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  1. Next time I go to the lake, I'll probably be driving on it (hopefully in a few weeks).
  2. Congratulations! I shall drink a toast forthwith.
  3. I used the little stone I bought for sharpening skates 50 years ago until a few years ago, but now I have this:
  4. Mama always said daddy didn't run away; she told us he drove off in a Ford and he's probably just broke down somewhere.
  5. When I was being bullied on my way home from school in about 1966 I started carrying a railway spike in my coat pocket. They came on, I pulled it out and asked who wanted to be first, and they decided to leave me alone, though some of us became friends later. Because Canadians are so friendly. Dad always said intelligent people talk things out, but mom said sometimes you have to give it back to them.
  6. The first rule of Bait Boat Club is don't talk about Bait Boat Club - Ian D from Aldershot on the black forum.
  7. This is my favourite Roy Orbison song, and it is a rockin' tune and he has a pretty good Band behind him.
  8. There is a school of thought that believes larger, older, more experienced carp may hang back and let the young ones bust into any concentration of bait while they wait for bits to wash down in the current and they take those because they know they're safe. In the past I have been rewarded by imagining my bait as a comet on the bottom, and aiming my rig near the end of the tail, or just beyond it.
  9. If it's allowed I wouldn't worry about it. Have fun and good luck!
  10. Who was it had his pic posted in a speedo a long long time ago? Lines must be drawn and standards must be met. Coops?
  11. I think a 6lb carp can swallow a boilie the size of a golf ball.
  12. Rockin' Ronnie Hawkins has kicked the bucket at 87.
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