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  1. Bit late to the party with this but the simple answer is no . It’s never been stocked in my lifetime to my knowledge. Rumour had it years ago that a few Pike had been added illegally, probably having ‘disappeared’ from other local ponds of which there are/were plenty but I could never understand the logic as apart from the bird life what would they eat ?
  2. This is uncannily similar to my Saber rucksack . I keep my banksticks in one of the side sections , all my electronics in the opposite one , power banks , leads etc , att’s & receiver , sunblesa Bivvy light (amazing bit of kit) and my JuiceCat head torch , spare batteries and my DAB in case the ‘ammers are playing . Plus all my NON fishing gear , gloves hat bacca etc . My terminal tackle , I usually keep in my generic olive coloured hold-all I’ve had for Donkeys , is currently in a Chub smart-box . But due to the fact I’m now unable to tie my own rigs I’ve scaled down to a medium Wychwood tackle box , bought primarily for my boy to use , but as I now no longer appear to need my vast collection of hooklink materials and Hooks etc it is lovely and compact and I’ll definitely be using it from now on . Jrc lead pouch (which is way too heavy so I’ll be scaling that down as well) and a similar though slimmer of the same for my PVA. Saber cool bag for me grub etc . still feels like a lot for the amount of use they get though . Just can’t get over how similar the rucksack/bag is to yours Elmo 🤦🏼‍♂️
  3. Yeah I think that’ll be the plan Cruc . I’ve got a little 6ft spinning rod that I used to use for stalking under willow trees etc . I’m going to get a little reel to go with it and continue down the float fishing route once he shows interest again . The tackle shop has a few Shimano reels in the £25-£30 range that’ll be ideal for him to learn on . I think swimfeeding is a step too far at this stage . I’ll let him tangle the reel a few times first 🤣
  4. oh and edit to say , avoid the pre-tied NGT pole rigs . I bought 2 job lots of em on Amazon (£20 for 10 rigs x 2) and every single one of them was overshotted so now I realise why they were dirt cheap. My lad was doing his nut …. And , trust me , when an Autistic does his nut he absolutely does it 🙄
  5. My (proper) Carp fishing has taken a back seat so far this year , just the one weekend session so far , as my young ‘un seemed to be getting more and more into his fishing and I’ve been taking him to our local commie most weekends/bank holidays since the weather started warming up . He seemed really happy with the bite a Chuck stuff on his whip , roach , Rudd the odd better stamp of Carp ( 3-4lb) to go with the tons of tiny ones . He started asking about how to go about catching the slightly larger fish . Id invested in a whip myself for when I was accompanying him . He uses maggots but I’m always on the sweetcorn. Lot less bites but usually bigger fish . So he wanted to try the Corn but when he didn’t get a bite within 5 minutes he was back on the maggots lol . It didn’t help that once or twice I was using my pellet feeder set up which was prodaucing fish I actually had to use a net to land . Anyway, after last weekend , my Mrs told him she would take him midweek ( school holidays) but he wanted to come home after about 3 hours and didn’t even want to go fishing at all this weekend which peed me off a little bit as I could’ve gone to my Syndicate and lost myself for a couple of days . I thought it may have been the venue so I offered to take him elsewhere but he wasn’t interested at all . He’s always been one to throw himself 100% into whatever he does (the Autism) . Im just wondering whether it’s time for a change within fishing and maybe a small rod & reel approach . Then again the less interest he has the more chance of getting out myself . Such a quandary 😂
  6. I reckon they look fine on a pod mate but if you’re going down the tackle tart route then the rubber O rings are better looking imo . I only ever use banksticks myself , with rubber O rings and I don’t care what they look like as long as I know when I have a bite 🤣
  7. Which ones do you have Elmo ? I think the underlit ones are triffic .
  8. There’s quite a few well known anglers that have posted on here over the years . Jim Shelley , Keith Moors and Richard Gardner to name just 3 . You could also add Nige Woodcock and , er , Carpmachine to that list as well 🤣
  9. That’s a shame as some of those very old threads contained invaluable info that I’ve referred back to over the years .
  10. Well the truth is as soon as I agreed to take him again next Sunday he asked Alexa about that days weather….and you should have seen the face on it 🙄 thanks fellas . Any more and all suggestions welcome 😉
  11. Remember when many of us first started out fishing and we had a Brolly ? Now I don’t mean a modern carp fishing brolly system that we’d get nowadays, I’m just talking about a traditional fishing umbrella. If memory serves , back I’m my day a 45 inch one was huge . Can anybody recommend the modern day equivalent but maybe a little bit bigger ? It’s for my little un. The wuss doesn’t wanna fish if it rains . I still don’t wanna pay fortunes for it though as I’m tight like that 🤣
  12. Bespoke recycled Carp materials . Has to be a few quid in that I should think …
  13. Ridiculous situation isn’t it Elmo ? Essex Angling in Grays Essex . They won’t get any of my business. I always supported my local tackle shop wherever I’ve lived but unless I’m in a shops vicinity by chance I’ll be getting everything online in future.
  14. Teach proper mate , that’s what I say lol. I haven’t got a problem with kids going straight into Carp fishing . I don’t agree with it as such but everyone to their own My beef is with tackle shops that don’t want their business unless they are spending hundreds of quid on shiny Korda and Nash gear . My boy will be mastering the basics before I even let him near a reel .
  15. Really ? Cos I can’t find anything on their website ? Besides mail order maggots ? He didn’t decide he wanted to go till yesterday 🙄
  16. Had my first session of the year a couple of weekends ago . Nothing of any size to report but I took a couple of cradle pics of the nicer ones .
  17. Popped into a tackle shop to get some Maggots today and a couple of pole rigs . taking my boy to my nearest commie tomorrow for a few hours . I had to go to Romford to get em though My local tackle shop doesn’t sell Maggots , no demand for them apparently 🤦🏼‍♂️. I think it’s disgusting that these snobby cliquey Carp shops are not giving normal coarse anglers , beginners in particular, the chance to fish for tiddlers and do their apprenticeship in the way most of us did . No call for ‘em my arsenal ! 🤬 Oh and while I was in there I picked up some (gulp) Korda Ronnie booms , ESP braid versions of the same and a Korda naked Chod system set up . The fella that’s been making my Combi and Multi Rigs for me has also just received my specs for some Spinner rigs too . He’s very good which is just as well as my Arthritis would otherwise have me Whip fishing with Junior .
  18. I’m not a pike fisherman at all so I would never dream of teaching your Grandmother to suck eggs Rick . this link will help you decide I reckon . https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/enjoy-the-waterways/fishing/blogs-articles-and-news/the-fisheries-and-angling-team/summer-pike-fishing#:~:text=In general terms%2C the pike,fishing season on 14 March. Some people may , by the way , question whether warmer weather piking is morally correct anyway. The Pike Anglers Club might be another place to ask your question, my thinking is spinning sounds fun and there’s always the chance of a decent Carp getting sucked in as well 😉
  19. Hello Nick . Been reading through this thread again and i have a couple of noddy questions to ask you … How exactly do you mould a pva bag ( that has your rig inside it) around the lead ? when you say you ensure the pop up only just sinks , do you just trim the pop up down to get this or is it by other means ? Im possibly looking to go down this route myself in the near future ( for reasons I’ll be explaining in another thread) .
  20. It just hasn’t stopped raining. I’ve just kicked me shoes off and jumped on top of the Hot Water bottle as it’s cold with it …… we all know what happens next dont we ?
  21. Worth a shot ….. 😂
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