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  1. Awesome mate. I stayed on there an extra year trying to catch the Patch Common but it was not to be. It never came out again so I think I was fishing for a dead'n!! I was lucky enough to catch Scaley. Twice in fact. What a kipper that was!
  2. Right lads, I can’t say that this write-up will be anything like my usual slog of a session (I was limited to one swim on a social after all), but it’s a great opportunity to review the venue which was the island on W1 South Lake. Let me start by saying it’s hands down the best social venue I’ve fished. Absolutely brilliant place. It’s not cheap so not best suited to regular trips, but as a special occasion or a bit of a treat it’s awesome. Me and five of my pals arrived at midday as required by the venue rules and crossed the bridge to the island. First thing we did was take a tour of the island which holds a fire pit with benches, an undercover area with BBQ, tables, worktops, electric points, a fridge, wood, and coal. About as luxurious as you’ll find in the UK. There are 5 swims around the island, well-spaced to avoid anglers interfering with each other. Three of the swims offer open water fishing, one has its own bay, and the other faces another island. All of them have access to funky margin spots so between them you have access to all types of fishing. Something for everyone. We did several laps in preparation for the swim draw and spotted the odd fish round the whole island. Numbers were drawn from a hat and 1st place really struggled to choose. All the swims looked good, and the consensus was that we’d all be happy in any swim. I came out of the draw 3rd and got my first-choice swim which was swim number 3, an area of open water facing southeast. As there were 6 of us, 2 had to double up which isn’t so much of a problem in that 3 swims are double swims. The afternoon was spent leading around to find spots and this did take time. It’s a very weedy lake and I’d say not suited to anyone that’s not seasoned in fishing heavy weed. With all those leads flying about we kind of knew that a take on day 1 was unlikely and so it proved as the carp we were seeing went to ground. Hardly any sightings for the rest of the day. With all that said, I was lucky in that my first cast found the spot I wanted to fish. A bit deep for this time of year at ~13ft but nice and solid, and surrounded by weed. Line lay was brutal due to fishing over a bank of weed bigger than my house but hey, needs must. So, with rods sorted we open the beers, chill out, crank up the bbq and light the fire. As the sun goes down, we do the odd lap to soak in the atmosphere and check for signs of carp. I did spot one off the back of my spot, so I was confident. The night was tricky for some of the group and a couple of takes got lost due to hook pulls in the weed. The sun came up and tbh I couldn’t believe I hadn’t had a take, such was my confidence the previous night. It was 08:30 by the time my right-hand buzzer finally told me a carp had made a mistake, so I consequently picked up the rod and beasted this carp over the majority of the weed and played it out under the tip where I could keep an eye on it. After 10 mins plodding about in the margin, I scooped it up and had a quick peek. It was a minter, black along the back, chestnut flanks, with half linear scaling. I secured the net and called for my mate but as soon as he came over his buzzer went into over-drive, and he had to leg it back to swim number 1 to have his moment. His was another cracking mirror with irregular linear scaling, and we got to share the moment with the lads as we held a photo session in the morning sun. Brekky time so we got the BBQ on and let rip. Another pal lost a fish in the weed at 11am which was disappointing, but it meant that every swim had done a bite which was promising for the next 24 hrs. We chilled for the day, redid the rods, and swim number 2 did the next fish at around 7pm. Another dark coloured linear. The quality of these fish is right up there. As we headed into darkness, I was a little concerned that I wasn’t seeing anything of interest in swim 3, and I was kind of expecting a blank night. So it proved but the action continued elsewhere with one more lost and 2 more banked by the lads. One was a nice fat black linear mirror and the other a gnarly little fully scaled mirror. By 10am we were due to leave, and we were already planning next years trip. Action had been consistent (although I do think that now we know the swims/spots we’d probably have quite a few more on the next trip). All swims did bites, and the fish were well spread out. Not great for competitive feeding, but great to give everyone a decent chance of a take. The quality of the fishing is good, but it’s the quality of the fish themselves that really sets the place apart. The majority of the fish are quite young but to look at you’d think they’ve been there forever. All black and scaley and awesome. So, to summarise: excellent place, great facilities, pretty swims, nice and secluded, good fishing and GREAT fish. Too pricey for a regular venue, but as a treat: awesome.
