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  1. One from a recent session.
  2. Well in @salokcinnodrog👌
  3. Best one of a three fish hit on a midweek sesh. 👌🎣
  4. It would be interesting to know peoples preferred baiting strategies as I’ve always found the thought of fishing on big baited areas hard to get my head around, no doubt it works and the results are there to see, but I’m happy to go on a 48hour with a couple kilo of boilie some pellet and a few tins of corn. Even when I track down fish and I know I’m on them I’d still chose to put a couple of hand fulls of bait on them after each capture. I suppose thats one of the attractions of carp fishing. Two people could go on a lake use total different tactics and still have good results.
  5. This morning was busy with 3 takes off 2 different spots. Back home now planning my next session.
  6. A common from early this morning, over 24 hours left. Another full moon tonight 🌕
  7. After a couple of blanks recently I managed to get back amongst them, hopefully there’s more to follow.🤞
  8. Thanks mate, it’s always nice coming from you with the high calibre of fish you’ve had mate 👍
  9. 48 hour midweek, four landed. Can’t wait to get back looking like lakes are gong to freeze this week tho 🥶
  10. Edit: Reposted pics from the other day for some reason latest fish here
  11. Rip Paul, listened to some of his interviews on YouTube. legend
  12. Safe to say I’ve uncovered a cold weather hang out, when lapping the lake and almost falling in when standing on the withered bullrushes I’ve realised there must be a good 2 to 3 metres of covered secluded water underneath them. Definitely a safe warm spot the carp are gavering up in…. Two more falling to the maggot and corn loose feed combo, with a trimmed down yellow pop up and maggot topper as the hook bait.
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