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  1. I ended up going for it and got the shelter I think it was the one with no front or ground sheet but still had the option to add a door and aground sheet thought I was being clever as it was on sale and ended up cheaper to buy the shelter and overwrap than it was to buy the whole bivvy and overwrap but I've only just got the overwrap and I ordered it in November last year. but have to say for the money it is brilliant quick and easy to set up just like the tempest only its nearly half the price and much better head room I'm 6ft and have no problems sitting down in it which is what put me off the tempest!!
  2. Any advise on marlin fishing in the Azores as my dad wants to go for his 60th birthday but haven't got a clue what I'm looking for. as I've found a few online but would rather go off recommendations as its not a cheap trip from what I've seen so far
  3. Guys I'm in need of a bit of advice.I caught a new pb the other night at around 11-12 at night and no one around the lake was up so couldn't go ask for help with photos so I sacked it(floating retainer) hoping I'll see someone up but no one got up so I had to do my self shots which didn't come out that great. So was wonder how long you could sack a carp because ideally I would of liked to wait untill first light but with the time of year carrying spawn I didn't want to take the risk but for future reference what would you guys recommend??
  4. Can any one recommend any gas cookers ideal for cooking baits outside as ideally was after one where I can get a large gas bottle for as i don't really want to be using the little tins we take fishing.
  5. Guys any tips on how to get my rod apart stuck good and propper
  6. Guys need some advice there's a lake that I fish which is full of simmos and recently found that a big bed of bait in the right place and produce a big hit of carp now I've got a few areas that I think will produce the hit I'm just unsure on the bait to use like what boilie it's a big bed of boilies that does the trick I just don't want to use one that will fill them up to quick!! No I would just use the boilie I use anyway but with it being the DNA s7 and DNA switch and them both being a hnv bait I worry to many will fill them up
  7. Guys looking at starting up fly fishing as it something my dad's always wanted to do but all I have is a fly rod somewhere but no reel so was looking at getting a new one so me and my dad both have one but don't really know what I'm looking at also what lines do I need
  8. Well these snags are fallen trees although it's pretty clear underneath although there are the odd branch under the surface and depending how you fish it one side sticks out further than the other so can always lose you on that which is why I've gone short so that no matter what way the fish goes it can't reach the snag! Well that's the plan anyway!! And I'm fishing locked up of course as I use to love snag fishing but these were doubles/twenties where here there 20-40 so am a bit paranoid about fishing to tight. Normally I'll try get as tight as I can but somethings telling me nooo but my body's my body's tellings me yesssss.. lool
  9. Guy there's a swim on my lake that has a good set of snag in and just so happens to be on the be corner of the lake so as you can imagine it's the perfect spot for the fish to hold up in and boy do they I'm talking like groups of 10-20 fish some being good 30s!! But of course if you fish it tight you get bites but stand a real good chance in losing them which I don't want to do!! So I thought I'll try something different and fish short of the snags and found a lovely spot but fear it's to far from them. So was wondering how you guys would go about fishing snags yourself and how to draw the out!!!
  10. Does anyone know if you can guess your pairing code thing as I threw away the box and am currently on the bank so cannot connect to a laptop
  11. Don't have one ATM what length would you recommend and what knot should you recommend using to connect the two braids
  12. Think they were by the spod end say like a rod length from the spod every one was different the only thing that I kept doing the same if anything was probably casting a bit to hard as it was during a cross wind so had to cast that bit harder and a large spomb. Pretty sure I didn't have any wind knots but to be honest I didn't check
  13. It could of been the braid I was using as I thought I was being cleaver and using some braid I brought a few years back of eBay and was only 25lb so prob was not up to the job and I did notice that I was only cracking off when I used the large spomb when I dropped down to the midi no problems casts better too! I was only going to add a shock leader due to losing three spods in the same swim three sessions in a row but I have now changed to the ridge monkey spod marker braid but again is only 25lb so would I be better off adding a 50lb leader??
  14. Guys last season I started fishing a bit further out around the 20 warp mark and started to get crack off when spodding out so was thinking of getting my self a shock leader but when I look online they just look like a strong braided leader and i alr Already have a 50lb braided leader so don't want to buy another if this will do it's the ridge monkey lead free one
  15. So I made some pop ups yesterday I didn't bother with the corkball in the end as I like having a brighter hookbait as I've always seemed to do better. So I made some red pop ups and tried making some white pop ups also but due to the dark liquid I added it came out more natural/washed out look which isn't a bad thing but not what I was after so I guess I'm going to need some dye if I want to get the colours I want but what ones would you recommend?? I'm using the DNA baits DIY mix as it's the bait that i use and I see a few videos on making corkball pop ups using the s7 base mix and the s7 liquid food so used that for a guide as it looked quite simple. but being I didn't want to use to cork ball i more wanted to play around with the colours as dna baits only have a choice of three colours. I changed it up slightly and used the pop up mix instead of the base mix but still used to the liquid food at the maximum it recommended. But now I've made some and thought about it a bit more comparing what I did to what they did in the video I can kind of see why corkball pops could be better as the way I made mine all the flavour came from the liquid where the cork balls have the flavour in the base already and the liquid added to that just increases whats already there!!
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