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  1. Chad lakes near Morton in the marsh. Their it Facebook page says the carp have this morning started spawning.
  2. I really want to get into the carp world deeper. Just now borne watching Terry tellin. Tales on YouTube lol. Im looking at wood norton sections and ripple for carp but all I’m hearing is otter this otter that on the Avon. Barbel on the Arrow seems the same story.
  3. No mate, I’m still unsure what to do this year. I want to get out but can’t decide where to go. Probably just hit I little day ticket local. Alghough the lure lure of a Warwickshire Avon carp has me wondrous
  4. https://www.embryoangling.org/ they have done a few but mostly they are syndicated lakes.
  5. There are loads in Birmingham. I don’t know what they are like but they are there.
  6. That’s a beast of a tench
  7. I would love to get onto an estate or private water. Fish alone or with 1 good mate. But it I’ll probably do the same as last year and half heartedly do a hand full of 24 hrs sessions on day ticket lakes and moan the whole time. I have loads of ambition to fish more but find myself watching YouTube vids and day dreaming about it more than doing it.
  8. Happy new year and welcome along. Im from south Worcestershire so not a million miles away.
  9. I had 5 hrs at it Saturday gone without a touch.
  10. I’ve tried them for barbel without any joy. Trouble is there well tasty so kept eating them myself
  11. Yes, the point I was making was this particular meat is fish based not the normal pork. High in salmon roe I think I read?
  12. Anybody used this before for fishing? I saw some today in the local pound shop. Merry christmas
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