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  1. This is the logical solution👆
  2. Managed to get hold of a set of original Daiwa GS3000 Whisker's. Convinced myself I'd sell the SS3000's to fund the purchase but obviously that's just not going to happen😅
  3. yonny

    Old line

    Test it mate! Just tie it onto something and start puling.
  4. Not used either but in my experience ESP are a million miles ahead of Nash in terms of quality, for all products. That said, for that kind of money you can get a Chris Brown landing net. Hand made in the UK and on another level of quality to any mass produced stuff. Landing Nets - Chris Brown Products (cbproducts.co.uk)
  5. yonny

    Snowman help

    I just use floss and blob it with a lighter..... unless birds are a problem in which case I use floss and a hair stop with 4 overhand knots! Not sure why yours will be coming undone. Try floss instead of the hair braid. The braid could be slipping.
  6. Not necessarily. You can tie a knot below the chod to keep the lead away from the rig. As long as the top bead can move, it's safe.
  7. How big? Frameys' advice is spot on. On big waters I tend to find they're much easier to catch than on on small waters. The hard bit is finding them.
  8. Bags take away the opportunity for tangles so I tend to use super supple braided rigs. Nothing fancy, I try to stay away from all the metalwork (e.g. spinner) that I'd use if was casting without a bag.
  9. Use a brown pop up and trim it down until it sits perfectly. You're dead right that overly buoyant hook baits will be ignored if they sit too high in the surface film. By trimming down a pop up you can get it just right and the hook bait will last for hours. I certainly wouldn't be inserting cork into mixers as they'll still fall apart pretty quickly. As long as the hook bait sits ok in the surface film and you have them feeding properly, you'll get bites. 👍
  10. @jh92 tbh most of the really well protected mats with sides pack down pretty big. If you're desperate to save space there are a couple of smaller/lighter options such as the Fox Easy Mat, and there are some even cheaper rip-off versions of it (think NGT and Shakespeare offer them). Worth a look but ultimately a bigger/bulkier mat will offer more protection.
  11. Several years ago I bought a big Nash cradle with a metal frame. I set it up in the front room when it arrived, then packed it back down, and sent it back. Did not look at all safe to me.
  12. This is the one. Decent.👆
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