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    Deepest ,darkest,Grays...a quiet little hamlet , nestling on the banks of the Thames .NOT.
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  1. Hello mate , I fear you may have to bite the bullet and buy from the uk . this thread is old but the tackle firms suggested are mostly still thriving . good luck fella 😉
  2. Bravo to your boy mate , lovely Pike at any time let alone your first
  3. Hello mate , if Snowman Stevo sees this he may be able to assist. He’s a Scouser so will probably be able to suggest somewhere your boy can nick a few . Ouch did I say that ? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  4. When have I ever been any different ? it used to be big fat Sam …. now it’s the other 🦕
  5. We are getting smashed tomorrow. my guess is 5 or 6 nil ☹️⚒
  6. Genuine question, what makes a lake ‘abandoned’ ? And if it’s abandoned does that not mean that nobody owns it ? I can’t understand why someone would own a lake and have it just sitting there doing nothing . Surely if you own a lake and don’t want it you get rid ? Some people must have more money than sense 😄
  7. I’d just like to wish everybody a Merry Christmas while I have the chance ( especially you Carpbell , 🤞🏻 for you and the Mrs) and good luck for the new year with your fishing , whatever discipline it may be . Reading above about all your salt water exploits has had me thinking about it a bit. iIts never appealed to me tbh but I work down near Tilbury Docks and in my tea break I’ve noticed a few people fishing the Thames . They’ve been too far away to ask them myself but does anybody know what I’d be likely to catch should I have a dabble myself ?
  8. It’ll probably be next Xmas before it clears 🤣
  9. A winter sleeping bag was on my list after my Mrs asked , so I gave her a trio to choose from in preferential order . The next evening I got told to “do one” whatever that means 🤣. So I have to raise the money by other means . I sold enough stuff the other week to cover it … then the Boiler and Vets bills swallowed it . I won’t be venturing out without one.
  10. Piking I assume mate ? I say that as I didn’t think it contained any Carp ? I reckon maybe some nice Roach though.
  11. Anyone been brave enough to get out in the ice and snow ?
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