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  1. I rang Calder angling and chap thinks it will be okay to take the mrs so long as she not fishing, been going through tackle and plenty to sell or bin, even found a pair of Mitchell 300a reels i forgot i have
  2. Sadly AJ Jewson has gone to the wall, and it was a right nice shop might try calder angling
  3. Im back and looking at going back to Brookfoot lake in Brighouse, but i would want to take my mrs as a none fishing guest, any one know if this is okay on there, i did email the club but no reply
  4. You do get in some pickles when fishing mate lol
  5. here is another vote for Terry Hearns books, superb read
  6. Really sad news, only found out from a post by Frank Warwick, Marsh is a legend in carp fishing, and a right nice helpful fella
  7. Martin, i know your on the pond for a couple of days, hope you manage to pull a fish or 2 mate
  8. Hi Guys, hope your all okay, its been a while, i am still alive, been very busy with work, moving house getting divorced, planning a new marriage, getting into flying Multi rotors, and various other stuff, i am starting to feel the itch to go fishing again, my wonderful new lass (of 4 years) would be happy to sit at a lake and read her books and enjoy the sun so i think she would come with me. I lost my membership on Tolson angling club when i moved but in fairness i had done the place to death, so i am toying with going back to Brookfoot lake, but just doing the odd day session with one carp rod and one float rod, i have got rid of my bivvy and bedchair, any way will post up if this all happens
  9. would love to be out, with the telescope filming but full cloud and rain
  10. I admire your stamina for keeping at the crayfish lake, is it nazing
  11. A few years back i used to fish this place when you could night fish it, then the club made a few changes and banned night fishing so i had to pull out.......has any one got any recent pictures showing what the club did to the place
  12. Need to do mine but waiting till i move to my new house in a few weeks time
  13. I would suggest a 10ft spinning rod, in 2 piece its 5ft long and would strap to a bike okay, if you can get them look out for a Mitchel 410a reels, i have a nice pair of them but rarely use them now
  14. I have pretty well made up my mind, it will be brookfoot lake, also the club has some river and canal fishing, and the lake is just so nice, will get my membership start of 2015
  15. Just need to find water for next season, looked at Bradford no 1 but bit pricey, may go back to Brookfoot lake on Brighouse angling, been there and done it but brookfoot is a nice place
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