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  1. Took the plunge and bought some ready ties for next time out got a selection from mozzy carp tackle mainly as they claim to use the very best in end tackle but at a fair price, I got their 20 rig selection and a few of the fluro rigs with a braid hair if I like these I will get some more look better than mine so should be fine.
  2. I hear ya I'm planning on buying comfort over the winter and I doubt I will be out again before March. Got my eye on a memory foam bed cover for a start and maybe one of those heated covers oh and a bivvy table as well there is only so much you can stash under a pillow before it ends up on the floor.
  3. I will say the way things are with power packs the electric warmer seems best even my 20 size does my phone and ecig I reckon another one thesame size would do a heated cover.
  4. The gas they sell in the UK, the mix is not allowed in the USA think the max is 5 percent butane not sure if that's by regulation or demand those green coleman cans are the safest in the UK they fit the Mr Buddy heaters, it's why caravans use the red bottle flow gas.
  5. Sad news especially in this day and age the guy himself must of thought he was safe and should of been, the outdoor industry in this country is with out regulation it's not this guys mistake it's the equipment sold I really hope his family can get legal help as the gas they sell is a real problem and they know it, put a worthless warning on the can shouldn't make it OK to sell. Seriously if you must then find out a heater and gas that runs on propane I'm going by the gear they sell in the US you can get them but the difference between the two gases really needs to be on display in the shops.
  6. Couple of guys from cov got done this week they got the big fine for poaching as it was out of season and they didn't have permission to be on the lake. One got extra humped as he wouldn't give his details.
  7. Fair play on the bivvy selection I still have a yearning for the pioneer or tempest not had a problem with the avenger two rib it's just not instant like the pioneer I need a solid reason or two to get one though trying to explain the finer details to a non angler might get technical.
  8. Just no way and I moan about Chris he never checked my set up once nor bait I just trod on too many toes being my charming self, trust me it's not a Internet personality. Still struggling to find window cleaners several guys I know are looking for cleaners the money is pretty good just no one wants to do it. It's legit as well you could still get universal credit as they are part time jobs 20 odd hours a week.
  9. I tempted to get a bit of bait rolling equipment problem is I can get carried away and end up overwhelmed. I don't care what they say unless they have a massive amount of ingredients that were bought in bulk and are near there best before date no way are any company halfing the price of a good bait other than a one off to clear stock at cost. Some of the companies that closed did the same cleared as much stock as they could before closing. Think whacker catcher, a very good bait has got a company to roll the bait so the Ecton Berry should be back for next year, I think they use a fermented elder berry like what essential sell, good attractor.
  10. Oh almost forgot as haven't used it yet, from a welding company in Birmingham a little weed rake that doubles as a feature finder clearer weighs 3 n half oz. They do other sizes this cost 11 quid free posting.
  11. Seems I have my own thread I best make use of it. Flavours for bait the ones you add to base mixes, could you use a dilution of say the plum or TM1 and add it to loose feed like a glug flavour which are horrid like cheap vape liquid. That TM1 is very unusual it's like a savoury caramel bun spice. Works really well in a yeast bait.
  12. One thing I have noticed about hook bait rolling is the colour the companies must add a colouring to everything they make most hookbait mixes are a off white colour not at all appealing to the angler. Where ever I fish this year I'm planning the big feed approach by that I mean a 15 kilo bag of dog muesli per session with a kilo or two of boilie mixed in that O'neals brand looks good.
  13. See if I didn't live smack dab in the centre of England, love sea fishing I like how it all runs on tide times there is no pick and choose it's getting out for those few hours when shoreline fishing.
  14. Think I will call into kwp today got an urge for canal pool me and my 10 footers save me some diesel this year if nothing else, Will be doing a bit on a nice dayticket someplace so many to choose from probably be bluebells would love to stay on Ecton but you need to live local for that sort of water it's very similar to KWP so may as well save the milage. My coxis is still singing out was at the hospital all day Thursday with a client so thought I would nip for a visit to small injuries... in the time it took for the other person to have two scans and a biopsy I was still waiting, I was told any small injuries sent up to A&E could face a 18 hour wait depending on arrivals. Mates Mrs is a nurse she done her coxis and there was noting they could do.
  15. Wow my own thread looks like it got more posts than the other 😇
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