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  1. first few hours at a new water, took the 9fters and moved every hour to get a bead on things, didn’t see anything carpy, only swans turned out after a day of nothing that I was fishing the wrong lake… 🙄
  2. Already appeared in rod shots, but here it is anyway, a nice, clean 16lb common.
  3. It got rather nippy last night, but I managed one. Perfect alarm clock really! went 16lb, happy with that.
  4. all set up for an overnighter tonight on zombie sheep lake 👍
  5. Cracking report mate, I’m glad to hear you had a great trip, the 40s can wait til next time! 👍
  6. the lake is a flooded WW2 anti-aircraft position built to protect Lydd Aerodrome. The rocks are huge concrete towers that once supported the searchlights and AAA guns. It’s got to be one of my favourite waters ever, which is strange as when I first fished it, I absolutely hated the place and packed up early. It’s not a huge lake, but it’s full of lovely pristine commons which are pretty clued up, you earn each fish from here. I love it now.
  7. All alone with the wind hacking into my face. Come on monster carp!
  8. Good morning all, the cars all packed ready for a 24hr sesh on zombie sheep lake. Not been there in over a month and I’m absolutely itching to get going! It feels like June 16th all over again. The heats dropped, it’s breezy and cool here, let’s hope the carp feed their nuts off and I can snare a few.
  9. You mean the 8 ball gaming app?
  10. I had a few more commons and both boys had one on at the same time even wifey got in on the action as it got dark, I had finally done a bucket of pellet and several kg of boilie, so I started to pack away in the dark. My boy had one more carp on his “big rods” he continued to fish with the float rod while I packed everything else away ready for the early morning run to wales the net morning. My boy was mocking me for having caught all the mirror carp to my none! I told him to bring the float rod in now as it was dark and time for bed but he wanted one more fish to end on a high, 5mins later his night night topped waggler dipped and he was in… you guessed it… a mirror!
  11. (yes he caught another mirror!) his carp rods didn’t stay quiet either!
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