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  1. damn fred is going to get me beat up he upset a staffy owner the other week, his mrs just had a pop at me due to fred not being the jack russell that he is, he towers above their staffy, i don't even let fred off his lead. he is really nice with nice dogs but he loves fighting that's why he stays on lead? not a lot else i can do really they were fine the other week when the staffy ran at him, fred bolted it damn dog went into warp drive through the woods bloke chasing it. he does look like a pitbull or at least what most call a pitbull, he is a fox terrier or jack russell he has no bully in him as a defining feature his climbing skills alone should tell you that, pure terrier.
  2. when you have the members of LACS and similar questioning the 2004 hunting act over on twitter and admitting they see a need for environmental management as they call it, got them down to dog or gun, action taken to prevent a problem or wait until the need for intervention is plain to see. lot of insults from the rank and file. some of them seem to think hunting is banned , oh deer they really are miss imformed when you bung a few at them.
  3. a set of custom built ballistas, gravel eater banksticks and swan neck bars, can still get them the rods are too pricey and the gravel eaters would look out of place on most waters. carp angling is not like it used to be to be diplomatic. i do like to avoid crowds when angling i'm good with two or three anglers on a five-six acer water and would love my own lake or a proper syndicate membership as in you all pony up for the lease. i'm on the verge of going back to general course fishing join all the other mid week duffers on day ticket waters waggler fishing. 🥸
  4. I did try to explain to the author of some daft book about canoeing where you like wrote by one of those protesting eco types, the reason he couldn't just paddle where he likes was down to the EA hold the responsibility for lesuer activities on all water courses and lakes even the man made gravel pits, sign posted him to take it up with the EA and not to go bothering land and lease owners it's not their call. wouldn't have it hell bent on keeping as a landowner issue, if that was the case i would be calling for a revolution, he needs the equivalent of a rod licence but for inland paddle boats.
  5. dog walk for me makes things much easier for the rest of the day, took a walk along a river tributary the other day near billing got to be some good eels and the like in there. also if i have one or two in the night i don't put those rods back out till the morning mainly due to overhead trees or thick snags nothing worse than a rod stuck in a tree in the dark.
  6. Carpbell_ll

    Dogs and fishing

    i got one of those cooling mats filled with a gel, 6 quid from wilko's might need two for sky they work really well, they would be perfect on a summer's day put over the back of a chair, gets really cold the longer you press against it.
  7. started using a pod this year simply for the ease of setting up and putting away, the fox screw point sticks lasted years, my advice get the best screw points you can afford or make a hole borer old screwdriver or something, just don't be a mallet boy guy the other week on a day ticket it was like he was putting a big top up. my pod and all just go in the barrow side bags no bags in bags.
  8. Carpbell_ll

    Dogs and fishing

    Sky wants ice. bit of a weird one the other day was sitting in the bivvy with fred and something fell against the back of the bivvy sounded like a few twigs falling out a the tree, fred shot out and round the back, heard something squeaking, went out and fred had hold of a mole i made him drop it and he did first ask, i had a look and seen it was a mole with a twisted front led, it could barely crawl let alone dig so i let fred deal with it, very fast and clean back of the neck and wrag. I was wondering if the mole had been picked up by a buzzard or something, wouldn't expect a mole to live in a flood area like that let alone out in the day. no mole hills near by?
  9. that's the one third party liability same for boats and swimming, if carp angling wasn't such a money sport three and four day sessions would be banned due needing a sleep it's a very grey area.
  10. same as, i did used to do a lot of window cleaning on the big houses in warwick distance relatives of landed aristocracy most of them were pretty laid back, i did throw a bad strop one winter's evening, that was on a massive house owned by the new rich, i spent all day jet washing all the paving and that around the house, come the end of the day the housekeeper came out with a cuppa and a kit katt, i was like, no thanks need to get home, my gaffer hit the roof he grabbed the kit kat and scoffed it, i just told her straight i'm too hungry wet and cold for chocolate like i said i just want to get home... opps
  11. anyone tried these or got any thoughts if you google the thread title and watch the vids on youtube there are the rig bits for sale don't want to link as it's a guys own product, the end knot that holds the hook looks a bit dodgy looks like it really needs care when setting up. Anyone going to give them a go?
  12. she seems ok but most of the socialists in coventry couldn't run a canteen raffle, they make a lot of noise but don't really do much Zarah is nice but she will back any cause that is the underdog didn't learn from all that baggage corbyn carries.
  13. it does work both ways, i have never been interested in chris's angling due to his middle class personality, i always expect them to be very conservative at least, it has caused me problems when you meet otherwise nice people but just pretty much blank them, then again you get people in angling that went to the private school got a great life but constantly insult those that live with any gov help, a certain someone had a pop at me due to him thinking i had a council end salary pension, he seems to think the pensions are a perk of the job, they really aint, back in the 1990's it was 50 odd notes a month out your wages for a low end civil servants pension, they are not cheap and certainly not a perk.
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