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  1. As above. (unofficial to Carp. Com) There's a few people interested. Autumn time, so we can be flexible. Venue TBC. Names & availability please guys
  2. Not sure how the emoji got in there??? #Buzzbomb
  3. Great news Ian!! Just need to fly buzz😇bomb over & we are officially having a carp. Com social🤣 I'd like to think Nick might join us??
  4. Yes, that's right mate. I love fishing venues that feel a bit special. That place has its own story and I think it would be a fitting venue, if we can get the numbers. That said, I'd be open to sensible suggestions. My thinking is early autumn. September/October??
  5. Can you pizza or curry delivered? Fingers crossed for you buddy
  6. Nice one Ian. I will do my best and probably ask you for some guidance. I'm sure one of the carp society guys messaged last time. He was able to get us on Horseshoe
  7. Thank you Buzz. We've got 100 guaranteed millionaire lottery tonight. If I win I will get you over and nice new shirt 🤓
  8. Nice one, that's a red letter trip. LOVE that common too! Good angling mate!
  9. Nice one mate! Appreciate it. So far that's 3, then. Anyone else up for a social??
  10. Thanks Elmo, it was an end to his decline. He had a very good life, as did most baby boomers. [censored]ed it all up the wall though😏 As they say, it's the only thing that you can be certain, will happen to everyone! The trouble in 2019 was not many people were up for it and tying up dates. That's why I thought I'd try earlier in the year. All help gratefully received mate, I'm hoping someone with a bit more authority than me would get involved? I'm just an average member, (excuse the pun!)
  11. That sounds like you'd fit right in. Everyone on here would be welcome mate. So you're up for it then?
  12. So, I lost my dad today. Knew it was coming, old buggar kept going for a few more months than was expected. Heavy drinker and smoker. Liver packed up, blah, blah! I didn't think it would bother me, but when I look back, the good times were few and far between. He took me fishing for the first time and I will always remember that, fondly. Not that he was an angler. I got into it and he was wasn't, always too busy at work to go, etc. So, I suppose I have to be grateful for the introduction to one of my few passions in life. Life is for living and none of us know how long we have??? I recently dug out a post from 2019 when life was kind of normal, Carp.Com social@ horseshoe lake. It would be good to have an event to look forward to, so I ask the regulars, are you up for a social? Enjoy gents, best wishes to you and your families
  13. Another one?? That one never happened 🙄 and we all know what happened the next year. It's fairly early in the year, so could be possible for the autumn? I'm sure we can look at venues according to interest. Although, Horseshoe seemed a good one if they were still open to the idea. Hopefully someone with better experience of these type of things will get involved? It would be good to put faces to the names of the regulars
  14. Fair play to you sir! Out in this weather is what I would call hardcore. Wishing I was fishing!
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