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  1. Great response. I've no dog in the fight either way; I was just interested in hearing people's perceptions of why these things are frowned upon. The fishery and natural world makes a great point. A brolly, bed-chair, and bag are more than serviceable in the summer months (mostly) and look way better than a crowded bank. I can see the point of having a full tent set-up during the winter months, however.
  2. Carp fishing has been an almost impenetrable cult for ages. I got into it relatively late on but was supported by a history of silver-fish and river fish angling. I could cloak my inexperience. Imagine walking into a tackle shop now and asking for a beginners set-up. It would just be an incredible learning curve.
  3. Mods - please move if this isn't in the appropriate area of the forum. I'm fishing a new venue this weekend and was planning to attack the margins. Overcast but warmish - it seems likely they'll be some feeding carp there. I was planning to use a PVA bag full of goodies and a cork pop-up on a lead clip system. Probably a size 4 hook to weed out the small fry. What does everyone think to this approach? Are there any suggestions on better methods of targeting a margin?
  4. I always check with the venue - sometimes I do prefer the shelter of a tent - but I was just wondering why it's a thing. Why are camo bivvies seen as the zenith of bank accommodation. Is there any real hard evidence that the fish notice this? Or is it to benefit the anglers?
  5. Reading Ryecroft in Castle Donnington might be worth a look.
  6. Thanks mate. I've had a look at Stanwick and the bigger lake with decent sized fish is fully booked this Saturday. Do you have any other recommendations within a 30 - 45 minutes drive of LE65?
  7. Morning all, I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good overnight lake with big carp in the Leicestershire area. I was planning a trip to Makins but wanted to see if there were any more scenic or fun lakes that I'm unaware of. Cheers, Tom
  8. Alright all, Does this actually matter much? I'm going overnight soon and have a sky-blue tent and an olive green one. I've found myself a little bit nervy with regards the sky blue one in case the sky isn't clear and people get the hump but I'm wondering whether there's any actual evidence the colour of the tent/bivvie has any tangible impact. It's the movement that spooks fish, isn't it, rather than the colour?
  9. Well, I didn't get a sniff of a bite. Saw very little in the way of breaching fish or activity and the damned goose meant I got an awful night's kip anyway. I don't think I'll be back. Like you say, it looks the absolute nuts but if there's nowt there then there's nowt there.
  10. Haha oh well. It can only go so badly. That's what I'm telling myself. Taking the Mrs with a rod for silverfish so I'm sure I'll get a few perch and call it a success if nothing else.
  11. Yeah can't complain at twenty quid. Untoward activities could be anything eh? I'm not very experienced with gravel pits - an absolute novice right now as this will be the first - so I have no clue what to do.
  12. I notice there's been no movement on this thread for five years! I'm going tomorrow and was wondering if anybody can recommend / review?
  13. Afternoon all, Hoping to get my first overnight session going soon and was wondering if there were any good lakes for a novice to catch big fish on. I'm based in Leicester but happy to travel a distance for the right place. Something picturesque that allows overnight. Any information gratefully received. TIA
  14. I was wondering what advice everyone has for a rank beginner. So far my rig has been set up as follows - Mainline threaded through a lead - swivel - pre tied hair rig. The lead is freely moving on the mainline with a swivel bead preventing rubbing on on the knot. Massively basic, I think, are there any guidelines or layouts I need to know. I have some leadcore leaders but no idea how to use them.
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