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  1. So with all the talk about the possibility of seeing the northern lights, did anyone manage to catch site of them? I was fortunate enough to be fishing on the south coast and was treated to a nice sunset followed by the northern lights. Must admit I felt quite privileged to witness it. Excuse the pics, had to screenshot my photos or they wouldn't upload.
  2. Think you were unlucky with your bed. As has been said the solar range are top notch in my opinion. I've had several beds from different manufacturers (fox, Nash sleep system plus others) but my solar bed is head and shoulders above anything I've had before in my opinion. I sleep better on that than I do my bed at home 🤣.
  3. Xc weather or "Windy app". But as has been said, the weather can change at the drop of a hat so none are 100% accurate in my opinion.
  4. I would think the results of the blood tests would be needed first. You could go ahead now and say get X amount for having the needle puncture your hand but if the results come back with something (which I hope they don't of course) then your payout will be considerably more and you probably can't sue them twice for the same thing.
  5. I think these solicitors only take on claims they know or pretty much know will win. So if they say no I'd say you've got little chance elsewhere.
  6. Well I'd go no bigger than 15mm for your pop up. I never went shorter than 1.5 inches and no longer than 3 inches for my chods and yes I'd say the bream are to busy with their heads in the silt/,bottom.
  7. Personally I never used a pop up bigger than 15mm on my chod, in fact usually a very buoyant 12mm but I'd still feed my normal boilie irrelevant of size of them. I'd certainly try and find weed that's a foot or more tall which in my experience the bream are less likely to feed on. That said, if the bream are the predominant species it may well be a very hard task to avoid them no matter what you use. Just remembered a mate who went over to double 22mm baits to avoid a load of single figured stockies that got put into the lake we fished. He totally avoided them and though his catch rate dropped a lot he only caught the better fish.
  8. As Nick rightly says, there is no rig that is bream proof. That said, I can honestly say that I've never caught a bream on a chod rig, tench yes but not bream. Obviously not saying you won't catch bream on them but for some reason I never did and I used them a lot and on waters that held large shoals of big bream . Also as has been said above, what you feed and how will determine if bream become a pain. I know a few angler's that only use 22mm / 24mm baits and hardly if ever get bream problems.
  9. Just seen this, was going to say QM services but looks like hes changed the name. He's based or at least was based in Plymouth.
  10. When I first fished a big pit I set my stall out and fished at 40yds or less for 90% of my fishing, especially when seeing most anglers casting as far as they could. I also concentrated on the bays on this particular lake as the fishing was comfortable for me and more into my style. Im not someone who likes to fish as far they can so I only ever launched baits to the horizon if that's where the fish were. Don't get sucked into what you see everyone else doing. And the obvious one is location, location, location. Also Write down where you see them , the wind direction, weather, the atmospheric pressure (in my opinion and my findings were these factors play a bigger part on larger pits than smaller ones)all these will help you get a picture of the fish are up to.
  11. Definitely use them. More so when the water temps a bit warmer for me personally though.
  12. I tested positive on the 16th December and I'm still positive as of yesterday. Today is the first day I feel like I've turned the corner, still very weak and full of a head cold though. Must admit I've not had the last 2 jabs but had the first 3.
  13. Yeah .I've had constant nausea for over a week now along with the usual symptoms, body aches, fever, bad head and chest. Seems so much worse in the mornings for some reason.
  14. Know how you feel. I've had this week booked off work to have a long break only to test positive for covid last Friday. Its the first time I've had it and it's absolutely floored me. The way I feel I'll be pleased to be able to get up on Xmas day let alone enjoy it.
  15. Totally agree with all this. As i predominantly sea fish now I can confirm it is a cheaper form of our hobby. Yes you can buy a £500 rod and £500 reel but you can also get a rod and reel combo for £30 and catch fish with it. The hooks are on average £2-£3 a pack, put those hooks in a fox, korda, gardener, nash etc packet and they are £5 - £6 a packet. Yes lugworm and ragworm are expensive but you can also pop into your local supermarket and pick up a whole mackerel or pack of sardines for little more than a pound and catch fish and as you rightly say , fish that you can eat.
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