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  1. i have to admit i have mainly been a maggot drowner for most of my angling life and only started targetting carp since last Oct after catching one on a feeder rig by accident. it wasn't the biggest but it was a [censored] to land and caught it on a feeder rig by chance. i only fish day ticket as commitments keep me from the sessions most serious carpers do and i have since caught a fair few, my scales reached to a mighty 3lb so have never properly weighed my catches but a lad fishing near me helped land one once and weighed it so my PB is apparently 11lb 7oz i have had great fun and found a new lease of pleasure in fishing again learning new rigs and trying to move away from my course approach to fishing, have built up a decent bit of kit a little bit at a time here and there and find this forum to be a treasure trove of knowledge and experience. i started with some ready made set ups until i learnt to tie my own rigs and have never looked back from there, my first purchases were things for carp care such as a decent cradle and treatments and then progressed to a mid budget rod but still use some of my barbel gear like the baitrunners and nets. i hope you enjoy a change of species as much as i have had and this forum is full of all the things you may need advice with and i still target my specimen silvers when i go with my daughter to a local lake as i put one rod out for the carp and one rod on te float to have a competition with her on most caught. good luck and i look forward to your catch reports
  2. on a slightly lighter note for this thread my old next door neighbour was ex-BBC and worked in the costume department and would regale us with tales of working on this show. we would rib the hell out of him for this and not because of the politics but because trying to claim fame as wolfie smiths dresser did not really require much effort in the outfit choice. he sadly passed in 2004 (my neighbour not wolfie) but will forever be remembered as the man that suggested jeans and a t-shirt as the uniform of choice for Tooting Popular Front.... politics and religion are never dull subjects and all seriousness aside having worked in a closed shop and also non union places i support everyones right to either strike or not but thats why we have this system whether broken or not. i for one will always support power for the people and freedom for tooting in loving memory of Roger Reece the costume designer extraordinaire
  3. slightly different experience but similar subject and an experience i want to share here, i was having a cheeky day session on my local water and towards the end of the day a young lad possibly mid teens and his dad turn up. i was the only person on this small lake but they set up opposite me (30m) and the dad looks my way and waves sort of apologetically as his lad starts throwing a line in (float) and begins flinging it about like an excited toddler. i see what is going on and from the looks of things this is a lad that has suddenly taken to fishing with all the hyperfocus i have encountered with my friends kids and also from what i do for a living and is diving all over their side of the bank with such enthusiasm flicking his line here and there every time he sees a fish leap or show on the surface. the dad is a supportive spectator of all of this action and keeps looking my way to sort of say sorry and i tell you now this was one of the most beautiful and heart warming things i have seen in a long while. the pure enjoyment radiating of this lad was wonderful and i thought if this works for him and his dad then fair play as it was a joy to watch, when i wrapped up they were still there and after several thumbs up to the dad i shouted good luck and really just wanted to stay and watch as this whole thing had me quietly cheering the lad on the whole time. i was desperate for him to land something but from what i could see this was something both had done before and the support and encouragement from the father was something i thought as wonderful. i think fishing is something that all can enjoy and would and have never had any problems sitting and explaining what i am doing with inquisitive children and have accompanied chldren of friends with very very short attention spans and often have just reeled in and walked around the venues with them chatting away then back to the rods and a few more minutes of intense fishing before another short break. hats off and respect to anyone that starts this hobby/passion/life as it brings its own rewards with memories and time away from pressures in life, i remember when i started taking my kids it was instant results that were wanted to hold thier interest so it was a whip pole and red maggots all the way just so they would catch something, now me and my daughter can sit peacefully for a while before the wandering and focus loss kicks in but then as she is older a quick walk around with a camera taking pics of wildlife works for her and we are then back fishing again. sorry if off topic but this experience has stayed with me and wanted to share it and wish good luck to everyone that wants to share their passion with their children but worried about what others may or may not think, if you ever encounter me on a water in Suffolk never worry about your kids enjoying the hell out of a hobby i love and want others to feel the same way.
