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  1. Got the winter gear. Skeetex wellies, Fortis FJ6 and salopettes. To keep my head warm, a wool watchcap and wool snood.
  2. I've heard that too. I'll be getting a bottle for the vanilla nut boilies. At a tenner a bottle it's still much cheaper than most glugs and goos! Blooming carp tax! 🤣
  3. A drop o' the Irish!? That'll be going on the boilies. I know it seems like a waste but I've been teetotal over 10 years, so no issue for me
  4. Is that your experience with petrol in a stove? Apparently quite different using Coleman fuel (white gas/naphtha). Certainly cheaper than using butane/propane too.
  5. So regarding a stove, it looks like the Coleman petrol will work down to freezing (and beyond with alcohol or gel to preheat?). I realise these have to be used outside the bivvy, but since most of my Autumn/Winter will be daytime or early morning/evening, a better bet? Again, not a small investment, but warm tea/coffeee/chocolate by the bankside. Worth it? Several of you have mentioned hot drinks, so seems to be an idea.
  6. They're not cheap I'll grant you. I fell over looking at prices too. Having tried winter carping once many years ago, and freezing my wotsits off, I was willing to pay to keep warm though. Got to be the biggest factor in going I reckon. If I'm cold, I'll soon wish I wasn't there, stop enjoying it and lose interest. So for me, to keep going through the colder months, worth it I hope. If I put a fish on the bank in winter it will be. 🎣❄️
  7. Thank you all for your replies. I have taken your good advice to heart, looked at various options and placed an order for some Fortis salopettes and an FJ6 jacket along with some Skeetex boots. That should keep me nice and warm in the worst of winter! I'll order some seed based base mix and pop up mix next and start introducing a winter boilie. Roll on autumn!
  8. Hi guys, I fish the spring/summer of neccessity, as my work has me on call from October through April, however this year I'd like to try and fish through the colder months when I can. I'm looking for advice on the neccesaries to do so. Clothing - I'm looking at a Quantum winter suit and Skeetex boots. Good enough? Anyone have any experience with them? Bait - I'm looking to roll an HNV superseed/peanut/vanilla boilie (like Manilla), and use with hemp and corn/maize. I may go the full "Adam Penning" and use condensed milk and Bailey's too! Again, anyone have any experience or tips? I'm also thinking gradually trickling in the "winter" baits, with my fishmeals,. When do I need to start that? Now? Rigs/tactics. Will be baiting lightly, with singles or one or two boilie stringers. Am also thinking flouro pop-ups or wafters, casting often to to try to find the slowing shoals. Gear - I've got a stove now, and ordered a small kettle for coffee, soup and so on. (Do those gas bottle sleeves help in the cold?). I probably won't do many nights, more evenings and the odd day at weekends. Anyhting else a must have? Anyhitng else I need to know or think about? Any tips, tricks, advice or thoughts appreciated. CHeers, and tight lines!
  9. If you use a computer you can download Microsoft Powertoys, which has a free image resizer. Also on Windows if you open in image viewer then click the ellipses (three little dots, top right), then click on resize... Hope this helps.
  10. Blimey! Going fishing!? Tight lines!
  11. In other news our other local lake, the bigger if the two, had a fish out at 47lbs last week! I was told by two separate, and reliable people. It's entirely possible that one of the two forties in the lake will break the magical 50lbs this year. Obviously I am now on a mission! This lake has always been my nemesis, having yet to give me a single fish as yet. No small task then. Nonetheless, roll on Saturday 🎣🎣
  12. An afternoon at the lake and a better fish to show for it. Alas, no pictures, but I did get a short video in the net - https://photos.app.goo.gl/XjBjMgxd3YiJ3uhR9 The fish wrapped up solid in weed, so I set the rod down until he kicked free. He came in with a cowl of Canadian, and plenty of energy left! So much he was thrashing about and I had to pop him back for fear of harm. Pva bag with groundbait, mixed pellets doused in fish hydro, and a home rolled Infrared fishmeal boilie. The scent when rolled reminds me of Activ-8. The scales gave me 18lb 9oz. 🎣😁
  13. Wychwood DPF? Do love how that looks on a reel. How did it fish? I've heard mixed opinions.
  14. That's a shame. My R3's are in red, white and blue. Bobbins and lights. Just need to do a euro fishing holiday to make it worthwhile having that tackle tart factor. 😅
  15. Just need a white one now. True Brit 🎣😉
  16. Trying out new flavours. The Infrared doing the business. A low double (12-ish?). He was a feisty little fella, so had to unhook in a freshly wetted cool mat, as he wouldn't stop moving in the net.
  17. I've gone Sonik Xtractor myself. Similar size, weight etc, but at a better price point. Had a pair of 9' 3lb for a couple of years now, and no issues whatever. Good fun rods. Carp up to mid twenties with ease (and heavier one day I hope!). This may interest... https://www.total-fishing-tackle.com/blog/best-telescopic-rods
  18. Go outdoors have some pretty good deals, especially with amembers card (which is only a fiver). I've just bought an Okuma carbonite 40000rd for under £15. They do have an anti-reverse switch I believe. https://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/16233013/okuma-carbonite-cr-4000-rd-16233013 Also Angling Direct are doing their free whip kit deal again now. Get a free 3 or 4m whip, rig and bait. Just spend a tenner with a child under 16 with you in store. Pic snipped from email below.
  19. Well I'm getting a few hours on the lake tonight, whether it's too hot to fish or not! I doubt I'll caught any, but if i do it's unhook in the net, quick pic and back in the water. Tight lines guys
  20. Molasses goes well with particles, but will also draw bream, tench etc. Those fish have a sweet tooth!
  21. A quick evening session after the heat of the day. Safely unhooked in the net, and quickly returned after photo. Mr Tench graced my net again, and this time I used whistle camera, which apparently thinks I'm Shrek! 🤣
  22. There's also an Angling Direct in town now, on Commercial Rd. I tend to use the local shops by preference too, since they're small local businesses.
  23. There's a big discount! May be ok for a budget buy? No experience of them myself.
  24. I'll be doing some short evening session when I can, since the summer is my best opportunity to fish - I'm on call all through winter, so not as much chance, and I don't like sitting in the cold anyway. I think the fish will warm themselves then go to a comfortable depth, so still feed and be about, but more likely over drop offs etc. The key for me is safety, both fish, and fisherman. Make sure you're protected - hat, sun cream etc. Avoid the heat of high noon. Use a bit of common sense. Fish safety - obviously minimise time on the bank. Make sure nets and mats are well wetted with fresh, cool lake water. Take pictures, weigh and return as quickly as possible. I get everything prepped while the fish is in the landing net, then it's a matter of minutes at most to weigh, picture and return. All that said, it is hot, but let's try and enjoy it as much as we can. We'll all be moaning it's too cold when there's inches of snow around!
  25. Reached that time of year when I spend silly amounts on bait, so ordered premium fishmeal groundbait (10kg), method mix (2 lots - halibut and meaty @ 5kg each), 5kg of hemp seed, and some more liquids (calanus, liquid e, DMPT, betaine and pre-digested fishmeal) and flavours (plum, squido and infrared). I do love mucking about with feeds, flavours, liquids and bait Roll on the weekend!
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