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  1. You have an overwrap, the seriously extended sort. Ian.
  2. Just let me know please, Leon. I shall look forward to comparing the aches and ailments of maturity with Elmo. Oh, and a bit of fishing. Ian.
  3. Still got it, along with the extension piece for the groundsheet. Both are like brand new and are never used since I bought a bigger bivvy. Speak to me. Ian.
  4. Ashmire looks great to me. Who do I pay? I'd be up for 3 nights, too. Ian.
  5. September is good for me. Horseshoe is good for me, as would be Merrington. Ian.
  6. Yes please, Leon. Put me and my son Alan on the list. Not too fussed where or when. We're both self-employed so a few weeks notice of date would be useful. Ian.
  7. Well here's you opportunity to make up for having to miss that one. Ian
  8. I've messaged Andy, asked him to look in on here with any advice he can offer. I've done Horseshoe several times and it's a bit special! I've mentioned all this to my son Alan and he's well up for it. oh, and your proposed dates would be fine with both of us. Ian.
  9. That was Andy Wilkinson aka Andy52. He and I are friends on Facebook. Would you like me to drop him a message to see if he's still a bailiff at Horseshoe? Ian.
  10. Yes please. I've done loads of them over the years and can honestly say I've enjoyed every one. I'll have a word with Stevo and see if he's up for it. Ian.
  11. I'll show Ali's clip to my son. He always uses dips and glugs of some sort. He'll definitely be up for trying something new. I'll probably have a go at it myself tbh Ian.
  12. Got to love using a centre-pin. Ian.
  13. Hi rayfish, welcome aboard. What's the fishing like in the north west? Plenty of waters to choose from or few and far between? Ian.
  14. Clifton Lakes complex now has a Facebook presence. Oh, and a contact number. 07845 746691. Ian.
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