  4. love the post, i started as a specimen angler and never really targetted carp at all in 40+ years but caught one by accident when going for tench on a feeder and from there i have been building up gear bit by bit. i ended up chucking out a carp rod i picked up cheap alongside float fishing using my wychwood freespin reel from my barbel set up and the baitrunner aspect works fine, now go out for day sessions with a 2 rod set up just for carp and when i go with my daughter i still float fish as we like a little competition on the silvers front and put out a single rod for carp away from the float action. am finding my feet in the carp world and as the only set of scales i have ever owned stretch to a mighty 3lb i have no PB for carp but a lad fishing next to me once weighed a common and it came in at 11lb 7oz so technically it is the first carp i have weighed but not the biggest i have caught. i hope you have a much fun switching species as i have had as it is teaching me a whole new world of rigs and set ups which will keep my going for years to come
  5. for what its worth i have 2 x 10ft carp rods as only fish small waters so felt no need for distance but my coarse gear is made up of a 17ft float rod and a 15ft pellet waggler. i use the same reels for each mostly but with the exception of the float rod where i use a smaller reel with very light line. i alternate between sometimes fishing a session soley targetting carp or if out with my daughter i set my float rod up to run a competion on who catches the most silvers with her as its fun. all the venues i fish are smaller pond types so no long cast needed but if i was fishing big waters i would definately upgrade to 12ft rods but still keep the same reels
  6. out yesterday for a short day session and called it quits after a few hours, caught 2 but unhooked both in the net in the water as nothing would cool the cradle down so thought why bother as i don't need a photo or weight. will be leaving the rest of my fishing till late sept as more comfortable for me and the fish and really yesterday was just an excuse for me to get out of the house and go bankside so played about with a few new rigs and faffed with solid bags for a change 😅
  7. have found myself in the same boat a few times but as i only get out once every 5/6 weeks i have made the mistake of trying to fish a poor swim, i agree with the going home part and hindsight is wonderful but sometimes i do just want to sit there in the peace and quiet with no distractions. i have regretted fishing a blank in a bad swim as i agree with some of the other comments about feeling unprepared for the change in swim i had in my head and the planned approach.
  8. i remeber starting as a kid with rods strapped to my bike and travelling light, when did i start taking so much stuff it became a slog to set up with a bag for this and a bag for that? love that set up mate
  9. when feeder fishing it will be either single sticks with a rod rest or old school taget board, but since i started with the carp malarky i must admit a pod is helpful, i go with what ever the venue presents. if hard board or solid base a pod is fine and adaptable but if nice grass/mud then its single sticks for each rod as only use 1 alarm anyway. still new to all this but some old school stuff still works fine for me such as the bank sticks and quiver tip rests..........
  10. ironically it comes down to local planning permission as bivvy's are classed as a temporary shelter but the use of a tent means the site could potentially have to register as a campsite and it depends on what their stated description of the site is for. it came up a few years back in my course fishing days as wanted to do an overnighter with my daughter and only had the standard 2 man little green tent and asked the bailiff, he was good about it and explained why i couldn't use it and pointede out that it's a bit silly when you could book 5 nights on the site but stay in a bivvy but not 5 nights and stay in a tent.............
  11. have only managed to get out once this month but it was the solstice so a nice relaxing recharge on a day ticket, still new to carp fishing but sticking with it and used a few different rigs during the day to test them out. got this beauty early on but did lose one in the afternoon which was a bummer but taught me to not faff about too much when playing a big fish. have worked out my feeder game is still on point but need to adapt it a bit better for targetting carp and also have realised i am useless with rigging pop-ups but finding this forum a great inspiration so cheers all. no idea of the weight as never weigh my fish just do it for the challenge and the fun but this one has stood out as thie first time i have caught one off my own rigs so really pleased with my little self. to those who have been on this forum for a good few years i thank you all as this place has becopme a virtual library for me
  12. Only chance to go out this month and took my daughter to a new water in Suffolk not used before. Although not huge still had 4 good sized carp as tend to target under 20's as I never weigh a catch. All caught on method feeder with chilli hemp and rod Hutchison naturals.
  13. As a course man myself when I started taking my daughter it was to a day ticket place on a 4m whip with pole rigs and red maggots, she caught loads of small roach and loved it. Have upgraded her to 8m pole and started teaching her casting with rod and reel but she always goes back to the whip as she just loves plucking fish out and happy with her catches. We now alternate between a venue for her to land roach and the next trip for me to try carp set ups. These are some if her fish from a nice little venue near Wrentham in suffolk
  14. Not something I ever carried but have a little bottle now as dirt cheap so no reason not to get one, had no idea of the stuff carp anglers can pick up but learning fast and draining wallet quicker 🤣
  15. i noticed when i caught it, luckily the venue i was at had some lads in a bivvy near my swim so legged it for a dab of carp care and they helped out as i was not expecting to catch it as targetting bream at the time but loved the fight it gave
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