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  1. I go when I can but Autumn is the best time in my eyes. November specifically.
  2. it really depends on the spot and the situation. Impossible to say before you're in a swim and found the spots that are fishable. I normally try to spread my rods in a swim to give options and may move two to a spot if it's producing fish and the others are quiet.
  3. If only you could land the fish on zigs though 😁
  4. Chod rigs work well for me fishing on top of the weed, im not worried about fishing the chod 3,4,5ft up the leader with a light lead. That lead will plug in the weed and become a lot heavier, itll also drop off easier. I use the C clip way of attaching them. If I find clearer spots then drop off run rigs as per usual for me. Strong line and if a fish gets weeded just keep constant pressure with the rod as high as possible. I have always found the fish start moving, it might be millimetres at a time but theyll come. Last resort is putting the rod back and slackening off a bit imo. I have just started using braid so cant say it's better or not but all of the above has worked fine for me with heavy mono lines.
  5. I pierce mine so they dont bother me. If anything they feel more secure with the large chunks for me. Funny how the attachment you use can change your view on something so drastically! I would keep buying them but at £20 a pot is the reason I'm looking down the making my own route. Basemix from my bait guy and I can add to it and do what I want then. Probably cost me less than £20 a tub but I havent worked that out yet!
  6. I like the SHB chunky granules. I'll maybe go for a smaller size but I dont mind them not being perfect balls, that's not what it's about for me. I think it's the fully knowing and being able to adapt it myself as I go.
  7. It has inspired me to look at doing my own hookbaits with cork granules though. Just need to get round to it...could be a while!
  8. Having used them for about 2 years now I have caught on them. Cant say if it's more than normal but I've had most of my fish in this period on them. Both the s2 and GPB2. You still have to put them in the right place. If anyone decides that it's the bait's fault they haven't caught I would give your head a wobble. that goes for any bait. You just didn't put it in the right place at the right time. There is so many variables in fishing to ever be able to nail it to one single reason you didn't catch. You can only blame yourself for wrong decisions. Wrong rig, wrong hookbait, wrong spot, poor line lay, too noisy, wrong baiting approach, too many casts, etc. Throw in the variables out of our control such as temperature, weather, light, pH, water quality, spawning fish, natural food, oxygen levels. And then add the other angling pressure and what they are up to. These things change daily, hourly even. To say it's your hookbaits thats at fault is ridiculous to be honest. The sheer amount of results that come to SHB means you cant deny they work and work very well. I saw your posts in the other forum, you came across as a troll with some very poor timing as there had been some stuff go on literally hours previous to your posts doing the company down. I believe I told you that at the time. You may still be a troll who knows. Plenty banned from there for their part in rows, you played your part in getting yourself banned. I've been banned myself from there twice. Not sure why people think they get banned for no reason tbh. Have some accountability for your own actions. Ironic that you believe you did nothing wrong and got banned & that you blame SHB for reduced catch rates and it was nothing you did yourself!
  9. It's probably the slowest time of year for bites anywhere, maybe dont be too worried about a lack of action. Unless its rammed full of carp! Could just fish solid bags so you know you're presented, or rake a spot. If there is leaf litter it's unlikely the carp are feeding there, as they'd clear a spot off. Look for clear areas instead of casting on the leaf litter.
  10. probably cut a hole in the otter fence by the sounds of it!
  11. what about the other side of the argument? using thicker leaders ( I use fluoro or leadless leaders) when fishing places with snags to prevent cut offs is surely better than bare line which is much more likely to cut off and leave a fish with a rig in it's mouth? End of the day it's user error, some people just dont care and will pull for a break straight away instead of exhausting all options before pulling for a break. Personally I do everything I can to retrieve a snagged up fish/rig and hate to pull for a break. I have been out on a little dinghy in the dark to try and retrieve snagged up rigs, face pretty much in the water to reach down far enough. The amount of trees ive climbed to get other peoples lost rigs and leads because they cant be asked. Most wont even ring a bailiff and tell them the situation. You cant educate the idiots sadly. Just have to avoid fishing places that they do!
  12. My suggestion would be to put a rod on top and a rod on the base. See where the bites come from. Temperature will have an effect as in the hotter months you’d assume they’d follow the top in the shallower water. They probably do both in all honesty.
  13. why dont you try using larger cork granules and hand rolling. Yes it takes longer but I have found cork dust/fine granule pop ups to be absolutely rubbish in the past. The buoyancy is not great at all. If you are only making them for personal use then the additional time hand rolling shouldn't matter too much. My only other thoughts are if you're resting the mix enough and giving it a chance to draw in the liquids.
  14. Bait wise - start adding it now to the fishmeals. slowly change the ratio. start with 20% and gradually get higher 40, 60, 80%. Either go fully on to the winter bait or personally I like to keep at least 10-15% fishmeal. They'll still eat them. Also I would recommend the baileys over the bait, I have used it for a good few years now whenever im using nut or birdfood based baits. It'll work all year round. Buy the cheap stuff from Aldi or Lidl, it works the same. Also great in coffee on a winters day! Tactics - remember the fish wont be slowing down anytime soon, the weather isnt cold enough yet. Normally looking at late october/early november when they start really slowing down. All depends on the weather, we had a mild winter last year and they never really stopped for long. They'll be looking to pack on weight before winter so heavy baiting could pay off at the moment. Gear - The gas sleeves are actually worse, they'll keep the gas cold! I normally take mine out and tuck it at the bottom of my sleeping bag overnight. It's usually warm enough to work properly come morning. I also would say a small hot water bottle is essential! it'll keep you warm for ages and handy for cold feet when tucked in the bottom of a sleeping bag! Clothing - plenty of socks, changing in to dry socks has a big effect on your body temp and mentally too. Feet sweat in the heavy boots and no matter how good the socks are meant to be at wicking away moisture they'll inevitably be damp to some degree. Use the layering system to keep warm. It really helps if you have to barrow to swims and when setting up. As soon as you sweat youll be cold and its hard to keep warm.
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