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  1. Love method feeder fishing. Good luck!
  2. Happy to go again, although Linear is a long way from me. Does depend on the weather for me. Fingers crossed for a mild winter!
  3. My only catch this weekend was a little tench (which saved a blank! 😂) It would have been lovely to catch a big carp, but it wasn't to be. Still, a great venue, lovely lake with loads of carpy corners, with good food and company. I look forward to the next time guys 🎣😁
  4. I'd go one man to be safe. Are we doing a draw for pegs or just work it out when we get there? With 9 acres, and only five of us, we'll be spoilt for choice!
  5. I've got four of these, and love them. They're absolutely bulletproof given a bit of servicing every once in a while. Think I paid around £65 each for them.
  6. I'm thinking similar (but will have zigs too, just in case!).
  7. Not much. Mixed reports. Some saying it fishes hard. There's a few old vids on YouTube with some captures going 30+. It's 9 acres, average of 12' deep, down to 18' in places. Island in the middle. (That from website). No idea of stock.
  8. New innertube for the barrow. Not exciting, but so much better with a decent wheel.
  9. Google Earth could be a good shout too. Surprising amount of detail to be had from a careful study there.
  10. I would pre-bait as much as possible and allowed, especially in the quieter "carpy" corners, and fish the margins at night. I should add I have no experience here. Your best bet is to page @salokcinnodrog
  11. Thanks mate. I did message, but unfortunately he can't make this one. Appreciate you putting me in touch while the forum was down though.
  12. Could try a parachute rig, or critically balanced rig with foam on the hook. Use a light running lead so it doesn't sink in the silt. Alternatively bloodworm boilies and bait, if that's what they're looking for? Good luck!
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