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  1. Wonder how many drills and drill bits he goes through to make them πŸ€” I tried making one when I was younger but the drill I had was naff and gave up after 5 minutes 🀣🀣🀣 If you got a trago Mills near you I'm sure they stock stone weights in there πŸ‘
  2. I got the ridgemonkey armoury, its a bit of a beast but it fits everything in there. Also doubles up as a bivvy table when I put it on a bucket 🀣
  3. Quite enjoy using a spomb, some of reservoirs I fish I'll be putting 5kg+ of boilie out every 24 hours, even more if I'm using particles 🀣 I'm sure sometimes that spomb hitting the water is like a dinner bell because I've had quite a few takes while I'm baiting up πŸ€”πŸ€£
  4. Was using solar bobbins for years but I found them quite heavy, recently switched to fox stealth bobbins, they are much lighter. They are alright but don't look very carpy 🀣
  5. Personally I love them, had a set for years but swapped about a year ago to Gardner att silent alarms that only work with a receiver. I don't like them, don't like the rollers, the batteries are a pain in the ass to source from a shop, you have to order them online, you also have to unscrew 4 screws to get the back off to replace the battery. The receiver, well I didn't know how to turn off the vibrate setting and would nearly give me a hear attack when I'd get a run in the night 🀣 I've also missed the roller before and had the line sitting on top of it which didn't spin on the take, luckily I heard the clutch/drag lol. I believe I had a pair of fox warrior alarms as my first set which are still kept in the shed as a set if I take a friend with me. Still going strong just the led has stopped working on one of them so just need to make sure you are striking the right rod 🫣🀣 In my honest opinion delkims suit me best and will be going back to them when funds are available πŸ‘
  6. Yeah just had a look mate the 5000s have the little plastic clip but the 6000s have a round one πŸ‘ can also get replacements etc, so probably will end up getting 6000s soon. Just need to save a little first 🀣
  7. Thanks mate I'll go for the 6000s πŸ‘ I see on the pictures it's a plastic clip, can I change them to metal ones?
  8. Any thoughts on these? Considering a set to replace my shimano biomasters, but unsure if I should get the 5000s or 6000s?
  9. It was an awesome experience mate, might see if I can get on for another night before the end of September πŸ‘ Yeah mate I had too many what if items with me that didn't leave the bag 🀣 took all that food only to take most of it back home, was easier to go to the shop and but meat and cook that up 🀣 Can relate to no barrow, had a wheel blow out in the back of the car and when I arrived to the water I had to carry it all to the swim. To be fair I fished as close as I could get to the car 🀣 Sadly I don't have any waters where I can drive close to the swim, my worst one is like a 45 minute slug with the barrow to the other side of the reservoir πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈπŸ€£
  10. I came home Friday evening mate, rain was on its way and is in for the next couple days so packed up while it was dry πŸ‘πŸ€£ I had a wicked session though mate. Really pleased that I got to fish there and having them 2 mirrors just topped it off πŸ‘Š met some cool people and the bailiffs were wicked as well I need to sort my fishing gear out and try and slim it down a bit, I took 2 barrow loads on that trip and didn't use half the stuff I took 🀣
  11. 7lb 8oz mirror, buzzing πŸ‘Œ fish number 24 πŸ‘
  12. Cracking fish mate πŸ‘Œ just out of curiosity how long is your rig you fish with an adjustable zig?
  13. It was dead quiet all day yesterday, really sunny and no wind. Then had 4 takes thru the night, first 3 was literally minutes apart, lost 1 but landed 2, then, got the rods back out and had another take but lost it. Just had another run this morning taking the total to 21 πŸ‘stopped weighing them and taking photos, only use them if something big or a mirror comes along 🀣
  14. On the topic of drones, I seen a YouTube video of someone recording a drone with his drone, this person was using a drone to hover above fish and push them out of his swim.. War of the drones 🀣🀣 I don't have a drone but would like one πŸ€”
  15. Thanks, the fishing is that good mate I'm tempted to book friday/saturday/Sunday night as well, found an animal feeds supplier so can get some flaked maize if needed πŸ‘πŸ‘Š Thanks mate πŸ‘ I was under the impression it was fishing to see what it holds because they used the word "trial", but yeah this reservoir is owned by South West Lakes and they will only allow carp fishing for the removal of carp because they were illegally stocked (by carp anglers I assume, there's been some stories lol) It's to improve the water to keep it as a trout fishery. They have refused to open it up permanently as a carp water 🫀 The fish caught are being used to stock other trust/club course fisheries that they own and the small stuff are being sold on for revenue for the trust as well. I wasn't sure how I felt about it all at first, because you're removing them from their original water, but if it helps the other trust waters i fish I suppose I'm all for it really. Also fishing here has been like a dream for me, always seen it on the maps but never been able to fish it, now being able to is just awesome πŸ‘Œ I know the lake that mirror is going in so would be nice to try and catch it in a few years time πŸ‘ Anyway I've had 18 fish so far, reeled in last night at midnight to get a couple hours solid sleep. Feeling it today, got the wind blowing in my face, rods are out and some more bait πŸ‘Š
  16. Finally got that mirror πŸ‘Š
  17. They are on it today, caught one pretty much on the drop, just as I put my bobbin on it ripped off, then the other rod went a couple minutes later, haven't put any bait out this morning 🀣 Biggest of the two this morning was just over 12lb πŸ‘
  18. Getting bigger again, 15lb 12oz, there's a change in colour in the fish, looks wicked πŸ‘Œ Fish number 12 lol
  19. Thanks mate, really enjoying it here so far πŸ‘ Yes mate it's going really well, theres something about big waters and not knowing whats in there that does it for me πŸ‘ I have had 10 fish so far and only had the rods out for just over 24 hours πŸ‘ Just had my biggest at 15lb 4oz πŸ‘Œ They really are hard fighting fish, this one was unstoppable to start with, peeling line off and kiting to the right, they feel like right monsters 🀣
  20. I've had 9 fish mate, 3 have been doubles biggest was just over 13 and a half πŸ‘ hopefully get something bigger mate but to be honest I'm just happy catching anything from this size of water on my first go πŸ‘Œ
  21. Really happy with this one, only 11lb 4oz but the shape of it is amazing πŸ‘Œ
  22. Yeah mate I was under the impression it was a trial the way it was worded, but we have big retaining pens in every 50 yards or so along the bank to put the small ones in which get removed. The small commons are being used to stock other club waters where stock is low. Any mirrors that are caught get sacked and the balif is called, apparently they are like gold dust here 🀣 The fish are tested etc before being transfered to the new waters πŸ‘ Anyway I just had a double run this morning and will get some pictures πŸ˜†
  23. I've just had a little Google, there's a small village shop 15 minutes away, might have to take a trip tomorrow morning and get some proper food 🀣
  24. Had another 2 small carp, one about 2lb and then this one Angry little carp 🀣
  25. Food for my trip 🀣🀣
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