on just a couple crashing in a margin far away and I think I've totally overdone the bait - I start making the last tea. The right rod is away at 10am just after I saw the first patches of fizz over the area. It quickly weeds up so I put the waders on and go out to meet it, the weed starts coming and the fish is right on top 3 yards behind, I snook the net under him and it was game over. My prize a 25+ Old Nene Valley Common, most likely from the river originally Chuffed with that, one from each lake now- onto the river!
  4. What I can only describe as a weird session, got up at 4.30 to get down the syndicate lake for first light loaded the car and ready - can't find the car keys, spent ages faffing about before I'm finally on the road. Halfway there road closure - this is going well!!! I get there for 6.30 walk round someones in the swim I wanted and his mat is wet. Walk round the lake then go walk round the big lake. Another lap of the target lake he's had another - I'm kicking myself for not getting there the night before maybe beating him to it. I identify 3 other areas where I see bubbling - and I'm reasonably happy to come back later and have a go. I decide to proceed with plan A back to the car for food then a few hours drop-shotting on the river. Food done I get the rod and net - no lure bag GREAT, now I don't know what I'm doing and within minutes I'm driving out the gates and heading home in a huff. The long track gives me time to re-think, I drive to Bluebell for a walk round and gather my thoughts. Walking past the last lake I see lots of bubbling in a corner- there and then I decide to buy a ticket and fish for them. 2 rods out with the baiting pole nice and quiet and by mid afternoon I'm having a sleep - rudely awoken by a take from the pads at 4pm - a ghosty looking 23lb and ounces common. Surprisingly nothing through the night although they were showing a little further down the lake like crazy. Waking up at dawn I moved the right rod from the marginal tree to areas of fizzing and within 20 mins its away - feels good but unfortunately fell off after a minute or so - gutted. I got the rod back out but it was quickly evident that the activity was firmly over and the rods came back in. Back home after one night - happy to have caught felt jinxed from the off. Back on the syndi weds night to Friday so I hope to have my time then - fingers crossed.
  5. Hell yeah, I'm all about enjoyment, fishing is a treat and I like to eat and drink well, a tiny stove and food bag is as essential. I take a flask on the boats but its nowhere near as good and neither is cold sandwiches tbh Tony the Bluebell owner wrote that good hot food and drink and being warm make you fish more effectively and I've always thought he is dead right.
  6. You can use any stove inside the bivvy mate it warms everything up - key is to leave lots of ventilation, maybe letter box the door, people do use bivvy heaters - I borrowed my mates it was ace putting it on to warm your hands back up after a fish or something but the dangers are obvious, don't leave unattended, well ventilated and don't fall asleep with anything on. There is a candle and tin style heater that will make a significant difference. I generally don't bother but there are options. I use gas - has to be a propane/butane mix for winter and in the morning it still will be a bit poor with a low flame - which is why people put them in their sleeping bags as mentioned. I found my mates antics with his Coleman a bit scary, - he put me right off lol But in the right hands I'm sure they work perfectly. If you mean will the bites be morning/evening? December and beyond I've found late morning through to late afternoon to be the time on a few venues I can think of. Autumn seems more evening and early morning - but everywhere has the potential to be completely different. December I also had spells of bites again between 11pm and 1am so 2 feeding windows then nothing until 11 the next morning. On a lake we fished years back from Dec onwards we wouldn't have to get there until 10am - bites were generally from 2pm until 4pm then we went home - doing nights was almost pointless.
  7. That's the thing buddy walking along the river and being out all day like you do you absolutely need dry and warm clothing to put on as and when you need it, being out in the boats you cant just say oh I'm cold and wet and not enjoying it very much can we go home? NO you've paid quite a lot to do this activity - make the most of it. I also saw the advantage for my carping, I can be out looking, baiting up, moving swims in all weathers whilst almost everyone else is tucked up inside bivvies. Money well spent IMO
  8. OK as you've said that maybe check this company out 'Geoff Anderson', fishing clothing made purposely for fishing in the cold - pricey but this is top end gear, you get what you pay for - absolutely no regrets buying this gear I am having more when I've saved up. 👍
  9. Worth a look at the lightweight boot too, I use those also, you can actually walk round in them, not as much sweat going on. Game changer/life saver for me was a heated gilet from Amazon - battery powered, I bought it purely for my winter boat predator fishing on Rutland and Grafham which can be a bit extreme at times, I take it winter carping and use it without the battery just for a nice extra layer.
  10. Kites are beautiful birds for sure - the colours and the forked tail and a full adult is bloomin big with those wings fully extended - wow This weekend i was so lucky to see an owl fly past really close and in the last hour of light so I got a great view, obvs no pics. I'd like to get a good deer shot - they are all around the lake, one came out from the poke hole I was fishing earlier that day, prob there whilst I was and I had no idea. This place is something else tbh - so many swans, geese, ducks, herons, white crane things etc etc too many bird types it's unreal even a tiny tiny bird in the reeds by the river. Newts, frogs - toads and crickets in the bivvy (standard). It is a nature reserve and should defo be protected if not already. This is a stinky winky screen print off my Instagram of my best fishing pic ever - I had this young kingfisher on my rods for 10 mins practicing picking stuff up out the water- insects, twigs, pebbles it was a great sight and I had my decent camera there and ready. One in a million I guess. In the full shots you can see the slack lines brilliantly too
  11. Love seeing the kites I've been a bit of a kite geek tbh - raving about seeing them getting closer and closer to where I live year after year from the rearing ground in northants. Now prob 10 years later they are everywhere. Best sighting an adult took a fish from swan lake on the wing - massive bird epic to see. Driving home I often saw columns of young birds spiraling on the wind on the country lanes - as many as 30 birds in a column - unreal. I must have nearly crashed a few times lol Got a pic of this Buzzard a couple of weeks ago - he was just sat on the lake track and flew into the nearest tree and checked me out - so cool. I remember when the birds were as rare as rocking horse stuff, so to see then making this massive comeback is so amazing, one of the highlights of my lifetime, told you I was getting geeky about it!
  12. An hour doing my favourite approach, no fish but always worth a go.
  13. I've enjoyed December sessions in recent years, lots of fish in short spells of feeding activity. Observation is absolutely key in winter as they are not moving about, find the fizzers and fish bang where they are, probably just the one rod will go off time and time again, regardless of how near you get the other rods, real accurate spot fishing. Just a handful of washed out baits that I break up and a handful of low oil pellets and a few grains of corn - works for me, cant wait until this December to have a go on the usually busy day ticket big fish waters - I may also be going France then as well coz I like it so much. Good waterproofs are essential as is spare clothes just in case and a hanger for your coat so your not dropping it on the floor or on your bed whilst its still wet. Good food is key, eat well and you'll be happy. Very long nights so you might want something to read or watch. Back to observation, if you do manage to find the fish it is most likely they will stay there all winter and do this every year!
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