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  1. jh92

    September Catch Reports

    Yeah mate left rod and the margins ain't very nice, shallow with rocks and submerged treestumps 😂 I love the big open waters, you don't really know the stock etc. A little bit of mystery to the place 👍 I went back up there today only to find my wheelbarrow wheel had popped. Managed to find a little garage in the middle of nowhere that could sort me a new one. £15 sorted. Headed back to the reservoir only to find most of the swims had been taken. It was really rammed, I managed to find one spot but I wasn't feeling it, spoke to the bailiff and there's a match on tomorrow so everyone has to be off by 8am tomorrow. That was it really I loaded the gear up and headed back home. I plan to return tomorrow after the match, hopefully be one of the first there so can get a decent swim. It will probably be my final stint there for a while so decided on doing a minimum of 3 nights 👍
  2. jh92

    September Catch Reports

    I've just played with the camera settings, I've managed to set it so it takes a picture whenever I talk with the app open. Hopefully get a few more shots lol. Thanks for that mate it's much closer, I appreciate it 👍👍
  3. jh92

    September Catch Reports

    Yeah and no, I'm getting the shots right but it's not always taking them when I ask. Need to download the whistle app I think 😆😂 Had a belting run at 2 this morning, running down over the stones bare footed in the rain to hit it, struggling around to get my waders on. Fish gets closer in and I net it... 3lb common 😭😂 then wrap up to 30 wraps to get it back out again 😂 Anyway I was gonna do a few days but needed up packing up this morning. Probably head out again later or tomorrow 👍
  4. jh92

    September Catch Reports

    Nice common just bouncing over 22lb 8oz 👍 had a nice little mirror before hand probably low double 👍
  5. Just checked out the price of them, I think I will shut up and make do with what I got 😂😂
  6. Thanks mate I will keep an eye on them. My esp ones are in the post but picked up some korda sub line ones from a shop. I'm quite chuffed with them I'm now hitting 30 wraps with ease 👍 could probably go even further but I will lose all accuracy 😂 I do have question for anyone that does fish at distance. What is the best sort of rig to be using? At the moment I'm using a blowback rig with a 20mm/16mm snowman bait. Size 4 korda krank x hook with esp tungsten loaded semi stiff braid, about 9" long. It's what was doing the business at 20 wraps but wondering if I should use a stiffer boom section?
  7. Is it comfy though? I got the fox r2 camo bedchair with a wychwood 5 season sleeping bag, the itself I think is about 8 or 9 kilos 😆😂
  8. So I've just weighed my bed/bag/pillow and it's bang on 42lb. Think I need an upgrade 😆
  9. Very nice mate, have you seen what sort of stock it holds? Looking wintery where you are already 😂😂😂
  10. Yeah I find them really good for bait too. They've just started doing freezer baits, mainline, sticky etc. Not bad pricing to be fair. Just wish they'd do a bit more terminal tackle and at a cheaper price 😆 korda hooks knocking on £4.99 a pack now 😭😂 Has anyone tried korda basix hooks? They are like £2.49 a pack lol.
  11. I will have to get some ordered. I'm off on a session tomorrow and I've got 3 options, cheap gas stove with the cheap canisters you insert, Coleman petrol stove (hate using it now, the smell of petrol gets everywhere) or just don't bother with cooked food. I reckon I could do a couple nights on sandwiches and crisps etc 😆😂 Anyway just sorting my stuff out before I load the car, thought I'd air the bed out and someone has taken a shine to it 😂
  12. 5kg 20mm sticky krill 5kg 16mm sticky krill Sticky krill white pop ups Esp tapered leaders Korda krank x size 4 hooks Korda kurv size 4 hooks Esp tungsten coated braid Korda sub line tapered leaders Gardner intensive care carp spray Milwaukee usb adapter, you can plug your drill/driver batteries into it and charge your phone. On my last reservoir session my phone battery died, the lads next to me let me use theirs. So much better than a standard battery pack so ended up buying an adapter for mine 😆 Is anyone else struggling to get gas? Gooutdoors has been out of stock for a while now, the last tin I got from there was a small one which was [censored]e, didn't burn no where near as good as the old ones I had. By the way I get my bait from Gooutdoors, they are doing an extra 15% off bait at the moment.
  13. Thanks mate I wasnt sure if the knot weakened after each fish etc. That's cool though I set should last me a while then 👍
  14. Thanks mate I will get some ordered. Just so I'm on the same page, you didn't reattach the leader with a fresh knot after a fish or anything?
  15. When using a tapered shock leader, how many times/fish can you use it for until it needs changing? Looking at the esp 15lb - 40lb tapered shock leaders 👍
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