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  1. i was on my phone for years now but thought id get a camera to make it easier im hoping
  2. Panasonic Lumix FZ82 FZ80 Review - Verdict | ePHOTOzine just bought one of those think it will be better quality pictures and with the self take kit above easier to use only time will tell when im getting pictures of the grass lol
  3. thanks yonny pal i got one that works by voice so now its going to be a case of trial and error
  4. hi all any help with this would be extremely greatfull i.e what apps help if any (android) with the tripod i got ive got a little bluetooth sort of remote control but while holding a fish how can you press it
  5. carpyian

    Dogs and fishing

    give him time your both still getting used to each other once that established he will protect all of you with his life
  6. going the shop over the weekend see if they have my size in on the vass ones
  7. im going to invest in some chest waders i know vass are the ones everyone wears but in the chest there 51 inch but the fox chest waders are 53.5 inch anyone used the fox ones ????? what a bit of room around the chest so the air circulates and im not walking around like im in a bondage suit 😄 and with most fishing sizes they are all on the small side thanks in advance guys
  8. im with you my friend on the price of some tickets some tickets id pay to have the chance to fish for some of there fish stock others i would not pay
  9. with most things im life now its about money and most of that is down to the angler wanting the best gear but if it something that you enjoy why not and time on the back is the way you will learn your skill time to watch the water watch the fish see how they react to diff weather conditions and time to experiment but most of make time just to enjoy your angling being out there fishing
  10. carpyian

    Dogs and fishing

    i love them when there pups ive got a 7 year old jack russell but hes a proper terrier not the best fishing dog he hates fish and birds so no good around a lake lol
  11. carpyian

    Dogs and fishing

    he looks nice and calm from your pictures hes is still young/pup they do sleep alot when pups hes growing well highy
  12. carpyian

    Dogs and fishing

    perfect dog/fishing mate
  13. carpyian

    Dogs and fishing

    beautiful dog pal its all about how you train them but i agree some dogs more suited to fishing than others lol
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