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  1. From those ingredients, I'd think you are baking a cake! I think the bait got really dried out. If you can find a way to add residual moisture, it may be a bit better. Proud owner of this page since '22.
  2. Carp season is about to start where I live, wish me luck! 

  3. Especially when you go to like a museum or a historical reenactment or something like that, and people just bring thier own drones to take pictures from above (legal?). You want to concentrate on what you are actually trying to concentrate on BUT THE DRONES!!!
  4. Agreed, the drone sounds get pretty annoying after a while.
  5. That's a nice trout, even though this thread has been ignored for 5 years... 😔 Still pretty cool, though.
  6. That's a pretty nice list... You might want to add "Salt Water Fishing Tactics" to the it, I highly recommend (forgot who it's by, though).
  7. I've got 2 cats, a dog, and a couple of fish. I wish I had a penguin, they look just like small tuxedo people! 😁
  8. Perhaps you're right... I would agree, as with many things, trial and error is generally the best choice.
  9. For your son, I wouldn't recommend buying the best rod on the market just yet- if he decides to drop fishing, then it wouldn't be good to have thrown a whole bunch of money down the drain. If your son decides to fish more, though, I would then buy a better rod for him so it can be a more enjoyable experience. As for your size of rod, if your son plans to catch smaller fish species, then I'd elect for a 5-8 lb rod. If he plans to go for larger fish, then I would lean more towards a 10-16 lb rod. As far as length goes, it really doesn't matter all that much in my opinion. A 5 ft rod would be optimal, but you can go up to a 7 ft rod if you can't find anything else. Since your son is new to fishing, it would be best for him to have a push button reel, otherwise it would be difficult for him to learn a full reel with no experience whatsoever (I speak from experience here). For a kit, I'd buy him some line that has a pretty similar rating to that of your rod and possibly some lower-rated lines as well if you plan to go fishing for smaller fish. You could get some lures, but I haven't had the greatest experience with them and smaller fish species. And of course, buy bait according to the species of fish that he wants to catch. Overall, if he seems to enjoy fishing a lot and goes often, then you can buy him a better rod, reel, and maybe some more equipment too. I could go on for a very long time about gear for smaller fish catching, as that is my specialty, but I'd recommend to learn as you go for this one. Wow, a topic that I'm useful! 😁
  10. If I were to guess, trying two different spots wouldn't give you the correct data about which mix works best. This would be because carp could just generally prefer an area to a different area. My recommendation would be to come back the next day and try with a different mix and compare your catches from both days.
  11. I could go on a rant about how the Scratch Team are evil, but I would probably break whatever character limit carp.com has for a post. for example, their discrimination against groups of people that don't align with their beliefs... I am going to stop myself so I don't sit here and type till the end of the week. The point is, carp.com mods don't do this and that's why they're cool. 😺
  12. *cough* *cough* *scratch* Nasty mods will kill a site, and I've experienced that myself. You guys are pretty nice, though.
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