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  1. It’s certainly been warm oop north 🤣🤣 With this heat I’d be topping up my tan from mid morning till late tea time. There’s always a chance of nicking one off the top but like us i think there more interested in catching some rays !!!🌞 Last Friday I baited up virtually as soon as I got there (18:00) but didn’t get the rods out till a couple of hours later. If conditions stay the same for a period of time I’ve found the fish adjust to it they gotta eat sometime ! But quite a few of my club waters are struggling due to the lack of rain and temps we’ve had over the past few wks and for me my river sessions are on hold for a while tbh.
  2. Think we all get like that now and again matey it’s one of the reasons I went back to my roots and decided to fish for other species not just carp it certainly got me more focused and enjoying my angling a LOT more. It’s amazing what a pint of maggots and a match rod can do for the soul 😉😬😎🎣
  3. After getting strict orders that we was spending the wk end together from her indoors and knowing that a happy wife = a happy life my only angling was to be on a local club water after work Friday so I could be home bright and early Saturday morning ! Catfish was the quarry and a quick trip to matey boys house and 20mins sat in traffic on the M56 seen us get to the water a little after 6. It’s the small snaggy pool I’d fished a few wks back the walk to the pegs are short and with an on-site toilet it’s a lovely little stress free water perfect to unwind after a long wk in work. We opted for a double peg so first thing was a brew and smoke and decide our plan of action. Two rods was positioned one by a set of lillies and the other placed by hand on the far bank under a snaggy old tree. A couple of kilo of pellet maize hemp and chops all soaked in a fishy liquid 🤢was dumped over my large snowman hook bait Food was made brews brewed and we sat up to around midnight chatting and putting the world to rights (as you do) 🙄After a long day it didn’t take long to doze off and taking a pee around 2am not a beep to either rod and the pool looking pretty lifeless tbh I did hold out much hope for a fish. At around 3am a one toner had me out of my pit and after a spirited 5 min battle this 12,7 was safely in the net. The rod was recast to the same spot and a kilo of pellet dispatched over it as I drifted off to sleep as the dawn chorus started 😎 After a few hours dozing I was lying on my bed sipping a brew thinking bite time was over as the bream and small carp started to show themselves around the pool when at 7am a screaming take had me on the same rod that was recast. Straight away the fish charged down to the opposite end of the lake and no amount of pressure was going to stop it I just simply held on. 3x I got it from round the back of a small island and every time it just charged back round it 🙄🤣 after 15mins the runs it made had slowed down and it sought sanctuary under a tree everything went a bit solid and I was fearing the worse. A change of angle and the rod held high I got something moving around 12inches and said to matey boy it’s either big or I’m bringing in a branch when the rod tip gave a satisfying nod as the fish was still attached. After another little drama when the fish kited left to go under a tree I was pretty much in control by then and got it up on the surface and after a few mins of it wallowing around we tried to net it but it wouldn’t fit in !!! On the second attempt with it half in the net matey boy leaned over grabbed the tail and placed it in the net ! Result ! I let the fish rest for 20mins and to have a rest myself I brewed up had a cig and peered into the net with a huge smile on my face. Weighed and pics we watched her slink back into the water as she swam away casually. It was the biggest fish in the lake the biggest fish I’d ever caught and obviously a new PB cat. My second PB of the week and my 3rd this year !!!! 😎 She went 47,11 on the scales and I sat there with a massive smile on my face.Another mate turned up for bacon buttys and coffee and we started the slow pack down and before we knew it was sat in traffic again as the Saturday day trippers made their way to Wales Her indoors was less than impressed with my smelly clothes and I was ordered to shower and change as she had a few jobs for me to do then an afternoon of family time all done with a massive smile on my face 😬 I know cats ain’t everyone’s cup of tea but the battle/fight they give is amazing and I for one enjoy targeting them. Thanks for reading ! 😬😎🎣
  4. Think the size of the grain is down to we get it from France a lot more now instead of China …….. still cooks and splits fine though 😬
  5. Cheers Phil really enjoy my river angling nowadays 😬😎🎣
  6. Bait droppers are ok but the bopper will probably come into its own when needing to cast that bit further on the larger rivers Yes I remember hemp being dirt cheap when I started to buy in bulk it’s still very rare I don’t cast out a line without having some with me
  7. Had my 1st go with the bopper Saturday and tbh I wasn’t overly impressed. Don’t get me wrong it did everything it said on the tin but obviously it’s built more robust than a spomb and feels HEAVY when casting out even when taking some of the nose weights out. It definitely serves a purpose for rivers and short range but after a dozen or so casts I changed to my spomb as my river swim wasn’t overly deep and just cast upstream with it. In deeper faster swims it will definitely get more use then . It could be because it was new to me and I was casting like a girl 🙄 but I didn’t get into any rhythm with it but could see it’s uses in the carp game when wanting to bait tight in deep margin swims
  8. I use solar tbh mate ….. I use to use them as goal posts but that’s just a pod really …… singles front and back and pointed at the rig as much as possible but I’m not anti pod just stick with what I know tbh matey…….. And I’ve done my best since I returned not to talk about footy 🙄👍🏼🤣🤣🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
  9. So my O/T is as good as over so it was time for the drive south for a session on the river. Went to a club stretch that did me well last year and it was good to be back bank side. It was a lovely day and the weather behaved itself and the only other people me and matey boy seen was a couple in a canoe. All fish came in a 5 hr feeding spell through the night and ended up with 5 barbel with 2 of them going 9+ and a PB chub at 5,7 as you can imagine I was over the moon. The wildlife and solitude really is good for the soul……… but not the horse fly bites have 😫😫🤣🤣 A couple of mat shots as was a bit unfair asking me auld mate to battle the vegetation for every fish. 😬 Its a 3 hr round journey for me so you can imagine I was glad to get home after a long day/night. Cup of tea,cheese and ham toastie,shower and I was whacked 💤💤💤 All in all a great session with a good mate and got a roast on the go listening to Floyd and celebrating the PB with a few Guiness, thanks for reading 😬😎😫
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