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  1. I'm still in. Lmk how we go about paying etc. Cheers! 🎣😁
  2. Sounds like a plan. Happy to do that, paying to the venue. Just two nights for me - Fri/Sat, 22nd/23rd. Cheers.
  3. So that's five.! Getting there. How do we get this booked and paid for? Can we get a deposit over to Ashmire, or do we need to pay the whole booking now?
  4. Excellent, makes four. Looking at the booking rates it's £30/night in September by swim, so £60 for 2 nights. @elmoputney did you speak with them to confirm £150/night for lake exclusive? For the extra £15 each for two nights (£75 each between 4?) seems a better idea? Works for me.
  5. Sounds good to me as well. I could do the weekend after or before. Lmk. 🎣😁
  6. This one? https://www.ashmire.co.uk/ Works for me. Only 90 mins away! Mind you there's not been many replies lately - was it something I said? lol
  7. An evilBay win. 58 various size and style leads, 1.5oz to 4oz, in an ESP pouch. £36 all in, about 62p/lead.
  8. Wolf X-Spod performance is also well worth a look. Just bought one and had a few casts last weekend. Performed flawlessly and also floats. £18 at AD.
  9. Sounds like a plan. There's been a complete lack or response recently. Let's hope people catch up over the weekend and it was just work in the way
  10. What about looking at a lake where you can either book exclusive or book pegs? That way people that turn up are guaranteed a fish, without having to cough up for no shows. Could always have a chat with the venue first, probably not the first time they'd have seen this scenario. On the subject of venues, Fenlands worth a look too - http://www.fenlandfisheries.com/
  11. Both of those under 90 mins from me. It's awful quiet from anyone else though!?
  12. Or just glue some cork or foam inside?
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