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  1. Not sure to be honest. They are or certainly were round line clips and on the 5000's they are the shape of a shield and it causes line damage where as the round ones don't. Can't remember the company but there's one that does custom spools for reals and they have metal line clips so maybe a Google search will find what you're after.
  2. I've had both in the past and for me the 6000's are the ones. They have a much better line clip than the 5000's.
  3. Totally agree. When carp ingest something alien to them they just spit/blow it back out, even when it sucks in a mouthful of bait with sticks/small stones etc it blows the rubbish out and ingests the food. As for the bailiff, obviously making up a story to back up the reasoning behind banning the fake corn, he went very overboard with it but some will believe the utter nonsense 🀣.
  4. Excellent bait mate. It changed a few of my mates catches right around. They would average 2 or 3 fish a season from dinton when we were on there but once they got on this then they averaged 10 fish a season. Would say it was a big fish bait but I've caught big fish on all the baits I used from premier, though my mates certainly caught better fish when using it. Use it with 100% confidence. A couple of my mates are still on it . Luckily they put a big order in back in May so have some still.
  5. Never heard of that or used mineral water when I used to do my particles. Maybe do a batch with and a batch without and compare catch results.
  6. A bait boat will help you put more fish on the bank for sure, simply because you can put a bait where it is impossible to cast to., but... I fished a lake in the Colne valley many years ago and one season a new angler arrived and I'd never met somebody who was so bad at casting i thought he was a proper noddy. I got chatting to him one day and asked where he'd fished before etc and he rolled off a number of impressive catches and i thought i had misjudged him but at the end of our conversation he mentioned that the lakes he had been fishing were all bait boats. He said he hadn't cast a rod in 6 years. So yes a bait boat is a huge help but if you rely on them then it may very well take away all your skills as an angler, which if your next lake didn't allow them you may well come unstuck. On a side note, I've never used one and had ample opportunities to use them, especially in France but I personally see it as is not right. I'm not knocking anyone who does use them by the way, each to their own and fish how you want to fish and not how others want you to.
  7. I got an order for my mate off him back in May and that was rolled although not by him. My mate will be gutted as he has no place/time to roll his own. I'll have to call Tony I guess and find out straight from the horses mouth as it were.
  8. Is he still doing bait ,as i thought he had stopped doing bait from what my mate told me. Me and a few mates were on the supaminos for the last 12 years, well I was until I started the sea fishing.
  9. I'm the same regarding hamidi. Something about him that I've never liked and you've summed it up in one of your words "loudmouth". He thinks he's Something else and as for this contraption he's selling he should be ashamed of himself. Not surprised to hear you say dinton has banned it, Simon who runs it doesn't allow any gimmicks on his waters and good to hear that many more waters have done the same.
  10. 100% agree. I've got a solar bed and by far its the best I've had in how it's made and how comfortable it is.
  11. Not sure what phone you have but some mobiles have excellent cameras on them. I downloaded a whistle camera app. I put the phone in selfie mode so I can see the screen and you simply "whistle" and it takes a pic. The reason I downloaded it was because I really struggled to hold the fish whilst I had the remote button in my hand for my camera, daft I know but I just couldn't do it. Though if you really want a dslr then most of my mates have Canon camera's and the odd one has a nikon. What model's I don't know off the top of my head.
  12. Any bait made by Geoff bowers will be good, I'd use the hydra k with confidence if I had to use it.
  13. Personally I'd fish locked up and sit on your rods. Don't give them an inch of line.
  14. Some proper bangers thereπŸ‘
  15. Your first sentence summed it up for me. "You got in a peg you fancied", which tells me you had a preconceived idea of where you wanted to go and therefore not have good look around and try and find fish (apologies if I've got that wrong). I've done the exact same on overnighters and my catches were few and far between. I found overnighters hard work, to the extent that they would mess up my weekends fishing as id be so tired. Hope you get lucky next time.
  16. I'm guessing he will only recommend his own liquid additives to enhance nutritional values in his bait, thats if they need it as his base mixes and recipes are on point already. Most of, if not all his base mixes have recommended recipes. Adding stuff for the sake of it can have a negative effect on bait and also on your pocket, sometimes less is more. I've used his stuff in the past and caught on it.
  17. You're putting the effort in and deserve your rewards. Keep'em coming
  18. Some right bangers there mate, fair play πŸ‘
  19. Not surprised youve been in your own bubble. Tough times indeed but family certainly helps as does some you time at the lakeside. Also don't ever be afraid to talk to someone if you're affected by your friends passing. One of my closest mates has been battling cancer for the last 2yrs. Things seemed to be going well but it's now come back and it has attached itself to his cartoid artery at the base of his skull (the blood supply to the brain) and its now incurable. Chances are he won't make the summer. So definitely focus on yourself and your nearest and dearest. Fishing is a great escape but so is being around loved ones, make the most of both.
  20. I used to make enough paste to fill the bait gun and that's it. So instead of doing 6eggs or in your case 10eggs at once , I did say 2 eggs at a time. Don't get me wrong, I would blitz say 30 eggs at a time, add liquids etc and I worked out that 150ml of the egg mix plus base mix would fill the gun perfectly. It meant I did say 12 mixes instead of 5 but I had no paste sitting and therefore drying out/ stiffening up. .
  21. I did a fair few work over nighters and totally messed them up. I was always in a rush to set up and I'd never go further than half way up the lake to save a long walk back to the car park in the morning (not ideal when more often than not the fish were up the other end). So as with any session, don't rush and find them first or you are just wasting your time in my opinion. I'd pack up in the morning saying to myself "at least you got some bait in" 🀣
  22. When rolling my own baits I've only ever used wpc (whey protein concentrate) as my main binder binder.
  23. emmcee


    It's not like social media or any kind of media to twist a storyline is it 🀣.
  24. emmcee


    Surely the BBC should be on your list along with Kyle, farage etc?
  25. Some cracking silver bars there mate. πŸ‘Œ
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