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  1. Try running around Linear fisheries in padded salopettes, jacket wellies and carrying two buckets to hopefully find two decent swims 😏…but joking aside fair play to you for keeping fit 👍
  2. Not sure of the cc of my bike … and defo it wouldn’t make it to the TT but I would like to experience the racing one day … here’s my green machine
  3. Looks like a f1 Carp their sterile but still go through the spawning process, could pass on the info to a bailiff or the owner
  4. Now that’s a view you don’t see often in a pic of a carp 😀 so not damaged just deformed a bit
  5. Don’t blame you staying on… best of luck for over the weekend 🤞
  6. That’s a big tail even if half’s missing…you going to stay an extra night ?
  7. Nice result mate… the carps tail looks a bit funky in the pic ?
  8. You saved a blank and fixed the waders 👍 …and congrats to yer mate on his new pb
  9. Some of my gear is to old to sell so been giving a couple of the rods away and bits and bobs….iv got way to much
  10. Still coldish in the nights ? Bit nippy early hrs this morning down my way
  11. Show the bailiff the pic he could have the info…how’s it going there ?
  12. Orr heat up a knife then place it on the hole slide it over gently…. As an afterthought if your using your saw again and manage to lop off a arm or leg you could use the above technique to cauterise the cut enabling you to carry on with your trip, I got the idea from watching a old flim which I believe stared Tony Curtis called, now I could be wrong here but im going to say The vikings he unfortunately had his hand arm chopped off and a quick fix in them days was to set fire to the cut to stem the blood I can thoroughly recommend the film 👍 Best of luck with saw and trip.
  13. Bit of bad luck there..but could have been worse might have nicked something very important 🤭 You could melt a bit of plastic with a lighter and drip a drop or two over the hole 🤔
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