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  1. Nash done well rebranding them old arlesley bombs as "optics"
  2. Where did you get the buoyant hook from??
  3. P.S ....Who the hell is Yeats????
  4. two things. firstly, Hutch ....why you drinking coffee at this time?? And secondly,CM you need to have a little faith, the Swedish flat pack furniture lake near me had a 50 something, that place see's more fly tipping than bait and only a few that brave to actually put the time in as its free and on the edge of town....................though if a natural 50 that just ate 20kg of your bait is a wrong'un i'l retract my post
  5. I'v done well on long hairs over the years, even on pop ups, one of my best sessions came while using a 2inch gap between hook and bait with the hook 3inches of the deck, all were hooked solid and bang dead centre , and one had the bait cut off.....this I guessed was because the bait had been taken back into the teeth.............now a bit of a ramble as its hard to write what I think, but, the mass (?) of the bait is affected far greater when blown out then the mass of the hook ( or is it drag?? something anyway), so when the bait goes in further with the hook, the hook stays in longer(milliseconds) until the bait is ejected which I believe gives a better chance for the hook to turn and take a hold. One thing that I know for sure is that while using long hairs I hardly ever have hook pulls.
  6. I think there is a big difference between a noob and and an instant angler, a noob is just that, new to the sport where as an instant angler imo is one that expects instant results, easy picking and ratio of hits to out number the blanks. To touch on Buzzs post, I feel that when I first got on a proper carp water I was better carp angler than I am today, since them days I'v read ,heard and experienced too much to go into battle with a clear mind , too much mind clutter these days to go purely on a hunters instinct, too many ifs and buts in the mind to feel the gut.
  7. just hope it hasn't dropped down in weight past 60............85lb British record on the cards!!!
  8. Thinking about it........I was an instant carper, although I'd fished for other species before even thinking about carp, the day I did go off to target them...........I caught a 16lb common within 20 minutes I was actually going to bait up( as I read carp were hard to catch) glad I took a telescopic rod.
  9. I'm so up for this!!! I'm so keen and cant wait, to pass the time I'm now stripping the inner out all my old leadcore and stitching it into the bottom of my weigh sling.
  10. lol that's deluded....get real!! I met a lad on Elsons that landed his pb of 14lb, this was his first lake he'd fish apart from his village pond, A few months later he'd paid a grand and joined Bluebell, the next year he was on Granvilles. One fish he had at Elson he let slip out his mat while putting it back. his skills didnt match the waters he joined...but he had mates that got him on them
  11. I agree, it makes the bullying and threats rather lame without a good swear word for extra intimidation
  12. I used to sleep while fishing, but after reading this thread I'v decided its wrong ....I now cast a rod out and hide it in a bush and go home to my bed .....its by far a better nights sleep.
  13. I'm putting it down to the sale of Tonks, he would of been gutted to be shipped and I think a few players were miffed, especially without replacing him with a player classed as better Pards got him back now, Palaces gain.
  14. Its English born , isn't it??? just been kept in a very warm tank till it passed the magic mark then stocked..and now caught a few weeks later to claim the record LOL.........if true ,then I think the smell of garlic holds more merit
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