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  1. Rods before a Bivvy for me. I walk round the lake always before fishing, you see a fish crash a couple of times infront of an empty swim. So for me, I want to get a baited rod ontop of that fish as quickly as possible, of I set the Bivvy up first then put a rod out out there the fish could be long gone and missed a possible fish
  2. I have being using the Combi-rig over the last 12 months, as my water is very weedy, I can chuck this into the weed using a 1oz flat pear lead and it sits nicely ontop of the weed as I use a snowman bait and a PVA nugget aswell. I do usually fish onto the clear spots which this rig has done the job for me, but when there are fish in and on the weed, and you need to fish on the weed, as I said, this rig has done the job and put me fish on the bank. Plus catching a few PB's on this rig also last year gave me massive confidence in it.
  3. Baden Hall was writing on their facebook around November time last year I think, saying that the big fish are due to come out soon. Since they wrote that all their big fish have come out, including this amazing common. What's also interesting, the angler who caught this clearly holds that lakes record common, but he also has the lake record there for their biggest mirror.
  4. This is hilarious! So your sponsored by TB feeds now then Nick?
  5. Ring your home insurance up... They covered me at home, I phoned them and asked for bank side cover, and I am covered upto a couple of grand on everything away from the home, including fishing tackle, they just won't cover me if my rod gets pulled in by a fish. Only cost me an extra fiver a month for that package.
  6. Unlucky mate! I shall be back down there Thursday morning if my rod gets fixed in time. When the lake is in full bloom its beautiful, I can assure you.
  7. I have a tracker SLX v2 1 man and would highly recommend it, I really do like it, abit pricey, but if you have the cash I recommend it.
  8. I don't no many, but fosters also have the farm, and have a couple of spaces left on there, sure there is a 40 in there names Rita, if you ring fosters they will surely help you out.
  9. A message went on facebook from fosters yesterday saying the last few places on penns hall had being filled yesterday morning. So if you are interested you will have to go onto a waiting list, but as far as the lake is concerned I don't know anything about it.
  10. carefulcarping

    1st year

    I can vouch for that! When I started on here nearly 2 years ago, I thought it was really weird that men on here would meet up from all around the country, as all my life I was taught, don't trust anyone off the Internet, you can never know who they really are... But the sitting back and watching a few socials go by and communicating on this forum for a while I realised how nice everyone actually is! So when an apportioning arrived to get on a social, I jumped at the chance, and really opens your eyes on how down to earth everyone is. Aswell as meeting up with a couple of other members on different occasions its great to see people from all around the country with the same passion.
  11. Conditions have seriously changed since your weekend. You had horrible weather and since you have left it has unfortunately improved causing the fish to turn on. Just the way it goes sometimes
  12. Im with Nige, if your baiting isn't enough, or correct, they dont feed confidently. I used to fish 8mm halibut pellets on a certain water, and everytime i put a small mesh bag of pellets out with the hook, i only hooked 50% of the bites. And then, the bites i did manage to hook i lost EVERY single fish, they just kept dropping off the hook... I just couldn't get my head around it. Then someone off here advised me to bait abit more heavily, so I switched to solid bags which had alot more loose feed, and I then went on to have such an improved catch rate, plus, I didn't lose a single fish... On exactly the same rig! Ross
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