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  1. Ask the bailiff if he's available . there's two area's in one of my swim's with thick weed he asked me do you want it cutting back and thining out lilli pads afew year's ago.
  2. Fox taska and avid have good helli kits
  3. Try esp avid nash fox all four work fine although don't have a slit .yes you can get korda type with the slit for less than half the price.you could also try another sleeve and Pop the bead over that.
  4. I was talking to lad at work in his mid twenties about all of these and my collection back in the day.all he Said oh yer DAD ROCK .
  5. BOTH clear liquids and a few others as well they told me.
  6. Mainline profile plus a few fish ones You could add to cell or coconut white liquid
  7. Cat and carp booster £7 50ml GLM, SCOPEX N SQUID BOTH CLEAR EBAY
  8. Better to drop leads Korda heli gardner c clip fox chod set pva stops or korda lead clip set up backwards with pva stop or nuggets.
  9. I allways keep the cork stoppers from my single malt whisky bottles and trim to shape and use them for my chods. The carp in my lakes may be alcoholics.
  10. Made a new pop up rig don't know if it will work?
  11. I did the same year's ago but had to buy my dogue a pony jacket as all dog ones too small. He was six feet stretch out and ten stone.
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