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  1. A set of Fox RX+ alarms, finally given up on the Delks, after no bleeps on a take last week it was the final straw - no more worrying about rain, humidity or them just not feeling like working. Hopefully less false bleeps too - win win 😁👍
  2. It does indeed test the suspension - big lake, dropped the other one as too distracting as you know.
  3. Last weekend, same swim, same baiting - all 3 on the yellow, similar conditions. Took the baitboat in case I wanted to fish upto the island and find fishable ground with the sonar, but all this showed me was that my normal spots are deffo the one so left them there for the duration of the session no recasts just a bait top up for the 2nd night. Just a couple crashed all weekend - no feeding activity, got it wrong again lol Need these fish to spawn and be normal - taking forever with this weather. Maybe next time
  4. I've lost fish due to putting on waders, struggling - not keeping up the right tension and fish shakes the hook. Probably the mistake that sticks with me the most, did I even need waders on really, could I have just gone in and dried the clothes after, did I have spares anyway - these were potentially special fish and I was only doing the night - crazy to even look at the waders in hindsight, much quicker to takes trousers and shoes off and go in. So angry with myself still years later - poor decision making!!! and those devices are so expensive for a piece of plastic, you get similar holding new slippers together for free - talk about carp tax, good idea but rip off.
  5. Slip d to me is a supple stripped multi rig, held in place as you say with a kicker. Can change the hook like this. I've got one pack in the tackle box with what looks like a mix of fox flippas, korda ones and something else. The short Fox Flippas seems ok, not used the others much if at all.
  6. Why do you need the hook bead? Isnt the slip d free running up and down
  7. Got down Fri night about 8pm, 3 of the swims down the windard end were taken and I didn't fancy fitting in between. I thought they might push them out anyway and with cold night temps they might make their way up the other end. Saturday 11am I see the first of around 15 - 20 shows over the course of an hour, some over the rods so wasn't a complete surprise when the left hander pulled up at 1pm. A low double common 12.4lb, female still full of eggs (fish are so behind due to the influx of cold water), so I was made up, another swim caught from and a spot found back in March. Sunday morning, they arrived at 10.30 with one crashing out against the island, then 3 subtle rolls at 11am just short of the rods. 11.15 I'm on the phone and notice the left hangers off and line out the clip but no bleeps whatsoever (no idea), pick up the rod and there's a weight on the other end and weeded up short of the spot, I pull it out and gain 10-20 yards and it's off, hook pull - damn! Interesting it was the left rod both times especially as the fish arrived from right to left. It was the only yellow bait - with corn in the mix so I'll take that forward next session, all 3 on yellow.
  8. Thanks mate - thats a good tip if you're gonna cast with more force than usual, deffo worth trying 😎👍
  9. Any method really but in situations where you can see them, work out their routes and hatch a plan. For me the excitement is off the scale, I give it my all, creeping about, up trees - one rod stalking off the top or in the edge setting little traps - you can't beat it. On the right water I'd rather do several day sessions, mobile roving than camp in one place. Stalking would be my favourite no doubt
  10. I'd start with price point, what do you want to pay and which ones are in that category? What features would you be looking to add if any?
  11. Hi mate, Initially I was using a coated braid, Suffix something or another but went onto ESP Tungsten Loaded which is 20lb I believe and really good. More recently using a doubled over piece of stiff Korda Mouthtrap Chod Filament in 25lb for the hook loop, with the Tungsten Loaded as the boom section. Either way I want the smallest hook end loop possible, prob 1 inch absolute max so it's as low as I can get it. Tight to get the hook on once the putty has been applied. I have used longer booms and hook end loops so it's a stiff hinge rig early season when fishing over silk weed, but the low version works well for me generally. Hooks are 4's or 6's Korda Choddy hooks or JPrecision Advanced Chods. You'll need to pull the hook loop through the hook eye with floss - it's a tight fit on the stiff version, but I do prefer it. Looking to adapt it for bottom baits at the mo. 👍
  12. Yes out turned eye for a multi - not important for a Ronnie - not that I would ever use one.
  13. I do like to move rods about depending on what I see through the session. On a busy day ticket you often end up fishing 3 on a spot as there's no other choice although that can be good sometimes, but then it's normally one rod outfishing the others, the spot within a spot.
  14. 2nd night a bust still no fish down the other end so a move today after trying floaters on the small lake for an hour. Can't get the swim I really want on this new easterly, but this is the nearest one, 2 rods very close to the point, 1k of mix over the top, one close on a single pink. New swim to me, had to open it up as noones bothered - hours work before setting up, deserve a fish for that, last night so fingers crossed 🤞
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