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  1. Fresh line for the "big rods" - 12 footers. 18lb GT-HD. And some 12lb technium for the floater rod. All ready for Sapphire lake exclusive social on Sunday. 48 hours with the fellas from carotips for £60. May be a space left if anyone's interested 🎣😁
  2. These do a 52" stink bag. https://www.facebook.com/peakanglingproducts/?locale=en_GB
  3. AA baits are top quality suppliers. I've used them for several years and would definitely recommend.
  4. Worked for you last social bud. Pulled a stunner! 🎣😉
  5. Hopefully fish can't help acting on it! 🎣🤣
  6. Certainly that mate. And your cracking fish! Do it again soon.
  7. New toy. Get right under those snags 🎣🤞😉
  8. I belong to a different forum on scale models. The free version is available to all, but you can also sponsor the site for just £10 a year. There are a good few hundred users who do just that, and it more than pays hosting fees etc. Is that a way to go?I t's less than a kilo of boilies to keep the forum going all year. Of course you'd want reassurance that the issues would be resolved, but it's an idea anyway.
  9. Cheers mate. Went for Baitworks in the end for a decent chace of a bite, at least that's the hope!
  10. Yes, every now and then there's... wait for it... something fishy going on!
  11. Sorry to hear it bud. All the best.
  12. Hi guys. We've a social arranged at Booney's lake, Manor Farm lakes, 8th to 10th March 2024. There are spaces left at the venue if anyone else fancies it? So far, myself, Elmo and Commonly 🎣😁
  13. As the title, anyone tried Kent particles boilies? Looking at the spicy sausage and scopex squid in particular. Cheers!
  14. And to you mate. Happy New Year all! I hope this year brings you some good lumps and a new PB! 🎣😁
  15. Love method feeder fishing. Good luck!
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