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  1. Happy birthday mate. Welcome to the 'over the hill' club. Can't help you with France fishing I'm afraid. Have a good one
  2. Yeah, bivvies a lot further back the normal, as it's being filled up. I had to bring the rods back about 30 ft in 48 hrs. It's very, very muddy. I can get all my kit in that boat for the 15 minute journey to the swim. This weekend was the toughest yet
  3. Had a couple of nights on the res. No fish, again. 🥺 Always nice to get out, even when the bivvy decided it was going to leave without me, a few times in the wind this morning😳
  4. Forgot to say,ideally want to fish for 5-7 nights
  5. So paid over a bag for my 12 year old son and myself for 3 days at the Belgian grand prix end of July next year. Bucket list job 50th. I'm well excited as its 2 birds, 1 stone. Carp fishing abroad for the first time and visiting a gp weekend that has always produced some great racing. I have 2 angling mate's saying they're up for it. We're torn between trekking up and down the canals (TBH sounds like too much hard work) for 4 of us to get swims. Or trying to get a decent lake with at least a shower and a few commons to 40+. I'm not expecting much as this thread has been dead for over 6 years. But I'd appreciate any thoughts or recommendations from anyone that's been over there. Thanks in advance
  6. Agreed. I had marker rod, top ring came out within weeks. Had 3 x XTR's 3.25 tc. All broke within 8 years.
  7. Is it an underwater one BB? Not sure how I'd use it for fishing.????? Maybe watching some see you next Tuesday nicking your gear (If you fish in a dodgy area). A mate's work place kept getting done over, he spent 6k on cameras, next time he gave the footage to old bill and made no difference whatsoever???? Basically, he paid 6k to watch his gear getting nicked🤮
  8. Have tried a bit of yellow foam? you can cut it to suit and balance it with putty/shot on the hair. I soak zig foam, give it a squeeze in the glug and it will absorb it. Soak for as little or as long as you like.
  9. Congrats on the PB fella. Good to hear you enjoyed yourself. All a bit quiet on the winter social.???
  10. I was looking at the TX range. After asking around & having a feel, the free spirit helical, does feel (& look) a better built rod.
  11. commonly


    It's only the beginning mate. Battery power is developing all the time I reckon my grandkids will be hovering about
  12. commonly


    I want one https://youtu.be/lhALK64e4bk?si=AMCaXWLd2svaDYij
  13. I've got 3.5 tc 13ft. They do 3.25 tc Reviews are good, although not specific on through action. I've been impressed so far https://tacklebox.co.uk/free-spirit-rods/free-spirit-helical-carp-rod-12ft-3-5lb-50mm/
  14. I just brought free spirit Helical. £115 each. Very nice nice rods for the money
  15. As above, I have a bag that's lasted well. Tungsten putty is £1 cheaper than usual. Same with sinkers. Can't notice any difference. I've never used ready tied rigs. I'd suggest it's time to start tying your own, or buy from the the top brands I guess????? It's far more rewarding catching on your own rig imo. Good luck whatever you choose
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