  3. I will try to find time after the weekend mate 😁😁😁
  4. Bit of a looker from a social on the awesome Wraysbury 1.
  5. Mainly otters, although I do seem to remember a pollution issue too. Further, a bunch of french carp (illegally imported, en-route to a lake in the valley) were dumped in there when the importer panicked when he came close to being caught. They all washed up dead, along with a bunch of originals, not far from Oundle. Parasite issues at a guess.
  6. It means the lead must be able to release in the event of a line breakage👍
  7. Beautiful area. Enjoy 👌
  8. God knows how this thread has got so many posts🤣 Nick, your taking all this far too literally. A wrap is a term commonly used throughout the carp angling fraternity to describe a 12ft increment for casting. Your post is of course technically accurate, albeit obvious to the point of condescending (no-one is confused🤣), and some guys may choose to put their sticks less or more than 12 ft apart. But when guys refer to wraps, 99.9 % of them mean 12 ft increments. This is the point mate. To almost everyone, it has become a distance measurement. Call it slang for 12 ft. If you prefer to use metres crack on, no-one has an issue with that. I personally couldn't care less what guys use to measure distance. A wrap is as good as 12 ft is as good as 4y is as good as 3.66m as far as I'm concerned.
  9. The Nene is a pale shadow of what it was. Used to be loads in there, proper bigguns too. But the otters put paid to that. Having two is a real result mate, I can assure you it's not full of carp. Well done!
  10. There's some real minters in there mate. Not fished it since 2018 but had this last time I was there 😁
  11. Well done Kev. I do like Swan. Not an easy water so credit to you mate.
  12. Absolutely mint mate, and a class write-up too👍👍👍👍
  13. I believe so mate 👎👎👎
  14. Alright strangers. Not been on here properly for a while as I've been putting 110% into a new job for the last 6 months, not to mention my daughter who just turned 1 year old. This week I managed to get on the bank for just the 2nd time since last August (!). Had a good'n that I thought you'd like!
  15. To be taken with a pinch of salt imo. To get 150m (~165 yards) with a 3lb tc rod requires incredible technique. Completely unrealistic for your average angler imo.
  16. Nah. Use with confidence buddy.
  17. Not used that stuff mate. I ditched petrol many moons ago.
  18. Horrible mate, dirty, smelly, times have moved on imo. As Kev said, propane/butane mix is the one👍
  19. I keep them set up ready to go at all times mate. They stay on the rods. No need to re-tie.
  20. I use these. I've used the same ones for 3 seasons now. They last longer than you need to worry about buddy.
  21. A lot of it is water dependent but on the water I fish: Location is always the most important bit but in winter more so as they're far more tricky to find. As we head into Autumn and temps drop they'll stop showing in the day and start showing at night, this is normally near where they'll end up for winter. Areas near (not in) the deepest water and central areas are worth keeping an eye on. Do a couple of nights when the temps start to drop and you should see/hear them if you're prepared to stay up late (very late in some cases). As soon as you think you know where they'll end up start putting a bit of bait in. Don't leave it too late as once they shut up shop for winter there's no getting them going again unless you get some seriously good conditions. If you can get the bait in before they shut up shop you can keep them going right through winter with consistent light baiting. Tactics/rigs etc are not that important imo, just don't go crazy with bait. The important bit is being on them and keeping them going with a little bait in the right area. Don't ignore zigs. Even if you keep them going with bait they'll likely only feed for an hour a day so zigs can increase your chances, especially during the day, significantly. For clothing, the Snugpak stuff was a massive game changer for me. SJ6 or SJ9 jacket and Sleeka salopettes are the ones. It's like wearing a sleeping bag, you can get away with just a T-shirt underneath. That Quantum winter suit is no good, it'll protect you from the wind but that's about it. DO NOT skimp on the clothing, spend proper money on proper gear (most fishing branded stuff is not what I consider to be proper winter gear). A decent sleeping bag is obviously a must of you do decide to do nights. Take plenty of tea. Enjoy yourself.
  22. Bravo sir! Well done mate.
  23. Towards the end of the week particularly. There was a massive thunderstorm in the Midlands last night but today it's bright again. Temps drop to 20/21 on Wednesday and that'll be the time to be out imo.
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