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  1. Where did you get the buoyant hook from??
  2. I'v done well on long hairs over the years, even on pop ups, one of my best sessions came while using a 2inch gap between hook and bait with the hook 3inches of the deck, all were hooked solid and bang dead centre , and one had the bait cut off.....this I guessed was because the bait had been taken back into the teeth.............now a bit of a ramble as its hard to write what I think, but, the mass (?) of the bait is affected far greater when blown out then the mass of the hook ( or is it drag?? something anyway), so when the bait goes in further with the hook, the hook stays in longer(milliseconds) until the bait is ejected which I believe gives a better chance for the hook to turn and take a hold. One thing that I know for sure is that while using long hairs I hardly ever have hook pulls.
  3. I'm putting it down to the sale of Tonks, he would of been gutted to be shipped and I think a few players were miffed, especially without replacing him with a player classed as better Pards got him back now, Palaces gain.
  4. It should do now, I'd not deleted enough earlier.
  5. Is it classed as bad angling to have the clutch loose when Carp fishing??? I never have it tight( if not on snags) but wouldn't say its super loose either. In all the years I'v carp fished I'v only ever lost one fish to snags and that was because it kitted on a leadclip into some reeds to my left without a beep If i had a boat I'd feed it but that wasn't allowed and has it was during my chemo I wasn't chancing a swim to free it, so cut the line and listened to it thrash about all night till morning when I'm sure ( and still hope ) it dragged the line free and out to open water or dumped the hook. On Barnwell I fished up to the reeds with running rigs and untight clutch and all the takes came away to open water ,my mate fished the same spots with leadclips and all his takes tried to bury into them
  6. It will give him a chance to catch up on some sleep
  7. I haven't been over there since my season on there during my last posts. I do know that the year after a few lads did a deal with one of the rangers to be allowed to fish the nature reserve and moved the ones they caught in to Mill and the North, If my memory serves me right 3 went into Mill and 2 Into North. There is also a rumour that the bailiff over at the Rotary peed a lot of members off and one of them caught the big'un and moved it into North.....which would match up with a mate that fished North and spotted something large on a few occasions. But I'd go on Mill still, lovely little lake.Well worth taking your rods.
  8. beanz


    That, he was!! Send him my love.
  9. beanz


    Just have a ramble bud, tell us about how it all came together on one good sess. The Gods of Watercraft, Time bandits, Stroke pullers and even us noddy's all blank!!..........and many a PB all over the landed have been caught with a pub chuck!! My first nomination came from our old friend "no balls" Del,( where's he now??) on the subject of approaching a new water,and at the time I was an unnurtured wild angler so just talked a load of bs about my perfected dream lake and very little about what I did at new waters......I'm still a noddy all these years later ....but a much better noddy thanks to this site and its members!!
  10. Antonio is fit!!! Oh wait , he'll probably get played at RB, or CB or even GK
  11. No one has mentioned whether its frozen with the water its cooked in, or not???? With the water I'd think it must float???....on a calm day it would trickle feed But drained off before freezing I'm unsure, I'v never tried. So, NIck,Phil, how have you frozen it???
  12. The logo is on each side of the line clip, its part of the mould ,so not very visible. ......they do them in white, though doubt they're what the OP is looking for as sliks are the first up if you search fox bobbins.
  13. I had the same 20lb X-line on my reels for 4 years!! I occasionally had to cut a few yards off that looked a bit rough and frayed , and that's the only reason I respooled ( with Venture ) as it was getting low on the spool. The venture has been on nearly 3 years and still as strong as the day it went on, the fact UV doesn't effect it makes it fluorocarbon a bargain. Total poo for distance though.
  14. LB1 isn't as bad as some stories make out, the only trouble I know of has been between anglers,some locals Poles like to turn up and picnic in your swim, loads of rubbish all over,including the islands. One of the 50s is dead, and the other, as far as I'm aware is a guesstimate as its only been seen and not banked.still got plenty to go for judging by my last trip out in boat a few years back. You on the DSJ on the Nene???
  15. Fancy going out to Iceland , and not even picking up a frozen Lobster for £5.
  16. Nice dark Carp Nige. I'v done well on short Zigs in the past, and on HSR that were unweighted.
  17. I agree on this part.. The BOB OTHWs are what I was referring too, and I cant class them as wafters, as they pop up.
  18. I had some so-called wafters, that lifted the hair on a size 6, so I used them on a size 10 as a zig To me a wafter has to be neutrally buoyant or its a poor pop up!!
  19. Rib less Mag-Aligners, with more of a kick. Blatant toppers works so cant see these working against us. I think they could be good zigs as well.
  20. Check out MDS battery, online ...10 industrial Duracell are less than a fiver! I use them loads, never let me down, I was getting a pack of ten LR1s for my old fox alarms for less than a pack of at tackle shops.
  21. which way do your bags land up then???......If wafters are neutral, then if upside-down then the only visual is the bag contents.... A pop up (blatant or not) will sit above the contents ....speeding up the chances......or is that crazy talk????(Im thinking shotted not zigging styley)
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