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  1. Last week I got a horn for the boat sheesh it’s loud lol
  2. Do you not already have it all in a separate bucket ?
  3. Word is the aldi version of baileys is better and cheaper lol
  4. Provided you don’t have to walk far they are great boots and it doesn’t matter what foot they go on as they are ambidextrous hahaha
  5. Unfortunately, You have to vote for someone who’s policies you believe in to be able to cast a vote, I haven’t seen a ‘buffoon’ from any party around my way canvassing for votes for at least 10 years. I don’t tend to get involved in political threads so I’m going to bow out again. But agree hope it doesn’t get pulled
  6. Arktis coat thin micro fleece and a thermal vest crag hopper winter lined trousers if it’s really cold long johns under or a pair of trakker bib and brace if it’s raining shoes are a big issue for me as I suffer with cold feet so Moreno wool socks and either my ankle muck boots if it’s not too cold or long chore boots if it’s really cold and likely to be flooded a woollen hat as fleece makes your head sweat. icant remember what gloves I wear but probably just a wooden pair and if it’s cold a liner pair under. I think fishmeal baits have changed over the years and not as bad for locking up as they used to be but I favour either a hi viz and leakage pop up and a small bag of something what ever is in the bucket. Or as said a zig I can’t be bothered to night fish in the cold conditions anymore age does that to ya in the end but will work harder on shorter day sessions. Sarnie from the shop and a bottle of water will do me on the days I do also carry a burner etc for a cuppa but it’s usually powdered milk and a coffee I will say though make sure your burner has a pre heat pipe or is a Coleman many a time waiting for an hour to boil a kettle because the gas is too cold…
  7. They are all as bad as each other and none of them are worth voting for
  8. Ask the tackle box in Kent as well thinking about it dal henwood used to service reels he may be able to help as well
  9. Storm poles are usually only needed if heavy winds are expected do not need them all the time. hence the name . Bit of a crappy design if they are always needed
  10. I saw some seam tape or other seam product in go outdoors at the weekend was going to have a look at it but got drawn to something else lol
  11. My grandson has autism When we go he’s ok for about an hour or 2 at the most then he starts to fidget so we stop and have a bite to eat and a walk around then he’s ok for another hour then it’s time to go home. he wants me to take him Night fishing lol might just have to camp in the garden first before I lug all that gear around for an hour
  12. Try here https://cipherspares.co.uk/collections/aqua-products-spare-parts/products/aqua-atom-groundsheet i don’t know what numbers are Aqua products
  13. Have you asked on the Aqua selling page on facebook or you could ask one of the custom manufacturers to make one for you
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