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  1. After absorbing the latest Truss budget and the wooing of rich bankers with unlimited bonuses, I'm concerned. Don't worry, I haven't turned into a Corbynite! She was elected by only about 200,000 Conservative Party members and I would fully agree that it's not democracy in it's true form. Especially as she came 3rd in the MP's voting until Penny Mourdant withdrew. Boris was a populist (sorry Elmo but he did have a certain charm and his bumbling persona was part of his appeal) but unfortunately he wore it out and his Party turned against him. I suspect a lot of Tory MP's might be like turkey's in regretting voting for an early Christmas!
  2. In the summer, Carp love to sunbathe and can be clearly visible. As the water starts to cool, they are more likely to be found closer to the bottom. I've seen this with chub in the UK and it amazes me how many can pack into a weed-bed or overhanging bush until you entice them out with loose feed.
  3. Pre-order now! Publication date 5th November, 2022 The Italian's Job Six years have gone by since Matt, Rambo and Sylvester uncovered the truth concerning the BMC and with Rambo's son now fast approaching his sixteenth birthday, a special present is required to mark the occasion. The unlikely source who comes up with the answer to where Sylvester's treat will take place is none other than, Pup, the ex-boiliemeister. The four reunite in Italy and all goes well until an unfortunate event leaves our four friends with little option other than to resolve it. As Pup's dodgy business arrangements are laid bare, Matt, Rambo and Sylvester finally realise who they're dealing with - and it's their most dangerous adversary yet. £14.95 + £2.95 P&P Just ordered my copy. I started rereading all the books about a month ago and hope to finish them before it arrives. I had the Site bookmarked for about 2 years before I finally took the plunge and ordered the whole of the first set and the the Black Mirror Cult as I was finishing them. They are as good (if not better!) than other people say.
  4. https://www.geoffanderson.com/keep-warm-a-guide-to-dress-correct-3-layer-principle/ Had a look at the Site Kev recommended. The top range stuff might need a lottery win but the link explains the layering system well. I used to barbel fish on the Lower Severn in the winter quite a few years ago and it often required a long walk to get to the river. When the Severn floods, it literally can be a mile wide. It used to take me 15 minutes to yomp across the fields with a pack on my back, rod quiver and bait bucket. Even if it was cold, when I got out of the car I would strip down to my base layer and goretex jacket. When I got to the swims, I would be pretty warm from the exertion but once I cooled down, I would put on my jumper and then later on if the temperature started to plummet, put on a fleece. Once packed up, I would strip back down again for the long walk back to the car.
  5. I like winter fishing as the banks are a lot quieter but they are for a good reason! If you read some of the match reports, a competent field of anglers regularly struggle and often they are won with ounces of fish using 1lb bottoms, size 20 hooks and maggots. Fishing is supposed to an enjoyment, not an endurance test. Fish a local runs water with a PVA bag or stringer. Do either an early morning or evening session although in the depths of winter we only get about 8 hours of daylight anyway. I probably wouldn't do an all nighter as the returns wouldn't justify it. Clean your tackle, tie some rigs, read a good book or even talk to the missus! Watch the weather forecast, they are pretty good these days even up to 14 days in advance. Look for that window when a South Westerly blows in with some heavy rain and plan to get out a few days after it has kicked in.
  6. No one wanted a war in Ukraine. (Although I do remember Elmo saying that it was Boris that had caused it?) What is the end point? Do we turn our backs on Ukraine and let Russia take over? (He got away with it in Crimea and though that he would again.) If he succeeds in taking Ukraine, what does he do next? History teaches us that ruthless dictators are never satisfied and he will probably be eying up one of the Baltic States next. And the next and the next until he's just over the English Channel. It's OK to be a pacifist until a tyrant is breathing down your neck. What would Jeremy do to achieve peace? How much would he give away? Would Putin be satisfied?
