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  1. 25/10 if remember correctly
  2. 9 grandkids and 1 on way for me so hope first of many,8 girls and 1 boy but my sons in army and is always on move,in catterick now so can’t really take him fishing or football because his dad is a wrong un and supports the villa
  3. Short notice trip to churn pool
  4. I used Manila and krill they both catch fish now and again but so do cheesy wotsits I was using mainline with a fair bit of success then went to sticky catch rate dropped and back on mainline baits again.
  5. Anyone know what's going on with the place new owners plans etc?
  6. Spoke to Tom at fosters today he said he had only had 2 come back to shop
  7. Gabby Agbonlahor has revealed that he's been wearing a t-shirt under his top ever since his last goal and will show it off next time he scores. It says "Free Nelson Mandela"
  8. I've done well over beds of the 4g fishing pink pop ups on the business end Longish chods or 12-18 inch zigs work well as well They do show a fair bit and as its a small lake you can usually spot them
  9. Love mine can't fault them had them few years now
  10. Used to be £20 a day but it's being rented at moment and tbf it being run ok so reason for costs are fairly reasonable You don't have to pay it if you don't want and I for 1 don't mind more room for me,it's 10mins from my house if I want to catch 20's I have to travel at least 60miles for a decent water and more most waters are £25 or more now anyway
  11. And mine but not many places in Midlands
  12. No not gold plated mate but just done a 36hr session on there for 13 fish 6x20 6xmid doubles and a little stockie under 10lb
  13. Freeman0121 it's £30 for a day unless you book Monday and Tuesday £60 or Thursday and Friday then you can stay over night this is an experiment at moment and may not be a permanent thing also think they going to reduce it for the winter
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