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  1. So, you're not really paying ¥4.50 for a kilo, it's more like £45.00 for 10 kilos
  2. That's a steal. Great price for a quality bit of kit
  3. Keep an eye on how hot it gets. When grinding large amounts it is easy for the motor to overheat, and on a £12 grinder it might not have a thermal cut out to stop it going pop
  4. The new Korda distance sticks (Made in association with JAG) are a little pricey at £59.99, but I like the look of them. They've got a few features that definitely appeal to the tackle tart in me
  5. I tend to find that the cork balls clog up the gun
  6. Whatever you do, do not buy these reels. There's not a drop of camo paint on them. The fish will run a mile
  7. I went to my local Right Move to get a copy today and they threw me out
  8. Ryobi One electric mastic gun with a cleaned out decorators caulk tube. Works perfectly
  9. I sharpen. Not normally out of the packet, but a little honing before a recast rather than replace the rig.
  10. I'm good mate, thanks xx Seriously busy at the minute with big DIY projects as well as work etc. Had nowhere near enough time for fishing this year
  11. Enjoy, not enjoyou, poxy limited time for editing posts
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