  7. Because he was an absolute disaster and practically gifted the Tories the biggest majority for many years. This was the bloke who invited the IRA to Parliament when they were still bombing us. The bloke who is so blinded by the Palestinian cause that he is anti semitic. The bloke who only days ago was lecturing us that supplying weapons to Ukraine is prolonging the war and we would should be looking for peace. But at what cost! I remember the day he was elected and a bloke who I worked with was pleased as he had voted for him. I shook his hand and congratulated on electing Britain's most electable man! I think that a lot of Labour voters had the sudden realisation that they had made a huge mistake. If Andy Burnham would have got the top job, Labour could have won the last election.
  8. Here's my quick thoughts on winter fishing. Layer up. A good base layer (preferably long enough to go well past your waist.) Wear a belt. I've seen enough builder's cleavages in my time and also it exposes your skin to the elements every time you bend down. For my goretex over trousers, I bought a set of braces from Woolworths and they also stop the aforementioned condition. My winter suit has salopettes i.e trousers that already have loop over clips that go over the shoulder and the higher cut doubly protects your core. Wear a hat. Actually I wear 2 in really cold conditions. One's a tighter fitting woolen hat and the 2nd a larger tea cozy style and nobody knows I'm doing it!. Who says you only to wear one? Gloves are essential. Most woolen or nylon style gloves when wet will make your hands feel colder. Divers use neoprene and wet suits work by trapping a layer of water and your body heats that up and you stay warm. https://www.prologicfishing.com/products/clothing/gloves/neoprene-grip-glove I've used a similar pair (prologic) and the fold able finger and thumbs mean you don't have to take them off to rebait or tie knots. A scarf or neck gaiter to seal your neck area to stop heat escaping. Like you mentioned, a good pair of moon boots because your feet will be in contact with the ground and the cold will travel up.
  9. Unfortunately I can remember when Labour was in power and it wasn't quite the Utopian Society that you dream of Elmo. Whenever the Tories do anything bad, I just look across to the other side and wonder what they would have done! In comrade Corbyn's case, it would still be discussing if a Covid vaccine was worthwhile!
  10. Welcome to the Site. Unfortunately the profanity filter can be a little bit sensitive at times but you'll get used to it!😄😅
  11. It's always best to have as much detail in the original so don't try to reduce the quality. For many years I used Photoshop but when they introduced a monthly fee, I dropped it. I now use Affinity photo and it really is as good and for a one off fee of £47.99. https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/photo/ You can play about with the light setting and saturation quite easily and then resize the image at the end to fit on web pages and download quickly. Typically I use about 800 pixels wide for this Site.
  12. https://www.fabsil.com/product-page/tent-care-kit Try this. Give the brolly a good wash with warm water to remove the mud and spod spill (don't use detergents or else it will strip the proofing.) Clean and allow it to dry with the cleaner and then I rub on the sealer with a cloth and allow it to dry for 24 hours. It does stink of vanish a bit at first and so outside or in a garage is best. Redid mine last year (brolly must be 10 years old) and when it rained the other day, the water was literally bouncing off or settling in large droplets. A quick flick at the end of the session and it was dry.
  13. Went to a local runs water to get the rod bent after struggling a bit on my other bigger fish water. I had 10 in 8 hours up to 13lb. I really had the spots rocking, spodding out pellets every hour and had the area bubbling like a cauldron. Quite a few fish coming out all around the lake and I saw one bloke catch at least 6 off the top on large pieces of crust. I tried out a new rig using a doubled over section of heavy fluorocarbon to create a D rig and it worked really well.
  14. A long reach roller handle (for painting) from Wilko for the princely sum of £2.75! I know, this is a fishing Site not a decorating forum so what use is it? It's going to help my back and more importantly my knees and will stop stop me getting covered in mud in the winter. Scroll down for the answer..... a bit more........ keep going...... nearly there........
  15. http://www.carpbooks.co.uk/ I read The Black Mirror Cult and thoroughly enjoyed it. A bit different from the first series as it's more of a "who is it" rather than an out and out fishing yarn. The good news is that a new book is coming out soon, The Italians Job. I'll be getting it!
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