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  1. It would be interesting to know peoples preferred baiting strategies as I’ve always found the thought of fishing on big baited areas hard to get my head around, no doubt it works and the results are there to see, but I’m happy to go on a 48hour with a couple kilo of boilie some pellet and a few tins of corn. Even when I track down fish and I know I’m on them I’d still chose to put a couple of hand fulls of bait on them after each capture. I suppose thats one of the attractions of carp fishing. Two people could go on a lake use total different tactics and still have good results.
  2. Finally out again for the first time in months after another little lad arrived and moving homes, hopefully some catch pics to follow.
  3. My fingers and toes are crossed for you mate, and good angling for the catch
  4. Yeah weed scares a few off lol, I still get daunted my self when faced with a super weedy water. I’ve learned that a chod with some form of a drop and a that’ll do usually stands a descent chance a bite tho lol.
  5. Same as me mate, a common came out at 37lb over the winter and a mirror at 34lb, there crazy weights for a lake up my neck of the woods. Membership closed on April 4th because of an influx of new applications. I was nervous at first because of the extra competition but it soon disappeared when I realised not everyone’s willing to pack up five times a day and move on to showing fish 😉
  6. I’m out tomorrow, I’ve already got an idea of where the fish are going to turn up. I’ve got a few zigs knocked up for 3ft-4ft under the surface…
  7. They won’t see the bank to be fair, there more of an investment to pass to my little lad with the gear my dad gave to me.
  8. Thanks yonny, sexy reels I’m hoping to grab some soon.
  9. Hi guys, does anyone know which daiwa reels these are?
  10. I’m confident using the SLK, quality bait.
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