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  1. I've had good results using a popped up worm on the hair. I carry a syringe in my box, for injecting them with air. Ian.
  2. It will be time well invested, I'm sure. Ian.
  3. Thanks for that. I'll check them out. Ian.
  4. Hi hillen. Do you mind telling me which company you're renting the van from, please? I'm struggling to find one that allows foreign use. A Transit Custom or similar would be ideal. I'm in the Midlands, by the way. Ian.
  5. Couldn't agree more, Phil. It's verging on cruelty to land a fish and use an unhooking mat or cradle in these current temperatures. Do all the necessary while still in the water and as quickly as possible. Ian.
  6. Identical to mine, I'me really happy with them. Ian.
  7. Got to agree. Increasing numbers of fisheries only allow "proper" bivvies. I struggle to understand why but their place, their rules I guess. Ian.
  8. Tuckab, you might want to consider travelling a little north to Newark. Cromwell Lake is a cracking fishery and holds some big fish. Ian.
  9. That's pretty much my approach when doing a week in France. I always reel in at breakfast time (mine, not the carp) and spend some time checking rigs, sharpening hooks and catch up on sleep if necessary. Then, suitably rested and refreshed, bait swims up, cast/boat out and sit down to feed the ducklings. I like ducklings. Ian.
  10. I just can't walk past a headtorch without at least trying it for size. I own seven or eight of them. Ian.
  11. Frank who? Never heard of him. Ian.
  12. It's no good being daft if you don't show it. Ian.
  13. Oh good. That's alright then, just so long as you took it seriously. Ian.
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