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  1. I'm told zigs still work in the dark, I'd be trying at mid water from the depths you described. I'm yet to be convinced, but there are many who swear by that method. & I always have an adjustable out for that very reason. it's possible that the fish will move towards you in the deeper part of the lake as the temperature drops, so keep the faith mate and I'm sure you will get a result.
  2. Best of luck gents! I've got 3 weeks until I can get out🥺😭😭😭😭😭
  3. I sometimes like to wait until everything goes dead calm and then put a few freebies out. My logic is that the fish become curious
  4. Have you got one on a zig mate?
  5. I know what you mean. Stick with your go to set up, don't change anything. It's been 3 years since I caught a decent fish. I've tried all sorts of different methods on a huge water. This year I went to a small venue with the missus and kids, ended up fishing a stiff fluro rig that smashed my original syndicate, due to nce clean bottom. It worked, so I used that rig at my syndicate reservoir. 1st carp out, is a new pb 35lbs. Followed by a nice little common, 22lb, I wish I could get a 30+ common! But always seem to get mirrors?? Hard earned, but regret not using my best rig from the start. Got the bug again, but family life is very restrictive at the moment. Social meeting there tomorrow evening. I live in hope to get bankside in the next few weeks, this is my favourite time of year to be out🥺
  6. Best of luck mate, let us know how you get on👍
  7. Only a suggestion, have you tried a completely different bait to target the bigger ones? Sometimes a small hook bait can catch the bigger fish Tigers? Corn? My old favorite, a matchbox size lump of luncheon meat in armor mesh. (you may get the odd predator take that though, had a decent pike out of yately on that & a 22lb stocky) It's all part of the puzzle you have to get your head round. By the way, I presume that there is larger carp in there & your not just catching the average stamp? Sorry if that is a stupid question
  8. Have you tried 2 x 18-22mm n the hair? I've found that reduces takes from the smaller ones.
  9. That's a beauty Kev! Well earned after a bum start.
  10. Really, how's that working out for you? 90% of Corben's policies everyone would agree with. Tell them it's Corben's policy and they backtrack?? Personally I have had enough of being taxed to the eyeballs & for what?? Where does it all go?? I would ask anyone to name any public service that has improved in recent decades? NHS? Police and rescue services? Inland revenue? Education? Roads? Energy and fuel? & the one that sickens my stomach our beloved coastlines and waterways 😤🤬 C'mon sheeple, it takes the masses to effect change! (sorry if that sounds like I'm on a soapbox) & I'm only registered, not involved) ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!
  11. This proves my point! I'm so sorry mate. Please, please verify the media source. Do you believe that tripe!! As Elmo said, he met these people to try and achieve peace😔 The majority of his policies would of benefitted the majority of the country. Right wing media waged the biggest media war on him, to be unelectable. So as, not to see their huge profits being taxed. Yes, but it's people that don't vote, that has allowed our country to be run into the ground. Vote green, lib dem or raving looney party. Any way to get a change. I see this thread being deleted, but this is my only social media outlet, so I hope not
  12. Yep, New New Labour won't even be seen on picket lines?? The majority of the political system is corrupt and outdated. Not acting in the best interests of the people?? Other successful countries have coalitions. But, look at how that went with Labour and the liberals 😭
  13. Well said mate. Sad thing is, there are too many lemmings that vote for them, I'm not sure this situation will ever change 😤 By rights most of the Tories would be in jail, if they had ripped off a big corporation, instead of our country. But no, they'll get made lords and paid off big fat pensions🤯
  14. Me too mate. Seems as though it's fishing only! Same response to my 'enough is enough' post, still I'm sure the Tories will do their very best for the people of country 😔
  15. Welcome. Plenty of useful information on here. Enjoy mate
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