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  1. Somewhere, no idea where, I have the entire set. I can't claim to have collected them myself, they were a gift from a pal who was moving house and downsizing. Wonder where I put them............. Ian.
  2. Go onto Ebay and look at item number 334778194103. There's a guy selling original format Vitalin in various sized bags, to suit your needs. Hope this helps. Ian.
  3. The company is run by a guy called Kenny Gates. The business is based at Malgraves Industrial Estate, Lower Dunton Road, Bulphan, Essex RM14 3TE. I can't find a phone number and he's not on Facebook. However, there are a few clips on YouTube which you may find useful. Just type in Asylum Baits. Hope this helps, mate. Ian.
  4. I've deleted and banned a couple myself, Nick. Ian
  5. Over the years I've fished several venues in France and every one I've fished has allowed the use of baitboats. Indeed, several of them have boats for hire. Ian.
  6. I too tend to find larger venues a bit intimidating, it's like fishing an ocean! I agree with all that Framey says, particularly the part about breaking a large lake into a series of smaller ones, psychologically. I try to remember to never overlook the margin, it's the one feature that every water has and is frequently ignored. I remember being told that three things will find fish. Observation, observation and observation. Ian.
  7. I've just had a look on Facebook Marketplace and found several carp barrows available. A Carp Porter Mk11 Wideboy in as new condition, complete with the uderslung carrier thingy, for £150 was among them. If I didn't already own one I'd be on my way to buy it. Ian.
  8. welder

    This forum

    Yes, I'd like that. I wouldn't enjoy it so much in cold weather as some of the medication I take to keep my heart working thins my blood so I really, really feel the cold. So I'll attend if it's warm ish. Oh, I haven't been able to access this site for several days. Again. What's up now? Ian.
  9. welder

    This forum

    I had the same problem for a while. Eventually I contacted Nick who had a word with Richard, the site owner. It seems that a couple of formats couldn't support this site. Now resolved I'm pleased to see. Ian.
  10. The smile says it all and confirms that effort equals result. Fair play to the gentleman.
  11. They list sizes up to 8XL. Dominant enough, or what? Ian.
  12. The eyebrow shaving was an experiment, not to be repeated. I looked very clean but permanently astonished. Oh, and no, I didn't pencil them back on. I grew them back in a fetching shade of grey. Greyness being to cause of the experiment........... Ian.
  13. Agree. It's good to see that someone's bold enough to be different. Wonder if they'd bring out my feminine side? Ian.
  14. Well, I'm spoiled for choice. I'll spend some time on YouTube and Ebay to see what suits best for me. Thanks for all the suggestions. Ian.
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