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  1. Yes the kit can last a long time, that's what we want anyway and therefore the cost could be thought of as spread. I thought of golf but once you've got the clubs etc, apart from upgrades, you've got it - only course fees after that and you could find value courses. Obs I'm guessing but have bought 3 second hand sets for me and my kids and have a cheap course around the corner, can walk there in 5 mins lol Clubs, bags and trolleys were £30 per set, good enough for me. Fishing wise there's nothing good nearby, I have to get out the county.
  2. Yes simple types of fishing can be cheap and very enjoyable, no doubt I'll end up doing just that. For what we'd call advanced carp fishing it's an awful lot of terminal bits in tackle boxes, leads - all the small stuff really adds up. Parents setting up youngsters with their first full set-ups will need to pay a lot of money, more than any other sport I can think of? That's if they want to go straight to carping which lots seem to do.
  3. I'd love a fly set-up, walked some of our local trout ressies and next to noone fishing, thought this could be the solitude I'm looking for, but again expensive game! You can't do everything but pike, perch and trout on the fly would be good. I chucked 2 bedchairs in the tip this year, didn't enjoy that, wanted to give away but don't want people seeing what else you've got. Is there an organisation to support young anglers to donate kit to?
  4. Very expensive hobby, no matter whether you're just taking it up buying budget gear or experienced buying higher end stuff. There's so many things to buy especially terminal, the values in tackle boxes would shock us no doubt. Then bait as you say, even sweetcorn is expensive now, my mate bought luncheon meat for catfish and was over £4 a can - bread is probably the only value item. Then god help you if you think I'll buy sea kit for holidays and predator kit for winter! It's never ending. 🤷‍♂️
  5. Yes mate no worries - lets get one sorted. 😎👍
  6. I love my 3.5's - to me they feel very nice playing fish, no mouth damage and they cast well, I'd rather a set of rods that does everything than swap from set to set according to venue/method etc 🤷‍♂️ Mine are out and out casting rods, modified to play fish nicely - so not broom sticks, which I wouldn't have, so I get that point.
  7. Been looking at the new Delks and lots of comments online regarding the ever faithful problems with rain and humidity. I thought Delks were supposed to be good, same blooming problems! Never had any issues with the Fox MX's and they cost peanuts, unreal.
  8. Then I got the Cobb bbq and whole chicken was on the cards. Expensive for what it is but cooks meat lovely.
  9. Chicken kebabs - to be cooked on the bbq, was a fave if mine. George's was at the front lol
  10. Think you probably got that from the Terry Hearn video when he said the amount of casters per pint 👍
  11. Half a handful of low oil pellets and a few squashed washed out boilies, maybe a few grains of corn, if not that single hook baits. Works for me but you could go down the maggot route or include some as well. I think the key is you are really fishing for a bite at a time not a haul. Pints of maggots are literally 1000s of baits, less can be more, don't overdo anything bait wise.
  12. Got the Fortis trousers this year they are made from a bivvy type fabic, ripstop - like my Avid brolley and Ridgemonkey Bivvy, bit pricey but I like them a lot. Got fed up with joggers with the knees worn out.
  13. No I don't read that in the replies mate, you've got 3.5's, they're fine for all carping and you can chuck a small spod/spomb out with them no worries. I've got 3.5's wouldn't swap them at all for all my fishing, the spod rod is 4lb+ but I'm chucking medium or large spombs. I use that rod with just a lead on for feature finding just because why not, it's a great caster and has decent feel because it's stiff, it also pulls through weed well being strong and is light and used with a light big reel made for the job. The only lighter rod I would ever use is a floater in 2.75lb - 3lb, 3lb preferably. Depends on the waters you fish though I guess. The only thing to consider is using braid for the feature finding, so having a spare spool of braid for your fishing rod, IF you are going to use it for feature finding and spodding at the beginning of the session. That's if you use mono for fishing. I don't know if that's helped or made it seem more complicated lol
  14. Not sure, my mate got them from a guy on social media locally, we both got loads and because local he picked them up so no delivery charge. I'll ask him who and pm you mate 👍
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