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  1. The location/depth of the fish will be determined largely by the conditions on the day mate. If I had to choose I personally would stick to the shallower areas. High chance of decent warm sunny conditions in July. I can't recall seeing fish moving consistently to deeper areas after spawning in 25 years of carp angling. They go where they're comfortable and where the food is imo.
  2. I agree. If everyone is blanking on particle I don't think the addition or deduction of aniseed makes a bit of difference. I'd be heading over to boiled baits (in fact post spawning is when I believe boilies to be at their most effective). Or maybe naturals. Something totally different anyway.
  3. Welcome to the club mate. I had three water ingress issues with my Delks, the last of which occurred at 2am in the rain on a very, very cold February night on the Mill. I literally got on my phone and ordered some Fox's right there and then. Seven years later the Fox's are still going strong with no issues whatsoever.
  4. Lovely down there mate. Looking forward to following your campaign on here πŸ‘
  5. @kevtaylor think I might recognise this place. Does the journey down test the car suspension by any chance?
  6. Decent waders pretty much stay open without this contraption imo. For me the risk (of losing fish) is pulling them up and onto your shoulders with rod in hand. This doesn't fix that. I'm out 😁
  7. It's worth sacrificing a day sesh just to mark up swims mate. It can mean the difference between a great year and a terrible one.
  8. Indeed mate. That's the last time I bother doing any. The fact all those years of records from everyone can just be deleted by mistake is farcical imo.
  9. I tend to let the carp tell me what to do. If there's a spot in front of me on which my finned friends are clearly having it, I like nothing more than to fish 3 on it. Some of my best hits have come to this method. But it's very rarely this situation occurs and even rarer there's space for three rods on the spots I tend to fish. I just fish to what I see. This could mean 3 on a spot or 3 different spots dotted all over the place. Or 2.... or even 1.
  10. That's a newer version buddy.
  11. My pal mentioned they were going for silly money. And that is silly!
  12. The original aero technium xta's. Awesome reels, my mate just picked up a set of the 12000 xta's. A grand I think they cost him.
  13. Fish a water with big carp in it😁
  14. For me it'll vary from water to water depending on numerous things, but as a very general rule I'll be on the zigs from xmas until late spring. Post spawning I'll be on the bait until xmas.
  15. The ones that make you work for it are the most memorable mate. Very well done.
  16. Your eyes are your most important bit of tackle mate πŸ‘€
  17. Good tip that. I actually use this method regardless of the size of the spot, makes it easier not having to adjust for small spots surrounded by weed. Just remember that the spod will have to be wrapped up slightly shorter to accommodate the pull-back (if that makes sense).
  18. You're thinking of UB Baits mate. Shut down ages ago. Shame, decent hookbaits.
  19. News to me Framey?
  20. Wash your mouth out with soap young man 🀣🀣🀣 Enjoy, mate. I'm sure they'll serve you well!
  21. Yup. I have pots of these that are years old, completely saturated in glug, and they'd still hold up my car.
  22. Yeah man. Proper reels 😎 I have 3 sets of tournies kicking round. Noisy, clunky, old fashioned, but last forever and NEVER let you down! Cheeky. I have the Aviator spod and it's the nuts. I considered a set of the Raven's myself but since I can only do the odd day once every couple of months, and I already have loads of rods, I can't (yet) justify it!
  23. You're not joking Kev!!!! Very, very nice rods mate. Awesome blanks. What did you go for?
  24. Not many will stay up as good as PJPU's mate. They're mega buoyant!
  25. Most apps and services use the same weather stations so for the most part they're all the same in terms of accuracy. I believe Met Office invite civilians to submit data from their personal weather stations to add to the data set. No idea if it makes a difference or not. I've used all sorts over the years but now just go by the BBC. Let's face it, the weather here can change at the drop of a hat so no-one can really have massive confidence in the longer range data.
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