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  1. To be honest, I just made sure there was no gaps anywhere, and also its a double lined storage unit. This is the exact 1 and we're I got it from. https://www.costco.co.uk/Garden-Sheds-Patio/Outdoor-Storage/Garden-Storage/Keter-Cortina-Mega-Store-6ft-3-x-3ft-7-19-x-11m-Horizontal-2020-Litre-Storage-Shed/p/411994 Also have this 1 too...
  2. Honestly, it was on cards for a while, it actually felt like a relief has been lifted off my shoulders. All good, I've just got way to much going on. I've need even had a thought about it really, I did come off the forum for a while, but just browsing chats now 👍👍
  3. Mad innit.... From this.... To this....
  4. Hi Guys, It is me "highy", all the gear went, but kept my lads back.... Rod bag with 1 Carp Rod setup + 1 Float rod setup, Bag with little bait n Terminal, Chair, Beanie Mat (need a coarse net) His float rod is actually a spinning rod, so a new 6ft float rod and reelmis on way and I'm gonna start a little spinning setup, lures n spinners.
  5. Maybe worth going 2nd hand now then, try Facebook Marketplace, ebay, gumtree, shpock ???
  6. The V2 Wrap is only compatible to the Axs XL (v2) Bivvy, Sonik still have the AXS Wraps on there website, DC0013. Maybe worth giving them a call and asking about them ? https://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/16212768/sonik-axs-camo-wrap-16212768 A good scour of the Internet maybe worth it tok?
  7. I'm still here, on the Back row of the Bus....
  8. I did, i had 2 parknlakes planned....had it all planned, even told the wife, bought all the bait for it and everything. My lad has his little setup, 1 carp rod and 1 float rod, Terminal n bait (all in 2 bags) so if need the itch, I can use his, but it been on the cards for a while now.
  9. All good, just been on cards for a while, and spoke to a guy who deals in full setups local.
  10. Well guys, the Inevitable has happened... ALL the Fishing Gear has been sold. I'm just gonna say farewell to you all, its been good to chat. Take care and tight lines for the future. Account will be deleted later tonight.
  11. ...

    This forum

    Few more bugs in the system???
  12. ...

    This forum

    Same here, been catching up on a few reads 👍
  13. Also in the bed pal, he sleeps on top and wraps in a blanket
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    New purchases

    Just really for new lakes/canals myself...
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    New purchases

    I'm thinking of a (Re) purchase of a Deeper....
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