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  1. well well, NOW who is running down baits that he knows naff all about? solar knock off? your showing your ignorance there buddy, the same team are making cherry's baits as were when they were 'partnered' with solar, the break up was all about the mark up that solar wanted to add and that you can take to the bank, i did quite an in depth look as to the why's and whatfor's for over 12 months before taking a leap of faith. as to the second bit of your statement, and "quoting out of context", i have made precisely two posts (not counting this one) and in neither one did i mention "getting heated", dont start out playing by your own rulebook cos "here be dragons" as they say i know your not CM cos your not in the same league but i would lay bets on you being a reincarnation of 'the carphauler' though.
  2. wouldnt let a little thing like that bother you bud, thats just chilly being chilly are you a Sticky rep, or one of their bait testers maybe? cos your sure defensive of them and it makes me wonder why. have i missed a trick? was there something that i was doing wrong when i use Manilla? i await the response with baited breath..... see wot i did there?
  3. my opinion is that Cell and sticky manilla are both absolute cack, i used them both for over a season and my catch rate went right down. but that coming from someone who is only bothered what a bait will do and not what a bait contains so dont jump down my throat eh!! IMO cherrycarp baits are doing the thing at the mo so are the number one bait for me
  4. if you can enjoy blanking then yes i was bud, fishing zigs on both rods and i snag a Jack pike while reeling in
  5. Woke up to this view early hours, 😁
  6. Loaded up and half hour to the lake 😉
  7. shame, i was getting into this topic, for what its worth i use both forceps and fingers. fingers to roll out a hook that is nicely in the lips and forceps for that rogue hook that gets taken a little to far back to get a thumb and finger on comfortably. there is a genuine reason for both (imo) and a time for both to come into their own. some people just wont be told tho, fyi my EXCLUSIVE venue does not insist on the use of forceps but waders? yes, for a good reason tho i would say that some of the more ridiculous rules come about thru personal preference of the more influential committee members playing God
  8. they say that 7" makes you feel like a maaan!! i think 'they' are wrong
  9. and that is true of a lot of lakes bud, we have a rule on my syndi, waders are a required piece of equipment!!! waders must be used when landing and returning fish, aprox 50% of the swims are a 2ft or more drop of the boards and a large portion of those the water is 3ft or more deep,,,,, lifting a carp in the sling would obviate the use of some very productive swims for me.
  10. hmm, tight fitting socks will slow down your circulation thereby depriving your feet of warm blood, defeets the object methinks
  11. force 8's got a built in groundsheet meaning no drafts in heavy wind lol. simple knotless knot to a hook with an inturned eye, any old supple coated braid as hooklink (ESP sinklink or Korda Ntrap for instance) and stripped back to the hook eye. start with the boilie on the bend of the hook and go from there. thats how most of us started before getting involved in the 'secret hook hold' style of fishing and believe it or not we caught more fish in them days tight lines
  12. ha!! couple of years? fish of a lifetime for most anglers Bud
  13. i can highly recommend the cyprinus gear, i have had the bivvy's myself and always found them to be well put together, not the lightest of gear but great for someone starting out. i also have the cyprinus wide guy bed chair (cos i love to spread out) and the 5 season sleep system bag is (imo) one of the best on the market. bivvy or brolly system is the oft asked question and the proper answer is 'look at your intended fishing style' if your going to be doing mostly social type fishing, I,E, couple of mates on the bank for a 24 hr get together, Bivvy for comfort every time. solo nights and wanting to be semi mobile then brolly system pref with overwrap for those cold ones coming up, this comes in handy when you want to move to get on the fish or you are faced with a mega hike to your spots. an intermediate bivvy to cover both situations is the TFG force 8 bivvy so easy to put up and down, literally seconds and a reasonable price too, i had one for 4/5 years and it was excellent, in fact i still have it in the shed
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