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  1. I rang Calder angling and chap thinks it will be okay to take the mrs so long as she not fishing, been going through tackle and plenty to sell or bin, even found a pair of Mitchell 300a reels i forgot i have
  2. Sadly AJ Jewson has gone to the wall, and it was a right nice shop might try calder angling
  3. Im back and looking at going back to Brookfoot lake in Brighouse, but i would want to take my mrs as a none fishing guest, any one know if this is okay on there, i did email the club but no reply
  4. You do get in some pickles when fishing mate lol
  5. here is another vote for Terry Hearns books, superb read
  6. I admire your stamina for keeping at the crayfish lake, is it nazing
  7. I would suggest a 10ft spinning rod, in 2 piece its 5ft long and would strap to a bike okay, if you can get them look out for a Mitchel 410a reels, i have a nice pair of them but rarely use them now
  8. I fished it a couple of years ago, plenty of carp, not sure what size they go to, maybe 20lb, can be a bit snaggy, but i had a few fish out and lost a few due to hook pulls, plus some good cats in there, nice lake to fish
  9. I think i might have a dabble on the A1 pits later this year, been meaning to fish this venue a while now, can any one give any info on this place, i quite fancy the second largest pit, is this a good carp lake, and what size do the carp run to
  10. for me it has to be "the source", it smells proper carp bait, tastes like poo though!
  11. I have done a fair bit of perch angling, leading to the capture of a 4 1/2 lb specimen, maggots, grubs and worms are best as perch "go for movement" also small rapala lures with a little bit of red wool can work, as can livebaiting over as bed of maggots
  12. cheers for the replies,im toying with cleaning old finish of, and using enamel to do a camo finish, they will look a bit ratty but will be unique to me, though might just flat them and get car painter to blow them over
  13. My trusty Mitchell Avorunners are looking rather tired and scruffy, they work well, nice and smooth, but the coating/paint needs tidying, would this just be a case of sanding old paint of and repainting, i welcome any ideas
  14. I have a totally different view on bait........................ i feel it dont really matter what bait you put out, if a carp is swimming near and is hungry, it will at least mouth it, providing it is noot pre occupied with naturals, i guess this is why my catch rate is pretty low I had a lot of confidence in the "source" a bait i will re visit but i dropped it after 2 years as i realized i had very little success on it
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