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  1. Thanks Ian, been a while since I visited!
  2. Has anyone got these? If so how have you got on with them? And is £35 for the set of 3 or for 1? Got a bad feeling about that answer lol, can't find out other than it says 'set' but I'm guessing that's for the arm etc that comes with it. Need some new bobbins so fancied trying these, but may think again if they're 35 quid for one!
  3. Yeh not going to be going for that option lol. Ordered the fox supa brolly today
  4. Sorry meant to ask, is the fox brolly just as stable without the groundsheet on? Doesn't make much difference?
  5. Is the fox light in comparison then? Even with the fact is has a groundsheet and the Nash doesn't? It's not a built in groundsheet is it?
  6. Cheers mate, I was out in that one too, good one weren't it lol! Leaning towards the fox brolly tbh, but daft as it sounds don't want to follow the crowd lol, but qualitys quality I guess!
  7. Any help from people who've got them? Can't decide which one to get. For rigidity etc
  8. Anyone ever been? Booked for next year
  9. Any up to date comments on Crete? I'm thinking of going there next year for my first trip to France and it seems the perfect place with the provided travel etc
  10. Strange but true! Now there was a good show!
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