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  1. Will a list of names really make a difference? How many names are needed...
  2. http://www.carp.com/carp-forum/viewtopic.php?t=45922
  3. If your waters are not heavily fished have you not thought of prebaiting an area for a week. This will allow carp time to move into your swim using tiger nuts. There are a few old articles on carp.com on this subject. The other consideration is to use a marker float and work out what features there are first. Just a thought not sure if this will work on your river.
  4. Hi. I will speak to Neil who programs carp.com and see what he feels the problem might be if there is one. Richard
  5. I know it has been said already though 70% of alarms that are sent to Fox with faults are due to batteries. I am not saying this is the case, though thinking about. I have never heard of that fault in the past.
  6. Its fantastic............... You have a job doing this once a month.....
  7. Rules. NO SELLING OF FISHING TACKLE OR ADVERTISING FISHING SHOPS ON THE CARP.COM FORUM. 1 No swearing or racist statements, sexual innuendo, explicit language relating to racist, religious or any other insulting comments. 2 No promotion or endorsing of any activities that are illegal e.g drugs/prostitution whatsoever. 3 No advertising of sites/links without permission (a list of approved sites will be provided at a later date) if in doubt contact a Moderator. Links to shops/forums that are in direct competition to Carp.com are not permitted at all. 4 No slandering or naming names/waters/clubs etc. on the basis of rumour. 5 No posting of pornographic or offensive material, links to adult sites, pornagraphic pictures or jokes. 6 No personal attacks/insults or harrasment of members be they race/ethnic/sexual/disability or religous whatsoever. 7 Any usernames, avatars, posts or pictures that show violence, pornography, drugs or conflict with any other rule are strictly forbidden. NOTE...PERSISTANT OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED FOR A LENGTH OF TIME WHICH CAN BE UP TO LIFE, DEPENDING ON THE SEVERITY OF THE INFRACTION AS DEEMED BY THE ADMINISTRATORS AND MODERATORS. For a full definition of the rules and site usage hints and smallprint, see below or go to http://www.carp.com/terms.php for full Terms & Conditions members agreed to when signing up for Carp.com.
  8. Recently we have had threads where personal insults are being thrown at other members. Can I remind everybody that this is a FAMILY site designed to encourage children and adults into fishing, and some of our members are as young as 12 years old. Some of our members are only children and they have as much right to use the boards as you do. The carp.com forum is there for discussions on where to fish and what tackle/baits to use to help ALL members. Any threads being used for personal insults will be DELETED.
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